Chapter 229- Backlash

“SON OF A B**CH!” (Tygart)

Tygart yelled as he came out of his pod and went to a nearby trash can to throw up. Having admin privileges in a system did not mean much when some nobody can erase an entire AI system with a single attack, even if it was a self destructive attack. After Tygart got back to a stable condition he looked around to several other pods occupants doing the same.

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“Damage report!” (Tygart)

A catgirl dressed cosplayer came to him with a document and after a moment of reading it he dropped it.

“Impossible? How? Even when we all had full control of each ai core we could not overload one with everything we were pushing on them, and some punk did it in one attack?” (Tygart)

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The cosplayer picks up the report.

“This is only a preliminary analysis, but the instability appears to be much worse than first thought. Be sure that you take a break while the cores stabilize the situation.” (cosplayer)

Tygart balled his fists hard enough they began popping from the pressure.

“How the hell is a player character doing so much damage?” (Tygart)

The cosplayer hands him back the document. This time he started reading it with being prepared for the results

“We have a theory behind that. It is a built-in exploit. The exact method is not known, but to span over so many games means that they are likely from the same company. Based on the infiltration point it is likely they are Green Corporation games. With the records we have dug up, the space pirate king, the lonely lich king, and the ultimate destruction wizard were all unofficial titles to legendary characters in their heydays. Truth be told they would be characters worthy of each game greatest honors if they were not already claimed.” (cosplayer)

Tygart smiled wide.

“So he is forcing us into battlefields in games from the same company to whittle down our defenses. Quite clever honestly. But at this point, it would be obvious he is limited in characters. Just like us, he is in the system without the safeties, not to mention the IRL attack he has to worry about, he is running out of moves. We should have things back under control in two more hours of combat. Prepare the next wave.” (Tygart)


As Tygart took a break to rest and recharge Kevin and the others remained inside the system. As the attackers in this cyberwar, they did not have the leisure of resting or risk losing some of the hard-earned ground. While the others appeared fine Kevin was the one on the front line every time. No support and no retreat. The time was now just after two pm.

While Kevin and the others were in a cyberwar the soldiers were a continuous firefight. Mass produced mechanoid drones armed with easy to make firearms were continuously advancing on their position. After a frontal attack failed they tried flanking and already personnel from the FOB have come to support. Still, six hours of firefight was draining, but they had one saving grace. Inside the main building six mechanoids were inside, four were providing tactical support. They were more advanced than the mass-produced models, even if they were of an older design. They were still learning, calculating, untiring killing machines. One provided logistic support. Treating the injured, restocking stores of ammo, fetching water. Jenny was in the kitchen preparing warm meals in bulk. An unending assault of soulless machines would be tiring on any human. So a warm meal can do well on the morale. The seventh Mechanoid, designation Kelly, stood looking at the gamers. It recognized the attackers’ targets were the five humans plugged into the system through the president’s port, and the one in the center had a special designation. Classification, heir!

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