Chapter 230- The Final Line

A knight appeared on the grassy plains and immediately started looking at his arms.

“I wish I still had my bandit save. Too bad it was lost when my pod malfunctioned, or I could have easily infiltrated and got some groundwork done without risking my friends.” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

An elderly man wearing a cloak then appeared next to him.

“You must really start trusting your friends more.” (Yirk)

After that, a knight wearing silver armor that contrast well with KMega’s gold one appeared and said, “My brother, it is admirable that you do not wish them harm, but you are the one taking most of the risk and we are entering the endgame now.” (Kieser)

After the knight, there was a large black dragon4dragonspecies.

“My queen, do not think they nor us have any cause to be here either. They attacked our birthlands and killed our creators- our gods. They shall pay!” (Lazar)

KMega had a smile on his face as a single tear left his eye.

“My friends, how did I become so lucky? Thank you for those here and those back in IRL. Now, let’s get some reinforcements!” (KMega)

In an instant, the armies of Eastguard appeared as well as their commanders, in the state of the final parts of the game. While that occurred, KMega vanished with a leap so no one noticed him there. Only his closest NPC friends and the viewers who have been watching every single action so far saw what he did. After all, this was being shown live, and this was the only broadcast with importance not to be easily measured. The terrorists have gained control over several key entertainments AI cores, which could be considered worse than the utility AI cores. 

As there are old systems and methods to replace water treatment plants, for example, bottled water. But, take away a person’s entertainment, and they get angry and resentful.

Tygart took a war angle character that was generated after he reentered his pod.

After a quick moment to get accustomed to the abilities of the character, he rushed forward.

“[Cresent Cleave]!” (???)

Instinctively, Tygart took to a guard and a moment later, a powerful magic attack struck him. This was beyond yet again what he was expecting. 

In an instant, half of his army was wiped out yet again.

“What is with this guy’s f**king hacks!?” (Tygart)

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As the fallen began to fall from the sky and into the clouds, something shot through from below. With the backdrop of a rising sun, a majestic dragon in the shape of a man appeared. 

For any fan of the game or of esports in general, a few years ago, this character was instantly recognizable. On every monitor in the world, he was instantly recognized as a force that has been fighting against the terrorists seemingly alone. 

The dragonoid then pointed his sword at the war angel and exclaimed, “Vile people, you insult the name of gamers everywhere!” (KMega)

The war angel made an annoyed face.

“What do you know, cheater!? Are you mocking me for using procedurally generated accounts?” (Tygart)

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The dragonoid lowered his weapon, “Cheating? Ha! I might be exploiting the system, but by no means am I cheating. Anyone can do anything if they look for the factors and put in the time. My real name is Kevin Megas, but you probably already know that by now. I started playing VR games when I was nine. I started as a space pirate, which you probably guessed at this point too. That is when I first discovered the exploit, but I never really used it.” (KMega)

Tygart smirked and finally figured it was time for a final boss monologue as well.

“Then why did you never use it before?” (Tygart)

KMega couldn’t help but smirk and reply with an annoyed tone, “Because it wouldn’t be fun!” (KMega)

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