Chapter 898 – Be Obedient

Huan Qing Yan’s pale green dress and face were covered in food scraps, “I have not eaten my fill! I still want to eat more. Also, the food cooked used the Immemorial Cauldron is simply too delicious, you should try some as well…”

A Honey Fruit Cake was offered to Ji Mo Ya, but he turned away, “I have tried it before, you should eat it if you like it.”

There were not many Honey Fruits and the amount of Honey Fruit Cake made was even lesser.

Huan Qing Yan smiled happily, “Since you are not eating, I will eat it then…”

Three more pieces of cake entered her stomach before she finally felt satisfied and leaned on Ji Mo Ya’s body, her eyes were closing and it looked like she was dozing off.

Like a blissful little kitten.

Ji Mo Ya finally waited till she stopped eating before casting a Cleansing on her, restoring her body to a clean state.

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Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was being pulled by eight Fortune Birds; they flew through the sky in a beautiful arc while Mo Si and the rest were silently following before the carriage without revealing themselves.

On a glance, everything looked so peaceful.

The drowsy Huan Qing Yan leaned on Ji Mo Ya while mumbling, “Are we really getting married in Surging Wave Academia? Will your family send someone to snatch you away from me…”

Ji Mo Ya smiled, “You are overthinking. There are many excellent members in the clan, the clan will still be able to function normally without my presence.”


Huan Qing Yan stretched her hands and touched his body, “Handsome Yan, your blood is not as fragrant as before, is ginseng spirit treasure still weak? What does it like to eat? I will make some for it.”

Ji Mo Ya caught the hand that was entering his shirt, “Don’t move.”

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Huan Qing Yan smiled cheekily and did not listen, she pounced on him, “Let me smell, why are you so stingy? I can only smell and cannot drink…”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression looked slightly hardpressed.

This naughty girl is teasing him again!

As her hands caressed him, the pleasant feeling was causing his blood to boil…

At this rate, the consequences would be very dire, it was greatly testing for his willpower.

He carried her up and made her sit down straight, “Be obedient.”

Huan Qing Yan deliberately touched his lower body and noticed that it was reacting, yet he did not touch her, this was very unlike Ji Mo Ya’s usual style.

They still had quite a distance to travel and there were only two of them in the vehicle. If it were before, Ji Mo Ya would do all he could to eat her a few rounds. However, even when she deliberately teased him, he made no reaction.

Huan Qing Yan lowered her gaze and sulked, “Is it because of the wolf demon men? That’s why you did not want to touch me, I did not get…”

She did not know how to explain to Ji Mo Ya as he did not want to listen no matter how she tried.

It was the fault of those damn wolf demon men!

She did not know who set this trap up, but if she ever gets the chance to capture that person, she would hack that person into a million pieces.

The Saintess was the most suspicious, but she had no proof.

The enmity she has with the Saintess was too great.

Ji Mo Ya pecked her cheek, “Don’t overthink, it is my own reasons. One is because I might lose control of the remnant devil energy. Two is because I am worried I might pass it to you.”

He did not want to tell her, but he had no choice now.

She felt anxious again.

“Let us go find the Devil Expelling Grass! In case there are any more lingering problems. Right, Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s mushroom spirit treasure could heal as well…”

“No need to worry.” Ji Mo Ya hugged her and smiled happily and teased her ear, “This husband has remembered all the times you teased me on our journey. Once my Devil Energy clears out, prepare to start begging for mercy.”

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