Volume 3 Chapter 135: The Copperfield Island, Shrouded in Evil Part 2

“You annoying crab, how dare you to bully my sister. Disappear now!”

Lisha raised her sword above her head and slashed it in the direction of the Deep Sea Demonic Crab. A dark gold aura from the sword had split the demonic crab cleanly in half and burst towards the ocean. After a while, a cloud of black smoke appeared on the horizon.

“I mean, how did you, ladies… how could you ladies take away my livelihood? What about the heroes we agreed on? In the end, you are all Demon Kings. Also, Lisha, how far did you send your attack?”

“Erm, Elder Sister Bella, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t control my strength well.”

Lisha apologized softly, feeling rather embarrassed. Her other dorm mates looked at the now-dead Deep Sea Demonic Crab, with a little weary. They had agreed to do it together, but Lisha had taken the credit in the end.

However, due to the strange changes on the island, the other Deep Sea Demonic Crabs who were lying dormant under the sand began to crawl out onto the surface where another round of slaughter awaited them. Seeing as the monsters had “respawned”, Bella and the others did not blame Lisha. Instead, they picked up their weapons and prepared to kill anything that stood in their way.

In the nearby waters of the new moon island, Copperfield Island, a large fleet of boats were currently making their approach towards the land. The flags being flown had a strange sea blue pattern imprinted on it. The occupants of the ship did not look human at all.

“Princess Tarantina, the Copperfield Islands have been enveloped by that evil energy. I suggest that we delay our plans to disembark!”

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“Inform General Eunice, we will proceed as planned. Let’s keep moving.”

Princess Tarantina, of the Atlantis Empire – one of the oceanic empires, caressed the side of the ship. She looked anxiously at the Copperfield Island in the distance. The skies above the island were covered with dark clouds. Although they were still far away from the island, they could feel the cold wind emanating from it.

The oceanic race from the depths of the sea could have made their way towards the island underwater. However, as the waters surrounding the island had turned black, they did not dare to dive into the water. Instead, the oceanic race decided to make their way to the island using their ships.

“Hopefully, the treasures on the island are still intact. Otherwise, we would… er, what is that?!”

Princess Tarantina realized that there was a dark gold beam of light that was speeding towards them. This light quickly pierced through the ship at the front of the fleet. The ship instantly split into two and exploded.

“Enemy attack! We have been attacked! Retreat!”

Some of the oceanic fleets did not manage to escape the unfortunate fate of being destroyed by Lisha’s long-distance “Light Cannon”. Any part of the fleet that had been touched by the light had been completely wrecked.

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In her desperation, Princess Tarantina had no choice but to abandon her fleet to save herself. Within thirty minutes, the entire fleet of oceanic ships had been destroyed. Of course, those onboard were of the oceanic race, so they would not drown.

“Princess Tarantina, our fleet has been destroyed, the death and injury count…”

“General Eunice, this is not your fault. It was a fluke accident. Ay, when we return, just execute the Father’s plan. Since we were unable to retrieve the Romanov Empire’s hidden treasure, we don’t have any choice but to borrow some from the human villages along the coastline.”
The purpose of Princess Tina’s mission was to look for treasures left behind by the ancient civilizations as the various oceanic empires had met with a financial crisis. Usually, the oceanic race would send a team out to seek out these treasures. However, this year, the exploratory mission had failed before it had even begun.

Bella and the others were still in the dark. Due to their actions, they had unknowingly triggered a war between the oceanic empires and the human empires along the southeast coast of the continent. After Bella saw the smoke rise on the horizon, she allowed Kriss and the others to continue firing attacks in that direction to prevent the owners of the boats from seeking compensation, or even revenge.

The value of one wooden ship, especially the large ones, could cost up to ten thousand gold coins. As Bella did not have money on her, she might as well just let her dorm mates “silence” them. Since this was in a foreign land, no one would know what had happened.

The Radiant Pope had summoned his three main Red Priests and the high-level administration of the church to discuss the matter of a sudden eclipse happening in the Holy City of Goldsmith.

As the Holy Maidens, and the Pope’s heir, Maria, were still at the Olsylvia Academy, they did not attend this meeting. The Holy Swordsman Cynthia did not attend the meeting either as she was not at the headquarters of the Vatican.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the eclipse that occurred earlier had not been discovered by the church’s astronomers, what are your thoughts on this problem? Also, did anyone realize that a mysterious dark energy had been gathering on the ocean?”

The fact that the Pope was standing in front of his throne while posing his questions to the floor, meant that this was a grave and serious problem. The Pope had always been seated on his throne and such a scene had not been seen in the last one thousand years.

The high-level administration of the Radiant Church looked at each other in bewilderment and had no clue how to answer any of the Pope’s questions. That the old forbidden book, Galsworthy Prophecy, did not contain any records of such a scenario. Could the prophecies be fake?

“Your majesty, I implore you to remain calm. According to the church astronomers’ estimations, the area where the new dark energy had been congregating came from the Copperfield Island far away from the mainland. All we have to do is to reinforce our defenses along the coastline. The demons are not able to cross the ocean!”

One of the Red Priests, Ellen, had explained everything to the Pope while attempting to remain composed. The other two Red Priests, Salo, and Micah stood at his side, their faces showed indifference. At this moment, no one knew what they were thinking.

Ellen’s composure was clearly faked. The Red Priest Salo had also seen the report by the church’s astronomers. There were many things in the initial report that Ellen had purposely removed, preventing the Pope from seeing the full picture.

The area around Copperfield Island was the remnants of the lost maritime empire, the Romanov Dynasty. This information had been recorded in the Church’s secret files. Back then, almost five thousand years ago, the human empire that had been rapidly gaining strength and power on the island had once sent their fleets to attack the human empires on the mainland.

When the war began, the Romanov Empire had often emerged victorious. The Arcana Empire and the Aldridge Empire in the East, as well as many other cities, had been invaded by these foreigners.

In the end, as their backup could not keep up with their conquests and they were against the combined strength of the troops from both the Octavia and the Manasvir Empire, the Romanov Empire was defeated. After abandoning thousands of dead bodies, the remaining troops had taken to the seas and escaped.

After that fiasco, the various human empires had allied and created a combined fleet to seek out the Romanov Empire. They had sent five different fleets, however, none of them had come back alive. No one knew if they had died at sea or if they had been killed by the Romanov Empire.

The first Romanov prisoners of war who had been captured had revealed that Copperfield Island was the capital of the Romanov Empire. According to the estimated time frame, the destruction of the Romanov Empire had happened a few thousand years ago, which meant that it had nothing to do with the Twelve Demon Kings from more than ten thousand years ago.

The Red Priest Salo had seen indications of what seemed like a Demon King on the church’s astronomers’ report. However, the Red Priest Ellen only said that it was just the formation of a regular demon, and it had nothing to do with the appearance of a Demon King. Ellen was trying to hide the crucial fact that an actual Demon King had appeared.

“Alright. Ellen, inform the astronomers to keep an eye on the situation out there. None of this information can be shared with any of the human empires!”

“Also, when you have the time, do remind Norris and others to inform the Holy Maidens, Hayley and Susan, to return to the Radiant Vatican as soon as they can.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

Other than the Radiant Church, none of the other human empires had astronomers in their employment. This meant that no one had a clue about the storm that was brewing out there.

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