Chapter 897 – Popcorn

Huan Qing Yan lifted her finger.

For the sake of eating, such sacrifices are worth it.

After performing a silent chant, a drop of blood dripped into the black cauldron and disappeared.

Huan Qing Yan tried lifting it up this time and she was still unable to move it!

In the end, she used the great spell called willpower, to send the heavy cauldron into the dimension.

Although she did not have to personally carry it, the process was still very taxing on her; this item was bizarre.

“!” Huan Qing Yan pulled Ji Mo Yan and together, they entered the dimension.

She drew some water and tried to clean the big cauldron, but it still remained black.

Huan Qing Yan smelled it but did not detect any strange odors.

Time to work!

For efficiency, Huan Qing Yan cooked the simplest dish, Stirfry Mountain Mushrooms, and Bean sprouts 

A short while later, It was complete.

After taking a bite, the taste, the fragrance, was rich and thick…


The dish should provide five hundred spirit energy points, but now it gives slightly more than one thousand!

My dear heavens, that’s double the original amount!

Even with Huan Qing Yan strong culinary skills, this effect was simply startling.

“Not bad, not bad. It lived up to its name.” Ji Mo Ya praised as he ate, “Of course, it is all thanks to Yan Lass’s efforts.”


Huan Qing Yan was feeling great, with the Immemorial Cauldron, she would not have to worry about falling behind the cultivation of others. They remained in the Gnome Kingdom a few more days after Bally requested multiple times.

By the time they depart, it was half a month later.

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“Foolish Girl, come and play when you are free, this place forever welcomes you.” Dorna ignored the dagger-like stares of Ji Mo Ya and boldly declared his intentions without hesitation.

Huan Qing Yan’s left hand was holding a Sugar Crisp while her right hand was carrying popcorn that she made. The Immemorial Cauldron could even make popcorn, it was indeed a piece of invincible divine equipment.

She stuffed herself while replying, “Okay! Thank you, Bally! I will come to visit when I am free.”

Ji Mo Ya pulled her inside Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage while casually said, “Dorna, Xiao Yan and I will be getting married soon. I will send you a Spirit Crane when the time comes, do come and attend our wedding if you are free.”

Dorna’s face instantly froze.

They are getting married so quickly? Dorna casually glanced at Huan Qing Yan’s stomach and seem to understand something.

It would not be fair to Little Yan if they delay the wedding as well.

Although he was not feeling good, he still gave his blessings, “I congratulate the two of you, I will certainly attend.”

Huan Qing Yan was still stuffing herself like a glutton, “Okay, see you, Bally!”

Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage had already flown far away, but Dorna still continued looking at the sky.

After leaving the Gnome Kingdom, Huan Qing Yan looked at their flight path and felt something was wrong.

“This is not the direction of the Holy City, Handsome Ya, where are we going?”

“Surging Wave Academia. You have not reported your status to the academia after leaving Blood Moon Hidden Realm…”

The most important reason was to get married in Surging Wave Academia by getting Elder Snow to form their Heart Union Knot.

Only a close elder would spend such great efforts to bless their juniors.

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Huan Qing Yan had been observing Ji Mo Ya along the journey, and notice that he was longer displaying signs of pain due to the devil energy; slowly, that allowed her heart to feel rest assured.

“Okay, let us head to Surging Wave Academia and visit my master.”

After she spoke, seeing the food in her hands have been consumed, she took out some spirit pastries to eat again.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes squinted and said in adoration, “Little Yan, you are constantly eating the past few days without refining the food, it will harm your body if you eat so much.”

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