Chapter 225- Ready Player 2

At the headquarters of the Galactic Domination Terrorist organization, an alarm suddenly started blaring. Tygart Tyler, head of the terrorist’s cyber warfare unit, rushed out of bed to see what was wrong. He was half asleep and smelled like the woman he was with the night before, but when he saw the message, he hurried off.

“Hurry and quarantine Green! They are spreading a control virtus that is way better than ours that they’re using as a foothold to spread into the other cores!” (Tygart)

However, it was clearly too late as another core fell. He quickly called for the other cyber warfare members to get ready as he ate a quick bite on his way to fix the problem.

“Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, a doubloon to me name and a place to call port is me dream…” (Pirates)

On a space warship called the SuperNova, a bunch of pirates were heartily singing. 

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In the captain’s chair sat a well-developed brunette woman who was just in her underwear. She had a ring on each ring finger; one of them was a multicolored wedding ring and the other was a metallic silver ring. Besides her underwear, the only other thing she was wearing was her captain’s hat. She started feeling nostalgic as she sat there, remembering all the times she raided and pillaged unsuspecting people. 

As soon as the last ship on the main screen blew up, an alarm suddenly blared and one of the radar operators called out, “Captain, ye got a problem. Those landlubbers are pulling a space influx on us. We’re being pulled back home!” (Radar Operator)

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“Let’s go home then and meet these friends head on! An extra bottle to whoever gets the first kill!” (First Mate)

At approximately nine-thirty local time, every monitor lit up like it did when the Galactic Domination made their first announcement, catching everyone’s attention.

What appeared first was ‘player one’ with a Galactic Dominations logo and then V’s surrounded by fire before a ‘player two’ showed up with Gamer Resistance. What appeared on every screen was the space pirate captain, her crew, and their ship in a small window. On the other was the avatar of the leader of the Galactic Domination organization in the same scene as they appeared before.

“Your reign of terror ends now, tyrant! We, of the Gamer Resistance, have hacked the system and created a backdoor that gives us access to the AI you control! No matter what you do, unless you kill all of us, you will never be able to defeat us!” (Space Pirate)

The leader simply clapped before saying, “Very commendable. Much better than the idiots running the government. To think you put us in such a situation…. However, we’ve prepared for everything!” (Leader)

The leader then glared at the pirate and yelled, “You will lose!” (Leader)

The pirate couldn’t help but smile, “My name is KMega6KMegacharacter.” (KMega)

The terrorist chuckled and said, “A famous gamer, indeed. Well, KMega, I am the Emperor! Pray tell, what relic in the Green Corporation did you dig that up at?” (Emperor)

KMega’s grin turned into a full smile as he teased, “Who said I dug it up in a Green Corporation Archive? All I did was log into this account from my archive!” (KMega)

Emperor was shocked for a moment before sneering. 

He was hoping to use the built-in anti theft protocol, but he guessed that was not possible.

“Then, let the games begin!” (Emperor)

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