Chapter 370: The Overly Worried Sir Xia

It wasn’t a long drive from the train station to the school. Ye Jian had already reached the school before it was 8.

Although it was announced that they would only start processing applications at 9 am, the school had already started doing so at 8 am.

Ye Jian did not allow Xia Jinyuan to help her; she finished the series of enrollment procedures alone, and she turned her head to look at the three words “First Provincial High” shining brightly under the sun. She did not think that she would eventually end up choosing this place, First Provincial High, where she would need 18 hours just to return home.

Xia Jinyuan watched her walk toward him while stepping on the sunlight. Her short hair bobbed gently under the sun like music notes, and she leisurely walked among the passing students. Her uplifted eyebrows and beautiful smile on her pretty face showed that she really liked this school, as much as she liked being in the army.

“First, let’s put your luggage away. Where is your dorm located?” When she came close, Xia Jinyuan, who had been waiting the whole time, had his lips curved upwards into a sexy arc. He took out a map of the school, “The boys’ dorms are around here, the girls’ dorms are beside the swan lake, so which block is your dorm?”

Ye Jian only had the enrollment timetable, and she had nothing else. Hearing that, she said playfully, “The dorms haven’t been allocated yet, we’ll have to wait for a few days. I’m going to find Principal Cao for now. Captain Xia, how about you…”

“Why? You’ve learned how to push others away after they’ve helped you? Uncle Chen had already insisted on it, so I must personally watch you till he takes over.” Xia Jinyuan clearly saw through her little tricks; she wanted to shoo him away.

His gaze darkened. Even his voice that contained slight laughter became lower, “I, Xia Jinyuan have never done something that will betray others’ trust. Once I’ve agreed on something, I will fulfill it.”

Without laughing, Xia Jinyuan’s face was filled with an expression of coldness that caused Ye Jian’s heart to accidentally drop in place. She averted her gaze, pursing her lips for a moment before she spoke up, “Then, I’ll have to trouble you for the time being, Captain Xia.”

Sigh, if he didn’t act seriously towards her, and kept on joking alongside her, he’ll definitely be shooed out of the school.

Even when facing his enemies, he did not use all the tricks up his sleeves. When facing her, he really had to utilize all of his strengths to be successful!

However, it was indeed quite amusing.

The more she wanted to flee, the more he wanted to close the gap!

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Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, even if she was sixty, seventy, or eighty, he would also close the distance between them without complaints.

Such an outstanding person, and also a comrade whom he could fight side by side with … It would be extremely difficult for him to give her up! 

Principal Cao was still having a small meeting with a few school leaders and a teacher in his office. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss Ye Jian. Facing the question of the First Class’ homeroom teacher, Principal Cao laughed, “Stop bargaining with me even after you’ve received a good deal. Didn’t Teacher Zhu tell you everything? What? You still want to try to get a sweeter deal in front of me?”

“Student Ye Jian was someone you personally fought for, and I did not have any intentions of putting her in your hands at the start. The school’s famous ‘Madam Annihilate’ wanted her, and I’m still afraid that you’ll accidentally anger her and cause her to leave.”

‘Madam Annihilate’ Teacher Tong, a special-grade teacher. She was also First Provincial High’s school treasure, along with the Mathematics teacher, Teacher Zhu. In this year’s graduating class, forty of those students were high emphasis undergraduate students, while fourteen of them were secondary undergraduate students.

In the whole class of sixty-two students, excluding those who were studying abroad, each and every one of them had left their mark on the leaderboard.

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Don’t think for a second that the nickname ‘Madam Annihilate’ was given to her by her students. It was given to Teacher Tong by herself. The meaning behind it was to annihilate all possibilities of flunking the test. In her class, ‘flunking tests’ did not exist.

Teacher Tong was slightly over fifty years old. She was a teacher with a cheerful personality. She was quite unlike the other homeroom teachers who always had stern expressions. Her face always carried a smile; she had the imposing manner of a teacher, yet she also looked like an amiable elder.

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