Volume 3 Chapter 137: The Burning Ancient Ruins of the Romanov Empire Part 2

“Elder sister Bella, I just find that the aura from that dragon really annoying!”

“Bella, aren’t you a Demon King? I was waiting for you to give the final blow; that’s why I loosened my puppet strings.”

“It’s okay. Bella, it doesn’t matter if you did it or not. The tips of my arrows are covered in poison anyway.”

Bella wiped beads of cold sweat off her brow as she stared at her dorm mates, their faces filled with excitement. She seemed to be hallucinating. Those standing around her were all Demon Kings, and none of them were warriors. This world was truly a fake one.

On the battlefield, the dryads were rapidly retreating back towards the ancient city with the demon army hot on their heels. The defeated and crestfallen dyads thought they had reached the safety of the city gates, only to find that it had been attacked by white departed spirits and black Death Gods. The mechanisms on the gates had been damaged beyond repair, preventing the gates from being shut.

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An ominous sound of hooves could be heard behind the dryads as a group of heavily armored Black Hell Knights sped over on their Hell Horses. The fire from the horses’ hooves ignited everything in its way, leaving their vicinity burning up in flames.

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Following the Hell Knights was an even larger group of demon guards wielding their black demonic spears and charging toward the dryads. These demon guards did not need any shields as it had been ingrained into their subconscious that having a defense mechanism or tool was something to be ashamed of. Their only option in battle was to attack.

In the distance, the demon guards were followed by dozens of Hell Mammoths. Their curved tusks had various metal objects attached to them. These Hell Mammoths were specially assigned to break down walls and anything that came in their way.

Right at the back of the demon army was a Cloud Ascending Ladder Chariot. The chariot was six meters tall and was an expedited product made by the puppets. At the Puppet Master’s instruction, these puppets collected as many materials as they could get their hands on before creating this monstrous chariot. Now, they were the driving force behind it.

The Demonic Dragon Army, clad in heavy armor, stood atop the Cloud Ascending Ladder. The Demonic Dragons were the newest unit to join the battle. Their armor was covered in dragon patterns and their helmets had dragon horns on them.

The skies above the demon army were filled with hordes of congregating white departed spirits and black Death Gods. In addition, there was a group of Hell Blademasters. These blademasters were wielding a variety of precious swords and weapons. They were clad in black light-armor and carried the demon’s flag.

Each Hell Blademaster had a different sword in their hand. All of these swords were the real deal, and some of them were even divine or demonic artifacts. Unless the precious sword in their hands were destroyed, these blademasters were practically immortal. Hell Blademasters were demonized Blade Spirits and were held in high regard within a Demon Army.

The strength of the Demon Army had rapidly risen to more than ten thousand. Waiting behind them was an open demonic beast transportation array suspended in the air with countless demonic beasts waiting on the other end to provide support for the army. If not for the fact that there were no dragon bones around, this Demon Army would probably even be able to summon a group of Bone Dragon Knights.

Bella looked upon the battlefield with conflicting feelings. This Demon Army had brought back images of the invasion of the Twelve Demon Kings. Back then, it had all been summoned by warriors. The current Demon Army had been called up by Bella’s dorm mates, and the magnitude of the army was already equivalent to an allied army of five Demon Kings.

Demon Kings would often summon the demonic beasts that were under their control. However, there was something that Bella could not figure out: Lisha and the others were not Demon Kings, but they had the ability to summon the demonic beasts under their command.

“I’m going into the city to look for the Sea Dragon God. The rest of you will follow later.”

“Bella, do you want me to send someone with you?”

“Bella, among my Blade Spirits, some of those Hell Blademasters have brought Dragon-slaying Swords with them. Do you want me to…”

“You ladies do not have to worry. I am also… no, I am the Demon King. Neither of you should forget your true nature!”

At the core of the ancient city on a new moon island, Copperfield Island, in the ruins of the capital of the Romanov Empire. The Sea Dragon God, Emerald, had transformed back into a beautiful maiden. She had been gravely injured by Bella and the other “additional” black warriors. Ariel’s final attack, the Falling Meteorites, had nearly sent her back to Poseidon.

“Your Majesty, Sea Dragon God, please retreat as quickly as possible. The Demon King’s allied army is close to breaking down the gates. By then, it would be only a matter of time before they get here. Also…”

“What’s wrong, Elder Dryad?”

The Sea Dragon God, Emerald, propped her body up with all the strength she could muster and wearily looked at the Elder Dryad. In the distance, parts of the city wall had already been knocked down by the Demon Army’s Hell Mammoths. The army then swarmed into the city through those gaps.

The dryads at the gates were crushed into splinters by the Black Hell Knights. This scene was eerily similar to what happened when the Twelve Demon Kings’ armies had turned the God World into a bloodbath and invaded the capital of the God Race, which was tens of thousands of years ago. The only difference was that the demonic beasts summoned were of different types.

“Also, a new batch of the Demon Army has arrived. This time, they have attacked us from the back, and they’re now headed towards Poseidon’s Temple… Your Honor, please hold on…”

The Elder Dryad watched as the Sea Dragon God disappeared into the distance with a conflicted look on his face. There was another piece of information that he had been reluctant to share—the leader of the new batch of demon troops was a Dragon Knight with a Golden Dragon as her steed. The dryads who were stationed at the back gates had thought that the Dragon Knight was there as their reinforcement. Upon opening the gates, they had all been crushed by the Demon Army that followed behind it.

Even the Radiant Church’s faithful devotee, the Dragon Knight, had betrayed her faith. Has the world on the other side of the ocean been invaded by Demon Kings too? Forget it. I think my best course of action would be to leave after retrieving my treasures. The Elder Dryad fumbled around his chest to reveal a large luminous pearl that he had stolen from Poseidon’s Temple.

Poseidon’s Temple had long been taken over by the Demon Army. He was not an idiot and knew that he was no match for an army that was being led personally by a Demon King. Since honorable Emerald was still set in her ways, she would have to be buried with her god, Poseidon, instead.

The Elder Dryad thought that he had the chance to take these treasures and seek sanctuary with the New Moon Demonic Dragon, Dorothea. Just as he was engrossed in his daydream, a few Black Death Gods swooped down from the skies. With a swipe of their scythes, the Elder Dryad’s arms were swiftly removed from his body. The luminous pearl that was in his hands rolled away as his arms were thrown aside.

“Wait… I wish to surrender to the honorable Demon King. Bring me to…”

Before the Elder Dryad could finish his sentence, a Black Death God beheaded him. The only Demon King that they respected was Noreya’s true identity. This Elder Dryad did not defect to their King in the right way. Therefore, there was no way that he would be able to escape his death.

Following the death of the Elder Dryad, the other members of the Dryad Race who had been standing by Poseidon’s Temple met their doom as well. Nearly eighty thousand dryads had been forced back into the city and were slaughtered by more than ten thousand troops from the Demon Army.

After sixty minutes of intense fighting on the streets, the black flag of the Demon King was hoisted on the top of the highest building in the ancient capital of the Romanov Empire—The Empire Clock Tower.

Other than a few sporadic pockets of resistance, most of the ancient city ruins of the Romanov Empire had been conquered by the “Fake Demon King’s” army. Various Demon King’s flags had also risen over other areas such as the New Moon Lake and the Siren’s territory on the east side of the New Moon Island.

These two demonic beasts had belonged to the original Twelve Demon Kings’ army. After realizing that Bella’s flag was different from theirs, they raised both their flags as an act of questioning to figure out if they were on the same side.

The only area that did not raise his flag in questioning was the one that belonged to the Ogre Nielson. He did not belong to any of the Twelve Demon Kings thus no one was surprised at his inaction.

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