Volume 3 Chapter 138: The Ultimate Fall of The Ancient Ruins of The Romanov Empire

The ruins of the ancient city in the center of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, the historical remains of the imperial city of the Romanov Empire, the Sea God Temple on Brown Peak. There was no one here at all. Throughout the way here, Sea Dragon God Emerald and the Dryad guards didn’t come across anyone. Could something have happened to the Sea God Temple?

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Emerald looked at the ruins of the ancient capital behind her. The demon King’s flag that was fluttering in the wind was like a thorn in her heart. If it weren’t for her unshakeable faith in Poseidon, Emerald would have collapsed.

Finally, she reached the Sea God Temple. In the main hall of the temple, she saw a golden wyvern and a dragon knight in white armor beside the wyvern but she couldn’t see her hair, only a pair of blue eyes.

The golden dragon looked at Emerald with a complicated look in her eyes. Princess Laceman of the Golden Dragon Race wanted to inform her compatriot to quickly leave. The dragon knight was a fake – Bella, a Demon King more vile than the usual Demon Kings.
The beautiful girl with ocean-blue hair had the smell of a Holy Beast.

In her heart, Laceman didn’t want to watch someone from her race, especially Sea Dragon God, Emerald, end up in Bella’s hands.
The Sea Dragon God Emerald had become a legend among the Dragon Race. If Bella captured Emerald alive, then the Dragon Race’s faith would definitely collapse.
However, Bella had warned Laceman to go along with her act, or else she would be punished.
Moreover, the Sea God Temple had long been captured by Bella’s own demon army. The entire area was filled with Bella’s people who were lying in ambush, and Princess Laceman was completely powerless.

“Which empire’s dragon knight are you?”
“Honorable lady, I am a dragon knight of the Octavia Empire. Look, this is a symbol of my identity!”

Bella took out the symbol of the royal family of the Octavia Empire, the Knight Dagger. Admittedly, this dagger was the most practical artifacts among the ones that her body double, Princess Felia left to her.
“Are you really a member of the Octavia Empire’s royal family? Can you help me bring the relics of Lord Poseidon to Radiant Church? This place has been captured by the Demon King’s army.”

“I am willing to fight the Demon King to the end. It is my lifelong belief!”

Princess Laceman looked at Bella with disdain. This villain! Her skill of deceiving girls had improved. Emerald didn’t discover any of Bella’s lies. She could only trust this dragon knight now that the Dryad army had basically been defeated.

Emerald walked up to Bella and passed her the key to Poseidon’s treasury. The dragon head-shaped key could open the treasury left behind by Poseidon. Without the key to point the way, those demons wouldn’t be able to find the underground secret chamber of the Sea God Temple.

Emerald had just handed the key to Bella when a burst of footsteps sounded from behind her. She turned around only to see dozens of demon guards approaching in this direction. These demons were at the rank of captain or above, and the patterns on their bodies were much deeper than those of ordinary demon guards.

“Quickly go. I’ll hold them back here! As long as you take the key, Poseidon’s… You… you’re!”

Taking advantage of when Emerald turned around, Bella hugged her from behind. Before Emerald could respond, Bella covered her mouth with a wet towel she had prepared in advance.

“Quietly sleep for a while! You believe too much in others. If it were someone else, you might have been stabbed at once.”

Emerald was already seriously injured and didn’t have much strength left to resist. Bella’s wet towel was coated with a sleeping drug that made Emerald a little dizzy and sleepy.

“Demon King Lord, the area around Sea God Temple has been suppressed! Please command the next move.”

“Demon King Lord, the allied Demon King army has taken control of the entire region of the ancient city.”

Although Emerald couldn’t understand demon language, she could clearly see the demon guard captains bowing down. At their rank, demon guard captains would only bow down to the Demon King. The real identity of the dragon knight behind her was exposed.

Why was this happening? Had the dragon knight betrayed the Radiant God or did the Golden Dragon Race collude with the Demon King? Emerald passed out amid her doubts. Bella waved at her troops, indicating for them to withdraw, then carried Emerald and headed for the Sea God Temple.

“Lord… Lord Bella, please don’t be hard on Emerald! She’s Poseidon’s mount. You can’t be thinking of…”

Princess Laceman took on her human form, holding Bella’s hand as she interceded for Emerald. From her understanding of Bella, this lecherous woman would definitely not kill Emerald. If she wanted to, she would’ve already done that a long time ago. Considering her perverted interests in beauties, Laceman was able to guess what Bella was going to do to her next.

“Princess Laceman, what’s that look in your eyes? Please, I just want to take her away to treat her. Can’t you see how bad her injuries are? Come with me too. We’ll stay here for the night. It’s not so often that we get to stay the night in a castle.”

Only now did Bella have the chance to properly look at the Sea Dragon God in her arms. She was indeed tempted. If it weren’t for Emerald’s beauty and youth, she wouldn’t even have been allowed through the gates of the Sea God Temple just now. The demon guards lying in ambush outside had all received orders not to let any men past the gates and to kill them at once.

The actual age of Emerald, the Sea Dragon God, was over ten thousand years old, but Holy Beasts basically had eternal life. They wouldn’t die naturally of old age, but only in battle. Although Emerald was over ten thousand years old, according to Holy Beasts’ standards, she was equivalent to a teenage girl of the human race.

Emerald’s eyes, like her hair, were ocean-blue, but the thing that struck Bella the most was her unique temperament as a Holy Beast. Poseidon, that poor bastard, must already be dead because he hadn’t even made a sound when the demon army attacked the Sea God Temple. Since Poseidon was gone, she would keep the “relics” of Poseidon for herself.

The ruins of the ancient city in the center of new moon island – Copperfield Island, the historical remains of the imperial capital of the Romanov Empire, the Sea God Temple on Brown Peak.
This was the first night that the ancient city had switched owners. The streets of the city were being guarded by demon troops.

The priest’s resting quarters in the Sea God Temple had been made into the Demon King’s palace. Bella and her roommates were relaxing in the bathing pool. All the killing today had covered them in dirt.

“Lisha, why are you covered in blood?”

“Older sister Bella, when I saw how fierce the battle was at the frontlines, I somehow rushed over without paying attention.”

“Bella, this Sea Dragon God must have a demonic core, right? Why don’t we use her demonic core to report the completion of our mission?”

“Noreya, don’t frighten her! Don’t we have another three Demon Beasts whose demonic core we can choose from? Besides, Emerald’s core is divine and will definitely cause a sensation if it’s taken back to the academy.”

In the pool, Bella was holding the seriously injured Sea Dragon God Emerald and cleaning her wounds. Emerald had a furious expression on her face because the dignity of her identity as a Holy Beast had been completely shattered by Bella. Having been defeated, Emerald was captured alive by Bella.

When Emerald came to, she found herself naked, hands and feet tied up with puppet silk and lying completely in Bella’s embrace. Bella was leaning against the edge of the pool, chatting with the other “Demon Kings.”

Lying in Bella’s arms, Emerald was treated as a trophy that was to be played with as Bella pleased. It was better for her to commit suicide than to be captured in this manner. Unfortunately, she had given Bella the keys to Poseidon’s treasury. If she committed suicide, Poseidon’s treasure would also fall into her hands.

“You Demon King! Just kill me!”

“Emerald, you are now my prisoner. Why would I kill you? I don’t kill women. Besides, you’re my greatest prize.”

“You’re so shameless! How can there be a Demon King who is this much of a scoundrel? You actually pretended to be a dragon knight. Where’s your dignity as Demon King! Wait… What are you doing… Don’t lean on me.”

“I don’t care about the dignity of being Demon King, so you should quiet down! Or else, I won’t just kiss you there.”

Bella bowed her head and planted a few kisses on Emerald’s beautiful face, kissing her till she was flushed. Although the Sea Dragon God was a Holy Beast, emotionally, she was as innocent as a little girl. There was no way she could rival Bella, whose specialty was flirting with girls. After being forcefully kissed a few times by Bella, she lowered her head and didn’t dare to look directly at her.

Princess Laceman was there, sitting next to Lisha. Had she known how dangerous Bella was earlier, she would never have abandoned Lisha. Although Lisha wasn’t a righteous dragon knight now, at least she wasn’t like Bella who liked to bully girls.

“Be my summoned beast or mount. Choose one, Sea Dragon God. Suicide is out of the question.”

“I am a Holy Beast, Poseidon’s mount. Don’t be delusional. I… will not yield… Demon King, it’s better if you…”

Emerald’s tone sounded more and more discouraged towards the end of her sentence. She had seen how proud and unyielding Golden Dragon Princess Laceman was. Yet, the golden dragon, who would rather die than submit, had been convinced by this Demon King to become her mount. She must have used some secret method to make Laceman surrender.

“Better if I what? Emerald, I’ll show you tonight that none of the girls I like have the chance to escape.”

Bella’s hand rested on Emerald’s voluptuous chest. She lowered her head, whispering words, that still couldn’t be known to her roommates, in Emerald’s ear. Among her roommates, she wasn’t sure if Elena was interested in her or not. Bella was afraid that her harem plan would fall through after frightening her.

New Moon Lake, which was near the center of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, was the only source of freshwater on the whole island. All the streams on new moon island originated from this lake.

More than 5,000 years ago, this was the water source of the ancient Romanov Empire until it was occupied by New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea. Based on strength alone, New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea could face Sea Dragon God Emerald alone. On a moonlit night, the strength of the New Moon Demonic Dragon was superior to the Sea Dragon God with the aid of the moon.

“Why is there no moon tonight? Alas, what’s the difference between the day and a night without the moon?”

On the shores of New Moon Lake, a beautiful girl, with white hair as bright as the moon, was sitting on a wooden swing in a daze. Too many changes had taken place today. It looked as if the army of the Demon King had invaded the Sea Dragon God Emerald’s territory.

The hatred between New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea and Sea Dragon God Emerald had been dissolved. Back then, she had long been repulsed by the countless rules in the army of the Twelve Demon King. After receiving orders to hunt down the remaining forces of the God Race, she broke off contact with the Twelve Demon King.

Later on, the Twelve Demon King suddenly disappeared under unknown circumstances so Dorothea took the opportunity to leave his army and live on new moon island. Speaking to the other three Demon Beasts, even Sea Dragon God Emerald, wasn’t a problem at all. Although they were of different factions, she could still find a common conversational topic.

However, there was no way she could talk to Siren King Mcmillan and the Ogre Nelson. One was a fanatic of the Twelve Demon King and the other was an ogre obsessed with murder and torture. For lack of a better option, Dorothea, who couldn’t find anything to talk to them about, decided to stay away.

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“Today’s Demon King army is completely different from that of ten thousand years ago. Why is this exactly?”

Dorothea got up and walked to the lakefront. She looked out at Brown Peak, which lay in the distance. The Sea God Temple on Brown Peak was brightly lit at the moment as if someone was holding a victory celebration party. This sort of all-night celebratory gathering was held every time the demon army conquered a place. In this gathering, demons would share all kinds of trophies.

“Who’s there? How dare you invade my territory?!”

“Lord Dorothea, don’t kill me. I’m the Dryad chief’s son. I’ve come to surrender!”

From the bushes, came a few small-bodied Dryads, trembling as they walked towards Dorothea. They were headed by the Dryad chief’s son. After occupying the ancient city of Romanov, the aligned forces of Demon King Bella hadn’t received any orders to hunt and kill the Dryads. Many timid Dryads had taken the opportunity to escape.

“What are you doing here instead of pledging allegiance to the Sea Dragon God Emerald? I won’t shelter those who believe in the God Race. Go while I’m still in a good mood!”

“Lord Dorothea, I sincerely surrender. Please take a look. This is the treasure of the Sea God Temple that guards the temple, Poseidon’s Golden Trident. Before this, Lord Emerald planned to use this weapon to fight to the end but I stole it in advance as a show of my loyalty to you.”

The Dryad chief’s son raised the golden trident above his head and presented it to New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea. Poseidon’s personal weapon could allow those who use it to temporarily heal all injuries.

In the end, Sea Dragon God Emerald was betrayed by her own people. The last weapon in the decisive battle had been stolen by the Dryad chief’s son. She trusted the Dryads so much that she left her weapon in the main hall of the Sea God Temple and placed it in their care.

If this divine artifact had been in her hands, Bella wouldn’t have captured Sea Dragon God Emerald so easily.

“This is a real divine artifact. I didn’t expect that in the end, Emerald had placed too much trust in you. Fine then, withdraw. Simply find a place beside New Moon Lake to settle down. Just don’t let me see you.”

“Thank you for the recognition, Lord Dorothea. This subordinate will definitely…”

“Get lost. Your words can only deceive a gullible fool like the Sea Dragon God. I don’t believe in your b*******!”

New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea didn’t believe in her subordinates and had none in her territory. In her opinion, the Dragon Race were bound to be alone and it was irrational to trust her subordinates. Sea Dragon God Emerald was the perfect example of a bloody lesson.

“Emerald, you’re really too naive. Is this the faith that you’re risking your life to protect? I’ll help you keep this as your relic.”

Dorothea’s snow-white hand gently stroked Poseidon’s divine artifact, Poseidon’s trident. The luster of the divine artifact was very beautiful. Ever since Poseidon died in battle, this divine artifact lost the protective barrier that guarded it against others and could be touched by anyone.

A glittering teardrop fell from the corner of Dorothea’s eye. The relationship between the Demon King and the Dragon Race was filled with hostility. The defeated Dragon Race basically had no chance of survival, and from her perspective, the Sea Dragon God, Emerald, would undoubtedly die.

Before the Dryad chief’s son, who thought that he had escaped from disaster, could catch his breath, several black shadows surrounded him and strangled him without even giving him the chance to scream.

Among Bella’s men, there was a group of specially trained treasure hunters, whose task was to plunder all the riches from the territories that the demon army had occupied. They had already discovered what was missing from the Sea God Temple and followed the Dryads’ trail all the way here.
“This fella actually stole the Demon King Lord’s spoils. I’ll kill him.”

“Dude, don’t be impulsive. We’ll take him back and properly interrogate him. The Demonic Beast here is a girl. Let’s retreat. The Demon King Lord has given us orders. Girls will be handled by her.”

New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea didn’t know that the Dryad chief’s son, who had surrendered, was captured again. And this time, the one that would be betrayed was most likely herself.

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