Chapter 371: Attending First Provincial High

Teacher Tong glanced at the school’s newly appointed librarian, Old Chen, who was qualified to attend this meeting. She spoke at a very slow pace which contained very subtle hints of laughter, “I haven’t even said anything about it. Principal, do you have any idea what I was going to say?”

“Right, right, right, speak your mind, I’m listening.” Hearing that, Principal Cao acted like he was listening with all his attention, and burst out into laughter, “Let’s see what our school’s most popular teacher among the students, Teacher Tong, wants to argue for her students.”

Teacher Tong had the best ties with the students. Sometimes, the students in her class would call her “Sister Tong’”. From that, one could imagine how finely established Teacher Tong’s image was in the hearts of those students.

“Once Ye Jian has arrived in my class, besides cutting her school fees, could we also prioritize her in competitions and similar activities? There’s always a set amount of prize money in those events, and I’m thinking that instead of financing her education unconditionally, why don’t we also incentivize her drive to study, and let her know that the benefits of studying can also change her own life for the better?”

She really stood in the shoes of the student while thinking about it. Principal Cao nodded his head, agreeing to her suggestion.

At that time, he only had one reason for not considering arranging Ye Jian into her class, and that reason could not be revealed yet.

While they were conversing, someone knocked on the door outside. Following that, a very deep but calm voice projected through the door, “Is Principal Cao available? I’m Xia Jinyuan.”

Xia Jinyuan…?

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Mid-meeting, Principal Cao glanced at the newly appointed school librarian, “Old Chen, you’re more familiar with this comrade Xia, is he looking for you?”

“We met each other yesterday, so I decided to conveniently ask him to fetch Ye Jian here this morning.” Old Chen, also known as Principal Chen, was now hired as a leisurely school librarian at First Provincial High. He stood up and smiled at Teacher Tong, “It’s likely that Ye Jian has arrived. If Teacher Tong has any questions for her, ask away, for she’s quite the gutsy one; she won’t shy away from anything.”

In order to not let Ye Jian fall behind on training, Principal Chen kindly refused the position of Director; instead, he worked as a school librarian who would have plenty of free time on his hands after school had ended, and even more free time on his hands when winter and summer breaks were around.

The door opened, and the few school leaderships filed out of the room. They all gave Ye Jian a smile when they saw her and maintained their dignified looks as school leaderships when leaving.

“Come, enter; Major Xia, you too, come in and sit.” Principal Cao shook hands with Xia Jinyuan out of courtesy, then he glanced at Ye Jian standing behind him. The smile on his face could not be concealed.

Last year, he was still regretting how his school had just lost a very excellent student, but what happened in the end? This ‘flower’ still managed to land back in the hands of First Provincial High.

He looked at Ye Jian, who had grown much taller and had an even more tranquil demeanor. “Student Ye Jian, now that you’re here, my heart feels quite at ease! Come now, let’s all sit down and have a chat.”

“Your soon-to-be homeroom teacher, Teacher Tong is also here, and also…” Principal Cao stepped aside and allowed Ye Jian, who was staring at him, to raise her gaze and follow the direction his hand was pointing towards, “…Old Chen has waited for you for quite some time. If you didn’t come anytime soon, I’m afraid he would have wanted to personally go get you at the train station.”

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Principal Chen, with the school’s staff tag on him, walked towards the little lass, who was shocked. With a large smile on his face, he spoke to Teacher Tong, “This kid did not know that I came to First Provincial High, and I did not tell her this whole time. See how shocked she looks right now.”

She wasn’t just shocked. No wonder Grandpa Gen was so calm about her leaving. It was because Principal Chen was also in First Provincial High.

Teacher Tong was quite familiar with Ye Jian. Last year, Ye Jian left a very deep impression on her during the highly intensive training at First Provincial High. If not, she wouldn’t have fought so hard just to get a mere student into her class.

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