Chapter 15- towward found

Dramix walked out of the bar a few moments later carrying a fair-sized sack of money for his trouble. He could tell almost immediately that three people followed him out, so he dropped into a weapon’s shop to lose them. The clerk was a little surprised when he walked in, but Dramix didn’t let that distract him as he began to look around. The weapons were overpriced and lower quality than he would like. They also weren’t the right size for someone like him. 

That’s when a barrel of old and subpar weapons caught his eye, so he decided to look through them. To his surprise, he found a lance that fit perfectly in his hands, but it’s seen better days. 

It still had something special about it though. 

“How much?” (Dramix)

The clerk almost laughed at his choice as he responded, “That old thing? A copper and a half.” (Clerk)

Dramix then grabbed some rags, oil, a small dagger, and some other miscellaneous supplies.

He shoved the supplies in a bag, attached the dagger to his waist, and tied the extra spear over his shoulder with a rope. He then walked up to the street until he reached the inn the guard told him about. The place was full of men who preferred fighting over gambling. 

Dramix also took note that the people tailing him retreated when he went in. 

As soon as he walked in, a man in a dark suit of armor approached him and said, “Don’t see that many dragon folk this far south. Looking for work?” (Dark Knight)

Dramix leaned his spear against the wall before responding, “Depends on the work. I’m a tailor. Surely you need one.” (Dramix)

The man was rather surprised when he said that.

“That’s a joke, right? We need fighters, not….” (Dark Knight)

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Dramix looked him in the eye before grabbing his arm and turning him to the side where his front and rear armor met. The inn started to clamor and stare at Dramix as he pulled out a needle and thread. As he worked on the armor, the man wearing it was surprised that it was starting to feel snug and fit better.

Once he finished, Dramix said, “That will hold for now. When you’re free, you should come find me so I can make some proper repairs.” (Dramix)

Dramix then broke the thread and put the needle back in his pocket. 

The man curiously looked at him as he said, “Armorer, huh? Wage is twenty coppers a month, plus room and board.” (Dark Knight)

Dramix shook his head. 

“Ten silver, full room and board, and all my supplies that I don’t pay for.” (Dramix)

“That’s-” (Dark Knight)

“I also don’t fight on the front times. You need someone with my skills around after a battle to patch up the wounded.” (Dramix)

“Five silver.” (Dark Knight)

Dramix glared at him, causing the knight to become frightened.

“Six?” (Dark Knight)

”Eight and a half up front or I look elsewhere.” (Dramix)

The man nodded and walked back to the table to grab the contract and half of Dramix’s pay. Dramix signed the contract by writing the word ‘Liar’ in an old dialect that no one here could read. 

After all the formalities and such, Dramix was told to report to the palace immediately. 

The badge he was given gave him easy access. 

The guard inside was much more disciplined as he led him to his room. 

He found that it was acceptably supplied as he went to work. The guards immediately came filling in with broken and loosened bits all around. 

He tightened, squeezed, and sewed each person’s armor until night fell several hours later.

By then, his spirit had left him to do his work and returned when he was given leave to eat. Dramix wandered the halls of the castle, remembering where Naleeit told him the likely location of Towward will be. Luckily for him, the one patrol that spotted and stopped him believed he had gotten lost going to the kitchen. 

When he finally got to the dungeons, he pushed in a marked stone, causing a secret passage to appear nearby. When he entered, the passage sealed behind him. 

He then started walking forward and saw a blue glow. 

At the end of the passage, there was a blue sphere with an old, beaten man inside it.

“Are you Towward?” (Dramix)

The man remained still as he responded, “Torture me all you want! I’m not telling you anything.” (Captive Man)

Dramix suddenly looked around to see if anyone was around or in earshot.

“Are you Towward? Naleeit sent me.” (Dramix)

The man looked up at Dramix when he said that and exclaimed, “Lies!” (Captive Man)

Dramix took a step back as the sphere quaked. 

Dramix sighed, thinking that it would be better to put the man out of his misery at least. 

When he took a stance to deliver the killing blow, Peter suddenly stopped him, “Ask him!” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The man seemed to look up at Dramix, as if he heard Peter. 

“What’s her father’s name?” (Dramix)

The man sighed as he responded, “You’ve broken me. I’m Towward, and her father is King Howard Dragonssend.” (Towward)

Dramix kept his pose as he exclaimed, “Not that father!” (Dramix)

Towward’s eyes glistened with hope as he stood up a little more and responded, “Koran of the House of the Six Wings.” (Towward)

Satisfied with his response, Dramix lowered his spear and pulled out the handkerchief as he said, “Naleeit sent me. How do I get you out?” (Dramix)

Towward had a surprised expression on his face as he stood up completely with renewed hope.

“Try to pierce the bubble. If you can get through, I can do the rest.” (Towward)

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Dramix nodded and readied his spear. 

After taking a moment to compose himself, he rushed forward and smashed his spear against the bubble. The tip flew away and the wood splintered when they made contact. He tried the dagger next, but the cheap weapon only worked just as well as the spear. Dramix held the cheap lance in his hands as he thought about what to do. He had managed to clean it up a little and wrap a rope around it’s handle for a grip, but it’s the only weapon he has left. If it breaks right now, he’ll be unarmed. He shook his head as he thought about what Naleeit would say if he ran. 

Dramix then took a ready stance and lunged forward, the shadow of a knight appearing for just a second as the lance hit the bubble. He didn’t expect the lance to hold up in its condition, but when it hit the bubble, the blue glow started to fade.

Once it completely disappeared, Dramix strapped the lance to his back before walking over to Towward and putting his arm over his shoulder to help him walk.

“Where are we supposed to meet her?” (Towward)

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