Volume 3 Chapter 137: The Burning Ancient Ruins of the Romanov Empire Part 1

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At the core of the ancient city on a new moon island, Copperfield Island, were the ruins of the capital of the Romanov Empire. In the forest on the outskirts of the ancient city, Bella and her team led their army of tens of thousands of demonic beasts against the dryads.

The entire forest was transformed into a new battleground. These dryads had been the guardians of Poseidon’s Holy Temple. However, they were driven out of their homes and killed by Nielson, the Ogre. Since then, these creatures have been residing here. For the past few thousand years, no demonic beast had attempted to trespass. In addition, the other three types of demonic beasts did not dare to challenge the druids living in the area.

Currently, the once tranquil silence had been broken by Bella and her group. She had never intended to incite a battle, but Kriss and the others had unleashed their ultimate moves at her request. By now, it would be too embarrassing to ask them to hold back. She now had no choice but to follow through.

Two of the demon guards who were in charge of paving the way were struck down by the dryads’ sneak attack. There was a surprisingly large number of dryads and groups of them had surrounded the demon army. These dryads looked no different from those enormous trees all around them, which made it difficult for any normal person to differentiate between them.

The two demon guards were swept off their feet and pierced to death by tree branches. Taking advantage of the confusion within the demon army, countless druids had climbed onto the Hell Mammoth that their commander had been sitting on. From there, they began their relentless attack against the demon army.

Emerald hid among the clouds, observing the current situation of the battleground. The command tent on the Hell Mammoth had countless holes stabbed into it by the druids’ sharp wooden spears. Had they won the battle?

Apparently, that was not the case. Countless transparent silk threads snaked out of the tent and wrapped themselves around a few of the druids. Instantly, a terrifying swarm of ghostly-white ferocious ghost wasps burst out of the tent. The wasps surrounded the druids and tore them to shreds in an instant.

The entire demon army began to maniacally attack the druids. It was as though they were on steroids and had been provoked to attack the enemy without mercy. To the demon army, the fact that their commander was publicly attacked like this was a huge dishonor to their name. It was no surprise that they would lose control like this.

Following the demon army’s loss of control, the tides began to turn. The demonic beasts sped towards the druids, aiming to kill. Even though many of them had been severed from the waist down, they hung on to the druid warriors as though their life depended on it. This gave the others who were still standing the perfect opportunity to make their move.

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The entire situation began to shift from chaos to a one-sided battle. The demonic beasts, encouraged by the low call from the “Demon Horn”, initiated a united attack against the druids’ defenses. Led by dozens of Hell Mammoths, the back-up team of demonic beasts was also on their way from outside the forest.

Along the way, the druids were reduced to firewood by the Hell Mammoths. The demon guards did not leave anything to a chance either. Every time they passed a tree, they would stab it with their weapons. Those druids lying in ambush died before they even had the chance to claim any lives.

Bella was used to staying vigilant. Her strategy was to always split her army into the frontline and backup. These two groups would then proceed separately. Unfortunately for the druids, they had attacked too early. If the druids had waited, even a little, things might have turned out differently for them.

Seeing as they were losing the battle and the demon army was gaining the upper hand, the Sea Dragon God, Emerald, sped out from among the clouds. With one shot, she fired a beam of blue light towards the commander’s tent on top of the Hell Mammoth.

The Azure Dragon’s Breath decimated the tent. After the tent was destroyed, Emerald could not believe her eyes. The commanders of this terrifying demon army were a group that looked like humans, and they were just a few young girls!

As Bella watched the Sea Dragon God, Emerald, soar through the air, she could not wrap her mind around it. According to the information on demonic beasts from the Explorers Union, there were differences between demonic beasts and holy beasts. Furthermore, she had seen sculptures and carvings of the Poseidon’s steed, Emerald, within the Church’s classic books.

The navy-blue sea dragon soaring through the sky looked exactly like Poseidon’s steed, the Sea Dragon God, Emerald. This did not seem right at all. What happened to the Demon God? How did it become a Holy Beast instead?

“Elder Sister Bella, snap out of it! Be careful!”

While she was distracted, the Sea Dragon God’s Azure Dragon’s Breath was about to hit them. At this crucial moment, Lisha shielded Bella with her body and with a swish of her greatsword, she instantly split Emerald’s Dragon’s Breath cleanly in two.

Ariel gathered a lightning ball in her palm and catapulted it towards the Sea Dragon God. The ball of lightning continued to snowball in the air and rapidly increased in size. By the time it reached Emerald, it had transformed into a massive sphere of lightning that spanned nearly five meters in diameter.

The Sea Dragon God was nearly a hundred meters long. Its appearance was closer to the Eastern interpretation of the Dragon and not the medieval lizard-like dragons that were depicted in Western mythology. The Sea Dragon God’s serpentine body was much more agile and flexible than any other western dragon. With a twist of Emerald’s body, she managed to dodge the oncoming ball of lightning.

“Do you think you can escape my attacks just like that? How stupid.”

Ariel waved her hands in the air and the ball of lightning exploded with the force of a nuclear bomb right beside the Sea Dragon God. Emerald had never thought that there would ever be a mage who would be able to freely control their magic to the extent that it was able to explode on command. Before she was able to set up her defenses, she got hit by the explosion.

While the Sea Dragon God was numbed by the explosion, strands of puppet strings emerged from each of Elaine’s fingers and spread towards the sky. These strings wrapped themselves around Emerald’s body and began to drag it towards the ground.

The Sea Dragon God Emerald immediately started to struggle against Elaine’s puppet strings. In her heart, she knew that no matter what happened, she should never touch the ground. Back then, during the war against the Twelve Demon Kings, many of her companions from the Dragon Race had died when the demonic beasts pulled them to the ground and used their seafaring tactics on them.

Making full use of this opportunity, Noreya shot a few Cloud Piercing Arrows into the air and pierced Emerald’s wings with expert precision. The wings of the Sea Dragon God were no different from the western dragons. Once there were holes in the wings, the dragon would lose its ability to keep itself in flight.

Emerald pushed the excruciating pain out of her mind and attempted to fly towards Poseidon’s Temple. With almost no effort at all on their part, she had been thrashed by a few little girls. The gap in their combat ability was extremely clear. If she did not leave now, she would never see Poseidon ever again.

Kriss sent one final blow towards the Sea Dragon God. Following the movements of the red and black pair of swords in her hands, two matching colored rays of sword light swept across the horizon, and it cut off the Sea Dragon God’s wings with laser accuracy.

Maybe it was Poseidon’s providence, but even after Kriss had cut off Emerald’s wings, the Sea Dragon God managed to break free from Elaine’s puppet strings. Then, she made use of the momentum to propel herself towards Poseidon’s Temple.

However, Ariel had sent a few fiery spheres towards the Sea Dragon God. Some of these spheres were the Falling Meteorites, an extremely powerful move from the Great Arcana.

To prevent Poseidon’s Temple from being damaged, Emerald tried her best to twist and turn her body to land outside the temple. After the Sea Dragon God was defeated, a black mist fell over the entire ancient city of the Romanov Empire.

“Hey, no matter what, that is still Poseidon’s steed! Why are you ladies being so ruthless?”

As Bella had taken a fancy to the Sea Dragon God’s appearance, she felt a little bad for Emerald. However, her dorm mates thought otherwise. After unleashing their dark side, Kriss and the others became rather different from their normal selves.

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