Chapter 226- Starting with a Big Bang

Within minutes, extremely bored people who didn’t have access to online games or TV started watching the monitors as the dialogue between a gamer who hacked into the terrorist’s systems and their leader was taking place. A few people recognized the Emperor’s flagship at first, but only after a few minutes passed did they finally make the connection. It was the pirate ship ‘SuperNova’, from the game ‘The Vastness of Space’. It was so popular, there was a movie made based on the crew’s achievements, but the person who played it’s captain was never credited. Any former player, pirate or otherwise, would recognize such an op ship. 

For starters, it was originally a destroyer for an ancient alien civilization. 

It’s primary weapon, the Nova Cannon, is one of the few things that remained as it was upgraded to a cruiser class warship. 

In addition to the weapons, the most advanced shields and armor in the game were applied, upgrading it to a juggernaut class warship. 

In the final days of the game, the Ion Federation that controlled the rest of the world sent a fleet of over a thousand ships to deal with their final enemy. They even sent a specialized ship they built just to conquer the SuperNova, which is what the Emperor of the Galactic Domination was currently using. 

The SuperNova was victorious, but took heavy damage. The last thing KMega6KMegacharacter did before the game shut down was send it off to be repaired. 

Now, thirteen years later, which equates to ninety-one in-game years, the SuperNova flies it’s colors once again.

“Hey, isn’t that the SuperNova? I haven’t seen it in years!” (Spectator A)

“I used to play ‘The Vastness of Space’ and had even met the captain once before. Would you believe me if I said they were only a kid back then?” (Spectator B)

“Wow, that brings me back! I kinda want to try to log-in and get in my schooner to help out.” (Spectator C)

“Man, she’s a babe!” (Spectator D)

KMega rested ‘her’ chin in the palm of ‘her’ hand as ‘she’ quickly tapped commands into a console with the other.  KMega was rather bored with ‘her’ current situation. 

Back in the day, ‘she’ couldn’t even unleash half the potential power of the SuperNova because of one simple fact; the numbers were too big. Originally, their primary weapon was a plasma cannon, but after some personal modifications and some research into stars and physics, KMega succeeded in making a star creating weapon, but it’s actually even stronger than that. 

As soon as ‘she’ finished entering the commands, the ship started to shake.

“Port side has been hit, but there’s no damage!” (Helmsman)

KMega waved the report off before changing the view of the main screen to that of the battlefield.

“Stations, men! Let us show these fools what happens when ye back pirates into a corner!” (KMega)

“Aye, aye, sir!” (Crewmates)

The pirates were in a cheery mood as they scampered off and KMega finished calibrating the weapon, “Charge the Nova Cannon to full!” (KMega)

Several crewmates glanced at each other and at KMega with worry before carrying out the order. The reason why is because he’s never ordered a full charge before. Even during their largest battle, he had only used thirty percent. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Captain, we’ve been hit on all sides! We’ll lose shields in forty seconds!” (Helmsman)

However, KMega wasn’t worried as a book materialized in front of him. 

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He merely opened it and looked at it for a few moments before it vanished again.


Rapid machine gun fire could be heard from the GSP compound, the attack had begun. 

Astrid7Astridcharacter, however, didn’t even give it a second glance as she gave Kevin a gentle smile. 

A moment later, her face carried an evil grin as her body went limp.

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Tygart was immediately shocked by the power of the Nova Cannon. It was almost like he was watching the big bang occur in real time. Even with six AI cores as support, the sheer amount of damage being done was incalculable, even to the point where god mode characters were destroyed. The system recognized the attack as unresistable and the damage was set to infinite. Winner of Round One….

The Gamer Resistance.

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