Chapter 228- ultimate wizard

An undead lich king’s guards turned to ash as he dropped a book that then immediately vanished.

“Sir Ronald, Sir William, Sir Vernin, I thank you for your service and I apologize for not making your sacrifices worthwhile.” (Lich King)

The lich king could almost hear them saying it was an honor to fight for him as a blast of light covered his bones and his HP dropped to zero. The wave upon wave of enemies wore away at KMega6KMegacharacter’s characters and as soon as they died, all of their relevant data was erased from the system. Right now, the numbers were ten to two, but KMega had no idea how many more men the Galactic Domination has, but he knew for sure that he’ll run out of people first. 

Three hours had elapsed since the start of the raid. His physical body was obviously going into the first stages of discomfort from long-time VR use; muscle numbness from staying in once place for so long, and shallow breathing from inactivity. 

However, KMega and the others have trained their bodies for such conditions. 

Today, they will be forced to go past their limits.

An old man wearing a red robe suddenly appeared on the top of his tower. 

He looked up at the sky and took a deep breath, “This one, huh?” (Old Man)

The old man materialized a cane and went down the stairs, the path spacious and easy to traverse, like he had been using it for ages.

KMega was currently playing as the character he sold to get his independence from his parents.

It was his most hated, but also his most important. 

The character quickly devalued once other people learned that it couldn’t be used by normal players; the attacks were too complicated and were extremely self-destructive. 

The character was then stripped of all its items and secrets before KMega bought it back for a fraction of its original price. 

However, that isn’t the reason why KMega hated this character, this character had no AI friends. In heign sight, KMega knows that this is his most powerful character. 

It took some time for him to win the siege and take back his tower, and by then, it was a hollow victory. Not even his secret library remained untouched. 

Only books that were considered useless flavor text, or content relating to the story, remained. 

Fortunately for him, the book that KMega needed was still there.

After getting to the bottom of the stairs, he found a magic formula on the ground. 

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He ignored it and went to a nearby candle and pulled it slightly. This popped out a nearby rock which he then pushed back in while still holding the candle down. This revealed a secret passage, but he did not move. KMega sighed thinking how many intruders have been killed by this trap. 

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A moment later, the magic formula on the ground behind him lit up and a portal appeared.

After spending a few minutes finding the desired book, he came back out of the portal holding onto it.

“Senabara!” (KMega)

With a single word, the portal entrance vanished and the old man started walking back up the stairs. The whole round trip took less than ten minutes, but in that time, fleets of advanced civilization warships filled the sky and innumerable mobs of enemies began surrounding his tower. 

The old man took a deep breath at the drastic change of scenery as he lowered his head in disappointment, “It is as if they want to be the stars that cover the sky. The fools!” (KMega)

The book in his hand vanished as he raised his empty hand towards the sky and said, “Denasa, Resina, Cala, Kela, Nela, Huromyau, and Duenct. Unmask the birth of creation, the [Fires of Birth]!”

Power started gathering from the four cardinal directions for a total of sixteen points. 

This is a special location in the game that was randomly generated, making it a flaw in the game’s design. It was like a compass and his tower made full use of this feature. 

By drawing power from all of these points, the most basic spell would be like a cheat and [Fires of Birth] was this characters strongest attack.

“I always hated this character.” (KMega)

In the next instant, the entire server crashed as the AI core that was maintaining it experienced a catastrophic failure.

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