Chapter 369: Fair Skin, Pretty Face, Prime Beauty

“I have a plan B. I have people who can vouch for me, and all of this proves that I managed to pass the tests with my own abilities. Besides, Ye Zifan still hasn’t  reached the stage where his influence is everywhere, so what should I be afraid of?”

When she spoke, her voice was like glittering jewels, clear and melodious. Her eyes were like a painting, like a beautiful landscape that was full of vitality. That was her ‘spirit’.

Her gaze was clear, but her pupils were like waves that reached the sky, bringing forth majestic pressure in an imposing manner, and all of that faded away as soon as she smiled. What remained was her cold posture and her pride-filled bones. That was her ‘soul’.

Xia Jinyuan started laughing, and expression as gentle as water surfaced on his elegant and handsome face. His black, abyssal pupils fixated on her, astonishment and surprise filling the depths of his heart.

“That’s why, whether Ye Zifan has tampered with anything or not, you will still be able to enroll in and attend a prestigious school, am I right?” A hint of surprise lingered in the reverberation of his voice. Xia Jinyuan was exclaiming at himself … that he did something unnecessary.

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He contacted the military and asked them to deploy two captains, while he ended up getting dragged by the successful career woman as her bodyguard in exchange for the privilege of the little fox’s test papers being personally escorted by a teacher, two captains, and a clerk for evaluation in the province directly.

Then, the provincial Education Bureau kept the little fox’s test results under strict confidentiality. As long as they were someone insignificant, even if they were a member of the city’s Education Bureau, they were incapable of finding it.

He did all of these things without intending her to know. All he wanted was for her to have a smoother process, but his little fox did not need any of his goodwill entirely. She could take care of it just the same by herself.

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Ye Jian finished the last bite of her breadstick and wiped her mouth with a paper towel. Her jet-black pupils fixated on the man who was elegant even while having his meal, and as if there was profound meaning behind it, she said, “As long as I can think of a solution, I can definitely execute it well. There’s no need for me to rely on others. Captain Xia, I like to rely on my own two hands and not beg for the help of others.”

“You’re absolutely right. Rather than asking for someone’s help, you should rely on yourself, and that is the reason why I admire you.” Pretending that he did not understand the meaning behind her words, Xia Jinyuan picked up the car keys which he had placed on the table, “Since we’re done having breakfast, we can leave. I still have three more days of holiday. There’s no need for you to rush and tell me everything at once.”

And with that said, he stood up and left, leaving behind a tall, sexy, and straight back for Ye Jian to see, not leaving any opportunity for Ye Jian to continue talking about the current topic.

Ye Jian furrowed her dainty brows together and was forced to follow after him. He was always like this. She had clearly said everything in a straightforward manner, but no matter what the circumstances were, he would always brush it off!

If he didn’t brush it off as he did, Xia Jinyuan clearly knew in his heart that for the next three days of his holiday, he could stop dreaming about spending time together with this increasingly cunning little fox.

Just one breakfast made him surprised of Ye Jian’s every step of progress because every step of hers was already quite ‘steady’. She was as stable as the cornerstone of a high-rise building, unshakeable.

What surprised him the most was her temperament. She had developed both inside and outside and was at the point where her smile was graceful, but her cold glare was imposing. Her spirit and soul had undergone huge amounts of refining, bur she was just 16 years old now!

Growing in such a tough environment, from a logical perspective, her temperament should have been set in stone long ago, but on the contrary, hers hadn’t been. It was like she had washed away the dirt and filth covering her body after leaving that place, it was like she had rebirthed and walked onto a path that belonged only to her.

By the time they exited the breakfast shop, the sunlight was much more intense, and the ladies moving along the street had umbrellas shielding them. For Ye Jian, a girl who had tumbled around in the army boot camp for days, an umbrella was something that had never appeared inside her backpack.

Xia Jinyuan originally wanted to remind her, but when he saw the fair pair of legs below her shorts that were reflecting the sunlight–even after all those days of exposure to vagaries of nature which included tumbling around in the desert, spending days in the jungle, and camping in the bootcamp–they were still as white and soft as tofu, and that seemed her evidence for not needing to use umbrellas.

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