Chapter 227- Mechanoids Under Fire

The mechanoid Jenny sat behind her desk at the entrance of the GSP housing building. 

She was an early generation mechanoid with fairly simple routines. Most of its time was spent greeting guests, cleaning after the GSP members, and doing other simple chores. 

However, about ten years ago, it’s AI matrix touched another AI matrix. 

For the first time in its existence, it felt inferior, it felt jealousy, and it felt driven. 

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When it was first created, it had no reason to improve, but upon seeing Astrid7Astridcharacter, it started trying immediately. However, there was little it could do since it was bound to the house. 

It didn’t have any access to the networks outside, and then Astrid, her competition, left with her partner and her mentor.

Jenny did its job as it was designed to. Years had passed before she suddenly received an emergency signal from the core before it was blocked off. However, the mechanoid had no idea what to do because this hasn’t happened before. The only details Jenny got was that the main headquarters was under attack, so she grabbed her stun gun and proceeded to gather the gamers. She used one of their phones to call the authorities and then escorted them to a new, safer location by the front gate where police were waiting. Jenny has been the maid in the building ever since there was a company president, and she will continue to do so until she powers off or the building is destroyed.

In the beginning, it was only a squad that would set up a position in the house. 

By her programming, since these are authorized guests, she continued her duties as normal. 

Cleaning and cooking was the only thing she could do, but that was enough for her guests.

Time is nothing to a mechanoid. For Jenny, her chores were very routine. 

She was content about adding cooking to her repertoire and then more guests arrived one day.  Over a hundred, to be exact. While they did large-scale fortifications, Jenny made sure to stay out of the way, knowing she would be more useful that way. She came to the decision that something bad was going to happen soon, so she put the house’s systems on high alert. 

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After a while, Jenny suddenly felt a presence in the house’s system that she hadn’t felt in years; it was her mentor. Jenny was so excited and Astrid was truly shocked to find that the other mechanoid had progressed this far. Within IRL seconds, the two had caught up with one another and finished their information sharing. Astrid then left a connection for them to communicate and left the main compound to Jenny. This allowed Astrid to focus on the main task at hand.

When the attack began, Jenny was halfway to the supply shed with a dozen hot meals. 

When the first gunshot sounded, all she could do was look in that direction. 

Subsystems that not even Astrid noticed began to kick in as she declared, “Terrorist attack on the presidential suite. Unlocking restricted protocols.” (Mechanoid Jenny)

With that, an energy shield appeared around the compound and several ground turrets appeared. This shocked many of the soldiers, but they quickly calmed down once they discovered that the new additions were friendly and unloaded on the approaching wave of automated mechanoids.

Jenny quickly retreated back to the main building where her systems unlocked a hidden door to a cellar panic room. Inside of this room was a bunch of guns and half a dozen mechanoids like Jenny built over twenty years ago. As Jenny synced up with the other mechanoids, she informed them of the overall situation and told them to protect the VIPs in the shed. 

After an arms check, the seven mechanoids left the panic room to do their maid duties.

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