Chapter 378: Hello, Fated Girl

The scholar was looking for the principal, not a teacher, so there were a few processes that he had to go through first.

“No, no, I can contact him now.” When the man heard about the procedures, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the principal. After a while, he smiled and said, “Uncle, I’m at your school now. I’m asking a student from your school to bring me to your office.”

“Yes, at the school gate, I met a girl. She’s very vigilant. She said that I needed to go to the school guard to register, and then call you to confirm. How about you talk to her?”

Uncle … Principal Cao actually had such an old nephew!

After Ye Jian confirmed it, she led the man, who claimed that he had a bad sense of direction, to the office building … From his appearance and temperament, he didn’t look like a person who could simply get lost.

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Just now, when Principal Cao found out that it was her, he immediately nagged at her, “Ye Jian, please just do as he says. You must lead him like you’re walking your pet dog. Bring my nephew to the office building, then send him to my office.”

“He doesn’t have any sense of direction. He’s so bad that he can even get lost at crossroads! As long as the distance is more than two hundred meters, he won’t be able to remember the way! But you mustn’t underestimate him! He’s a linguist who can speak eight languages! The gem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!! He’s more precious than a pet dog. Please don’t lose him.”

She held it in for a long time, but eventually, when Principal Cao said “lead him like you’re walking your pet dog”, Ye Jian really couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer. Fortunately, she only let out a soft cry, before she portrayed a soldier’s qualities and endured the laughter!

She glanced at the man, who was always walking a few steps faster than her. He had a strong aura. When he walked, his steps were always faster than others. It was a habit of walking alone in front of others, and furthermore, it showed that he was a man who was never used to waiting for others.

He had an elegant appearance, but he was also a strong and restrained man.

Such a man was actually terrible at directions! He was a linguist who could speak eight languages, and the gem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and … was terrible at directions.

“Wrong way, we should turn right. Sir, you’re heading to the left.” The man who seemed to be walking fine suddenly took a step in the other direction. Ye Jian quickly ran towards him, “This way leads to the Bishop’s Building, while this, on the other hand, is the way to the office building.”

The man turned naturally. It was obvious that he encountered situations like this often. He turned around and smiled apologetically, “Sorry to trouble you.” In his voice, there was a noble gentleman’s demeanor, and his apology sounded like flowing water and was as beautiful as a poem.

“No worries.” Ye Jian was unable to accept frequent apologies. After turning, she indicated to him to walk to the right, before she actively took a step backward.

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Seeing that he was almost at the office building, the man’s expensive mobile phone rang. Even the way he took out his mobile phone made it seem as if he had undergone strict training. He took it out with grace, and greeted like a TV anchor, “Hello there.”

His expression and tone changed in a second. The gentleman earlier didn’t even change his tone. He simply smiled casually, “You mean to say that now, you need me to present to pay for your mistakes?”

“You think that you can simply say that you’ve never experienced this before, and use it as an excuse for making mistakes? Or do you think that these mistakes can be fixed, so it doesn’t matter?”

His smile and tone remained the same. The only slight change was his aura. It was deep, cold, arrogant, and extremely serious; it was as if it was a huge wave under an iceberg, and no one knew when it would break the ice and appear.

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