Volume 3 Chapter 136: The Ruins Of The War-torn Ancient Capital of the Romanov Empire

On the beach of a lost relic, the new moon island – Copperfield Island, this place had already become a mass grave for the Deep Sea Demonic Crabs. Hundreds of S+ Grade corpses were strewn across this grisly beach.

The black rain continued to pour on the beach. In a corner of the beach, a gazebo had already been built. The dolls and ghosts who were currently next to Elena were the ones who had built the gazebo.

Outside of the gazebo were roaming patrols of ghosts who were in charge of security. All of the crabs around here had been eliminated by Bella’s roommates.

Inside the gazebo, Noreya sat cross-legged in front of a roaring bonfire. She was barbequing the crab meat from the Deep Sea Demonic Crabs, which was an exquisite delicacy. It was several times more valuable than Deep Sea Demonic Snake meat. Oceanic Demonic beast meat was generally much tastier than land-bound demonic beasts’ meat.

Kriss was on the other side of the gazebo, supervising the dismantling of the crabs’ legs. Only her Red-Black Twin Swords had an easy time cutting through the tough shells of these crabs. After digging out the meat within, Kriss handed it over Ariel, who was using water magic to clean them.

Elena was responsible for transporting the Deep Sea Demonic Crab corpses. She hid inside the gazebo while spooling out a seemingly infinite length of puppet silk, reeling the corpses inside.

Alisha and Bella simply sat next to the fire and waited for the food to be cooked. Although they were technically camping, their gears were a little scary. Not to mention, this wasn’t even their final form; they would grow to become much darker.

Although they didn’t have the demon crowns, Bella’s roommates weren’t that much different from being the demon kings. This group would have no difficulty subjugating this entire island.

“Hey, why don’t you guys clean up your gear before doing all this? The state of your gear hurts my heart.”

“Bella, isn’t this great? Now that everyone is working together, no one is an outsider anymore. Let’s just spend three days like this!”

Bella’s roommates disagreed with her complaint. This trip was the perfect opportunity for them to relax and let loose. Besides, it’s not like they would give away their identities like this.

There were far too many Deep Sea Demonic Crabs to eat, and Bella and her roommates weren’t that gluttons either. They gathered three days worth of food, as well as a pair of magic cores before settling down to discuss their next step.

According to the rules of Olsylvia Academy’s Great Hunt, every group had to eliminate the most powerful creature at their specified location to complete their task.

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To earn bonus points, Bella’s group was planning on completing this difficult mission. The reason for Copperfield Island being nicknamed the New Moon Island wasn’t merely due to its shape, it was also because of the strong demon beasts living on the island.

Earlier when they had blanketed the island with sin energy, four distinct locations on the island had resisted their pressure. Being able to resist this pressure, that was almost on par with the demon king level, meant that demon beasts in those locations were extremely powerful.

“Bella, should we split up or attack together? These four demonic beasts are around the same power level, though we don’t know any specifics.”

“Let’s attack together. We’ll start from the middle of the island! Also, can you guys do something about your environmental impact? Now that you’ve made the sky this dark, it’s hard for us to move freely!”

At Bella’s request, the evil atmosphere that was hanging over the new moon island quickly dissipated, the island regaining its peaceful environment. If it weren’t for the beach littered with Deep Sea Demonic Crab corpses, no one would guess that a massacre had occurred.

Due to the speed at which the darkness aura dissipated, the astrologers at the Radiant Church’s gazebo were blindsided. They weren’t even done writing their second report before the sinful atmosphere disappeared! How were they going to explain this to the Pope?

In the waters surrounding Copperfield Island, Princess Tarantina of the Holy City of Atlantis was originally planning to retreat. However, seeing that the evil atmosphere had dissipated, she decided to lead her underlings onto the island.

Tina was a member of the peace faction in the Holy Undersea City and hoped to find a way to use the ways of the ancients to resolve the Oceanic Race’s financial crisis. She disagreed with the plan to invade the Human Race, as their ability to fight on two fronts against the Demon Race and the Beast Race without losing ground proved that they still had strength in their reserves.

Four superior ranked demon beasts were living on Copperfield Island. According to the Oceanic Race, the Romanov Empire had fallen over 4,500 years ago due to the sudden appearance of these four demon beasts.

The Copperfield Island at that time had at least three times the surface area compared to the present island. The demon beasts’ fierce struggles had sunk the majority of the island under the ocean; only the former capital remained.

At that time, the Human Race’s Joint Expeditionary Force had almost all been eliminated on the ocean by Oceanic Demon
Beasts. Only the last wave of people made it to the island, and they were immediately slaughtered by the hidden Deep Sea Demonic Crabs.

These four Superior ranked Demon Beasts were Emerald the Sea Dragon God, Dorothea the New Moon Demonic Drago, Nelson the Two-Headed Ogre, and McMillan the Siren King. Out of the four, Emerald was once Poseidon’s mount. Tens of thousands of years ago, when Poseidon had gone missing, she had taken up the responsibility of protecting the Romanov Empire.

The New Moon Demonic Dragon, Dorothea was one of the subordinates of the twelve original demon kings. Together with Siren King MacMillan, another fellow subordinate, their joint assault completely reshaped the Romanov Empire.

While Emerald was distracted by the attacks of Dorothea and MacMillan, Two-Headed Ogre Nelson launched a surprise assault on the capital of the Romanov Empire and led to the demise of the Empire.

In the present, the four great demon beasts lived in four different locations on Copperfield Island. As a member of the Oceanic Race, Princess Tina was under the protection of Poseidon. She thought that if they sought out Emerald the Sea Dragon God, on account of their relationship with Poseidon, Emerald might be willing to gift her the treasures left behind by the Romanov Empire.

Of course, there were also significant risks. If they ran into one of the other three beasts, then their group would probably be eradicated. May Poseidon protect us, Tina prayed silently in her heart. She didn’t know that Poseidon had already died long ago when the Twelve Demon Kings invaded.

After arriving on shore, they discovered that something was wrong. They spotted the mangled bodies of demonic crabs littering the beach. These S rank demonic beasts had died tragically! There wasn’t a single intact corpse, and the scent of grilled crab meat still permeated the air!

“Princess, these crabs were crushed first before being killed. I believe that a demon did this. Many of the corpses were grilled and eaten by the attacker.”

“General Eunice, should we…”

Princess Tina glanced at General Eunice before something over his shoulder caught her eye. She saw a cloud of black shadows flying toward them. As a member of the Oceanic Race, she was intimately familiar with these flying creatures.

“It’s Sirens! Everyone retreat into the ocean!”

Originally, the Sirens were too afraid to come over to this stretch of the beach. The Deep Sea Demonic Crabs were not afraid of them and would regularly ambush them out of the air, crushing them between their mighty claws. Now that they had been wiped out by Bella’s group, there was nothing left to threaten the Sirens.

There were two types of Sirens. The first-type lived in the ocean. They were similar to the Mermen and were low ranked. These Sirens were ugly with almost no similarities to humans. They had already blocked off the Oceanic Race’s retreat.

The other type of Siren flew in the sky. They were similar to the Avian Race and were a high ranked race. These Sirens were very human-like, with wings similar to that of bats. They had already controlled the skies.

“Protect the Princess’s retreat! Everyone retreat!”

General Eunice calmly directed the Oceanic Race’s troops’ retreat. The Sirens had much higher combat power than them. On the one side were Oceanic creatures, and on the other side were Oceanic Demons. The difference was obvious.

As soon as the two sides met, the Oceanic Race soldiers were suppressed. The Oceanic Race wasn’t a martial race in the first place, added to the fact that they had to fight an aerial assault, the beach quickly became a scene of slaughter.

Amongst the flying Sirens, an enormous shadow began pressing toward the Oceanic Race’s forces. It was far larger than even the biggest Siren, and their arrival exerted an enormous pressure.

“It’s Siren King McMillan! Lord Emerald, where are you?!”

This being was precisely Siren King McMillan. He had felt the towering aura of Sin earlier and had hurried over, thinking that the Twelve Demon Kings had arrived once again.

Yet when he arrived, he found no sign of the Demon Kings and instead found a pack of “prey”. Since he was here, he might as well do some hunting.

The Oceanic Race’s people prayed fervently for their guardian, Sea Dragon God Emerald, to appear. Siren King McMillan’s power was definitely above a normal S-Grade demon beast; if the Sea Dragon God didn’t come, then they would all die. However, Emerald was unable to appear, because she had also encountered another big trouble.

In the center of Copperfield Island, within the ancient ruins of the capital of the Romanov Empire, lived Sea Dragon God Emerald. After Nelson had exterminated the Romanov Empire, she hid in the ruins.

Although there were no longer any worshippers of Poseidon on the Island, Emerald still chose to guard this place. That was because Poseidon’s main temple was here. Although he was already dead, Emerald still wanted to guard his temple until the very end.

Poseidon’s main temple was built on the highest point on the Island, atop Brown’s Peak. Amongst the ruins of the city, the golden walls of the temple were extra eye-catching. Within the main temple, a young beauty with sea-blue hair was currently kneeling in front of a statue of Poseidon.

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That statue had already been broken in half, and only half of it remained. It was said that if Poseidon died without passing on his mantle, then it would be impossible for mortals to reconstruct the statue. Even complete statues would break due to his death.

As for the statues of the Radiant God built by the Radiant Church, they were all fakes. The Radiant Church modeled their statues after the first Pope of the Radiant Church, God Priest Goldsmith. This was the reason why their statues did not break.

“Lord Poseidon, the demon lords that have invaded this time are no weaker than those from ten thousand years ago. Although I do not know their identities… I believe this will be the last time I go to battle.”

The faint glimmer of tears shone from within Emerald’s sea-blue eyes. She could see the scene of Poseidon falling to the Twelve Demon Kings as if it were yesterday. They were far too strong. None of the twelve gods of the God World survived that day. The Demon Army that aided them was also completely wiped out.

Now that a Demon King had come again, their battle would likely be even trickier. Ten thousand years ago, Emerald hadn’t even seen the Twelve Demon Kings, she had only battled with their underlings. She didn’t know yet that Bella wasn’t like the previous Twelve Demon Kings.

Emerald slowly rose up and looked into the distance. She saw an enormous shadow crushing down toward her. She thought that the source of the sin aura that had completely covered Copperfield Island was arriving now. The tapestry of dead Deep Sea Demonic Crabs littering the beach was probably their doing as well.

“Lord Poseidon, allow me to fight one last battle for you!”

In a flash of azure light, Emerald’s body transformed into an enormous dragon and flew high into the sky, deeper into the forest. She flew with death on her wings. To fight a being capable of covering the entire island in such an evil aura, Emerald was destined to die.

A certain distance away from the ruins of the ancient Romanov Empire, a large group of demonic beings was mobilizing. There was a staggering variety of demonic beings in the group, from black colored Death Ghosts and white-colored Abyssal Ghosts to faceless Mage Puppets and large groups of black-bodied Demon Guards. Their total numbers approached ten thousand strong.

Bella and her dorm mates sat atop an enormous Abyssal Mammoth in the center of the Demon Army. The Abyssal was around 5 meters tall; sitting on its back, Bella could see the entire battlefield.

“Ariel, you girls have become so skilled at controlling and directing these demonic beings. Let me ask you, who’s the real Demon King here? Is it me or is it you? I’m beginning to suspect that this whole world is fake!”

“Of course, it’s you, Bella! Didn’t we give you the general’s seat?”

Bella sat in the general’s seat while giving her surrounding dorm mates a complicated expression. All of the demonic beings with physical bodies had been summoned from the Doors of Hell behind Ariel. The black Death Ghosts had been brought by Noreya, and the white Abyssal Ghosts and Mage Puppets had come from Elena

These dorm mates of hers had been demon kings in their past lives; they were way too skilled at directing this army. Although at first, they had been shocked by each other’s abilities, they had quickly become comfortable in coordinating with each other, to the point where Bella began to feel as if she was an imposter Demon King, and her dorm mates were the real demon kings.

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