Chapter 14- perception

When Peter returned, Dramix and Naleeit were laying side by side on their stomachs overlooking a city.

She was pointing at something as she said, “That right there is the palace. You’re going to need to go in there.” (Naleeit)

She then pointed to the outskirts of the city as she continued, “To the southwest, there are some water ducts. That’s where we’ll rendezvous after you rescue Towward. Trust nobody inside the city but him.” (Naleeit)

“How will I know which one is Towward?” (Dramix)

Naleeit paused for a moment to think before responding, “Ask him to tell you my fathers name. It’s Koran of the House of the Six Wings.” (Naleeit)

Naleeit then pulled a handkerchief out of her armor and handed it to Dramix.

“After he answers you correctly, show him this.” (Naleeit)

Dramix stored it on his person as she started describing Towward, “Towward is a tall and slim old man. Last time I saw him, he had white hair and a white beard. He also has a black mark on his left arm near his shoulder that’s in the shape of a nine-point star. He may try to convince you to take on the dark lord because you have the element of surprise. Don’t try that though. With three pieces of the dawnbreaker collection, the dark lord is a force to be reckoned with unless you have one of the legendary weapons. Even then, it’s still rather risky.” (Naleeit)

Naleeit then sighed before continuing, “I will wait for you until dawn. If you don’t show up, I’ll flee and proceed towards the land of the elves where my brother went.” (Naleeit)

Dramix nodded before they both stood up.

“May our fates cross together again.” (Naleeit)

Dramix nodded, “And may the ancestors watch over us both.” (Dramix)

Naleeit walked towards the cliff before stopping and watching him walk away. 

Dramix turned to look at her while grabbing his makeshift spear.

Once Dramix was on the road, Peter asked him,“Worried?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

“For her, no. She’s much stronger than anybody gives her credit for. She holds back so much without realizing it.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

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Dramix then moved through some brush leading to a road on the other side that went straight to the city. 

“We’re entering a hostile land though, so I’m glad you’re back.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter paused before responding, “I feel that I must warn you. I will leave and go at times that may be extremely inconvenient.” (Peter spirit talking)

Dramix chuckled, “You haven’t let me down so far, but I appreciate the warning.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix walked in silence before arriving at the city gates in about an hour.

One of the guards rushed out and stopped Dramix from entering unimpeded. 

“State your business!” (Guard)

Dramix stared at him before exclaiming, “Work!” (Dramix)

Dramix then pointed his spear at him as he mischievously said, “Your job, if you’re offering me to take it.” (Dramix)

The guard swallowed as he responded, “Don’t dally then. Proceed to the Corner Run Inn. There’s a mercenary leader there that you can talk too.” (Guard)

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Once he was granted permission, Dramix walked through and instantly noticed that the city had seen better days. Dramix saw a bar close by, so he decided to enter it. Once he did so, the noisy atmosphere became dead quiet before it picked up again. Dramix ordered and downed a single mug of ale in just a few moments before walking towards a nearby table. 

Dramix took out the rest of his money and placed it on the table. 

It wasn’t an impressive amount, but it was enough to get some attention. 

“Odd!” (Dramix)

The gambler raised his cup to show that the three dice inside displayed a six, a four, and a three. Most of the people at the table complained as they paid their losing bets. 

Dramix gathered his winnings before putting half of them back on the table and the other half on his person.

The gambler raised his cup and shook it a few times before slamming it on the table. 

“Even.” “Odd.” Even.” 

Dramix stared at the cup before saying, “Even.” (Dramix)

The last person at the table called their guess, “Odd.” 

Dramix then noticed that the gambler raised the cup to a slight angle. 

When the gambler lifted the cup, the three dice showed a three and two fours.

As they bet on the next roll, when it was Dramix’s turn, he pushed forward what he had left.

After everyone at the table called their bets, Dramix grabbed the gambler’s hand.

“Those dice show even right now, but you will change it to odd like last time.” (Dramix)

The gambler grabbed a knife with his free hand, preparing to stab Dramix in the arm.

In response, the other people at the table grabbed their own knives.

“You calling me a cheat!?” (Cheating Gambler)

“I’ll cover their bets if I’m wrong.” (Dramix)

Dramix forced him to raise the cup to show a one, a six, and a three. 

“That proves nothing!” (Cheating Gambler)

Dramix gathered the dice and put them inside the cup before shaking it like the gambler did before.

“Even.” (Dramix)

He then lifted the cup and the three dice displayed a two and two fours. 

Dramix then repeated the same process, “Even.” (Dramix)

This time, the three dice displayed a four and two threes. 

He then repeated the same process for a third time, “Even!” (Dramix)

This time, the three dice displayed a two and two threes. 

The other gamblers were a little uncertain about Dramix’s accusation, but after showing them proof, they all looked at the gambler. 

“You cheat!” (Gambler)

During the commotion, another gambler reached for the pile of money on the table, but Dramix slammed down the cup, frightening him.

“Go for it like that, and every drunk in arms reach will be after it.” (Dramix)

The person who was caught cheating looked really scared as Dramix spoke, “Your money or your life? Choose now!” (Dramix)

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