Chapter 270: If the demon king is scarier than mom (5)

Around the same time in the United States of America.

“Just what happened back there?” (President)

The American President Bruno Lawrence opened his eyes and sat up on his hospital bed, looking rather puzzled.

“T-this… what’s going on here?” (President)

“You’re awake, sir!”

Secretaries rushed towards his sides, surrounding him.

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“Why am I here?” (President)

“You don’t remember what happened, sir?”

Bruno Lawrence seemed to be confused and lost, but he gradually regained his memories and began shuddering greatly.

“What a terrifying situation that was.” (President)

He was the President of the United States of America.

That job was judged to be the most important in the world in the aftermath of the First World War. He was none other than the holder of that important office.

So, it was already a rather painful thing to be held hostage and his life be threatened by an external force, but what was especially more painful was the fact that he couldn’t even mount any form of resistance towards the culprit responsible.

“Just what have I done?” (President)

He could now remember everything.

He was indeed with the criminal in question. However, he was unable to do anything out of his own will. If it was the normal him, then he would not have hesitated to kill himself for the sake of America’s pride and her international status.

That was, if only he wasn’t seduced by that woman…

‘This is too dangerous.’ (President)

Thankfully, the event this time ended without too much problem.

But, what about the next time?

If something similar happened again in the future, could anyone guarantee that it’d also end without many losses too?

That woman waltzed right into where he worked without encountering any obstruction whatsoever. Could anyone confidently say that such a thing will not happen ever again?

It was a huge relief that she didn’t have any other malicious goal in mind. But what if someone who desired the destruction of the world decided to rule over his mind? What might have happened by now?

“These people called ability users, they are simply too dangerous.” (President)

“It’s good that you finally understand, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

Bruno Lawrence turned his head to spot Christopher McLaren and his heavy expression walking over.

“It seems that you had to step up for me.” (President)

“Sir, I did. If only those empty-headed fools didn’t try something idiotic, we’d been able to extricate you far more smoothly, however.” (Christopher McLaren)

“….Tsk, tsk.” (President)

The POTUS didn’t really need to hear anything else.

Most likely, the Department of Defense did something stupid again. He also bore witness to something penetrating past the window to hit Erukana in the face, after all. Seeing that he lost his consciousness right afterwards, it was clear as day that his life was under threat because of their ill-advised actions.

However, Bruno Lawrence didn’t feel like getting angry at those folks in particular. No, he had no reason to get angry at all.

Maybe him dying would’ve been a better result for all those concerned. Sadly enough, the position of the American President was simply too insignificant to shake up the entire world through his death.

“What about the media?” (President)

“They have been gagged, but it’s bound to get out later.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Try to prevent that as much as possible.” (President)

“We’ve been using the impromptu military exercise as our excuse, but it’s unknown whether the folks from the other country will keep their mouths shut or not.” (Christopher McLaren)

“You still have to try, regardless.” (President)

Bruno Lawrence looked around the hospital room, prompting Christopher McLaren to pull out a packet of cigarettes and present it before his boss.

“Thanks.” (President)

Christopher McLaren preferred cigars over regular cigarettes, so him producing a packet meant he brought one along especially for the President. Indeed, people voluntarily trusted him to do his job properly because he could be quite considerate like this.

“Look, Chris.” (President)

“Sir?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Am I too old?” (President)

“….Objectively speaking, sir, both you and I can’t be called youthful anymore. Well, we’re at an age where we should seriously think about retiring soon.” (Christopher McLaren)

“So, does that mean…. I’m too old?” (President)

Christopher McLaren resolutely shook his head.

“No, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)


The cigarette in his lips was now lit up.

“Strange. I can’t seem to shake off this feeling that I’ve gotten too old for this sh*t. In the past, I’d not have ended up in such a frail condition even if something similar to this happened. But now, I can’t help but think that I no longer possess the ability to resolve every matter taking place around me.” (President)

“It’s due to shock, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

“It’d be nice if this is nothing more than a momentary reaction. However, the thing is…. Christopher McLaren.” (President)

Bruno Lawrence sucked in a deep drag and let the smoke slowly drift out as he continued on.

“Even if I was right of mind, do you think I’ll be able to come up with a suitable response for this event?” (President)


Christopher McLaren wordlessly stared back at his President. The older gentleman with a full head of grey hair was reciprocating that gaze with a pair of sharp, intense eyes.

This old warhorse, often referred to as the final bastion of the Republican Party, never wanted to stand under the limelight, but then, the chaotic times forced him to become this nation’s leader. Politicians discussing politics with just their mouths only lost their purpose and flailed about aimlessly, but he didn’t and personally made a move to take control of his party. And eventually, even the nation itself.

So, taking into account everything he had achieved so far, one could argue that he’d be able to come up with a response.


Christopher McLaren couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“I thought as much.” (President)

It seemed that Bruno Lawrence himself wasn’t expecting an answer, to begin with. He, Christopher McLaren, both of them…. They knew that they were unable to provide an answer to the current situation.

“I haven’t forgotten that they are humans just like us.” (President)


“However, I began thinking lately that the notion of ‘being human’ can mean more than one thing. How many hundreds of years has it been since we began thinking that everyone is created equal?” (President)

“Sir…” (Christopher McLaren)

“I know, I know. It’s all just hot air. But then again, will it still remain as ‘hot air’ in ten years’ time?” (President)

“Sir, the being that threatened you wasn’t human.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Indeed. I know that as well. But, the thing is…” (President)

“Sir?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Those folks. Are they closer to ‘us’, or to her?” (President)

Christopher McLaren’s eyes trembled as he stared the U.S. President.

What kind of thoughts were swirling inside the head of this very important man?

“Not too long ago, a being called Affeldrichae came to see me.” (President)

“Yes, sir. She’s Yi Ji-Hyuk’s acquaintance.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Calling her an ‘acquaintance’ is slightly strange, isn’t it. She isn’t even human, after all.” (President) (TL: The Korean word for ‘acquaintance’ has a Hanja letter ‘human’ in it.)

Christopher McLaren sheepishly smiled.

That still failed to soften Bruno Lawrence’s expression, however.

“Back then, all I could do was shake in my boots. That’s all I was able to do in front of that overwhelming presence. I’ve met countless ability users before in my life, and I always believed them to be people that could be regulated, and also the people that I need to protect. However, she was on another realm altogether. It was sort of like… when I was a young boy, I ended up scratching my father’s prized Cadillac, and I shivered in pure fear after my old man completely lost it. Yes, that encounter reminded me of that day.” (President)

“But, sir. That is a bit….” (Christopher McLaren)

“It’s just thoughts of a rambling old man. Still, there’s no denying that I was overcome with such emotions. Even then, I believed that there was still hope for us. At least she was reasonable and you could converse with her. I can’t say how she saw me from her perspective, but at least in my case, I believed that as long as the other party possessed the level of strength equal to her, we’d still be able to talk our way out of the situation. Mediate, appease, that sort of thing. However….” (President)

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Christopher McLaren closed his eyes shut.

He could pretty much guess what Bruno Lawrence was about to say. And the reason it pained him so much could be because he too, had been thinking about the same thing lately.

“What can we possibly do against an overwhelming creature that can rule over our minds and our bodies?” (President)

“That woman was a special existence, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

“And others are not special?” (President)

“They are all varying degrees of special, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

Bruno Lawrence tapped the cigarette’s ash on an ashtray and sighed at length.

“Look, Chris.” (President)

“Sir?” (Christopher McLaren)

“I’m not trying to say something that’s bleedingly obvious. I know what I need to do as the President of this nation and as a politician. My job is to ensure that the new category of ‘ability users’ is accepted by the rest of humanity as universally important and useful people. However, even I won’t be able to prevent those ability users, now tied to the notion of being human just like the rest of us, from climbing up to the very top of humanity.” (President)


“You know that humans draw a line between themselves and those they deem are beneath them. At first, it was species. Then, it was race. And then, what’s next?” (President)

“Humans managed to achieve equality through rationality, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Rationality, is it? Not benefits?” (President)

“Well, I’d like to believe that it’s the former, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

Bruno Lawrence chuckled gently.

“What you refer to as ‘rationality’, it’d be nice for those folks to possess it, too.” (President)

“Sir….” (Christopher McLaren)

“The weak will seek rationality from the strong, while the strong would demand subservience from the weak. For now, a balance of sorts is being maintained. No matter how extraordinary the ability users are, there are only a few of them, and when facing off against many, they are rendered powerless. However, we now have the emergence of irregulars who can’t be suppressed by the strengths of many. Such as that Yi Ji-Hyuk you seem to favour so much.” (President)

“But, without them, we won’t be able to fight against the Gates, sir. The situation is shifting all the time, and mankind is being driven to a deeper corner as we speak. Everything that has happened so far is caused by the Gates and the invasion from other dimensions, not the ability users that are trying to protect the world, sir. You mustn’t equate them with the monsters. They are still humans.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Humans…. indeed, they are. However, Chris.” (President)

“Sir?” (Christopher McLaren)

“That is why I’m terrified.” (President)

“….Excuse me?” (Christopher McLaren)

Bruno Lawrence shifted his gaze to look outside the window.

When a non-human being confronted them, all they had to do was to eliminate it. It had been already well established that none of those creatures came here with good intentions, anyway.

But, what about the ability users?

Even though they were humans, they couldn’t be called humans and so, how should one go about classifying them and accepting them? And would the ability users even accept the new classification in the first place?

“There’s no point in being terrified of non-human creatures. Because all we have to do is to fight ’til the end. That’s all. One shouldn’t be scared of the end of the human race. It’ll simply come to its natural end when we keep fighting and fighting but are unable to endure. However, Chris. You know this better than anyone that the true enemy of man is another man.” (President)


“That is why I’m terrified. They are humans. And they can easily become the biggest enemy of mankind in the near future.” (President)

Christopher McLaren shook his head.

“That’ll be difficult, sir.” (Christopher McLaren)

“It seems that this old man said something unnecessary today. Don’t mind me. For the time being, I should get back to work.” (President)

“Sir, you should look after your health first.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Are you saying that from your heart?” (President)

Christopher McLaren couldn’t reply to that. If he were to be brutally honest, then even if the President’s body was about to crumble from exhaustion, he still needed to show up to his post and man it. That was exceedingly important.

However, who could possibly voice that fact out aloud?

“All I ever learned by wallowing in the field of politics were how to conduct myself and how to read the current mood. Indeed, if you can’t even see the things you need to do at times like this, then you might as well quit being a politician. I might not be a good man, but well, I do pride myself for being a good politician. So, can you get rid of all these things dangling off of me?” (President)

“I shall call some people.” (Christopher McLaren)

“It’s good that you understand.” (President)

Bruno Lawrence chuckled slightly. Christopher McLaren turned around to leave without saying goodbye.

‘It’s getting complicated.’ (Christopher McLaren)

When considering what Christopher McLaren’s job title was, the President’s words couldn’t be seen as good, but then again, there was a reason why he didn’t go out of his way to oppose them. He had also been sucked into the similar line of thinking as his boss for some time now, that was why.

For now, things were fine.

They could continue on. For now.

However, what if the Gates stopped appearing? What then?

What would happen to the schism between the regular people and the ability users, currently suppressed by the Gates?


It was a problem without a solution.

He figured that, for the time being, he should delay making the report regarding some ability users starting to show signs of refusing to heed the government’s orders.

There was no reason to add more fuel to the fire burning down the house, now was there?

“The President is awake. Go and assist him at once.” (Christopher McLaren)

Christopher McLaren ordered the nurses as he walked past their station and straight towards his parked vehicle.

He yanked out a cigar and began chomping on it.

The sweet chocolatey aroma wafting out of the unlit cigar kept getting on his nerves especially today for some reason.

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