Chapter 146: The Malicious Yang Cui

Yang Cui looked at Ning Meng Yao’s delicate face, as if she wanted to ruin her face or maybe even kill the owner of the said face. She had an evil thought: If Ning Meng Yao’s face was ruined, would Brother Qiao still like her then? Maybe he would see that I’m better than her and then he would like me instead?

As soon as Yang Cui imagined Qiao Tian Chang sleeping with Ning Meng Yao, the anger in her heart burned even more.

He gave Ning Meng Yao so many things. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those things were for me? Then I would be able to live a rich life.

Thinking like this, Yang Cui was also extremely disgusted with Ning Meng Yao’s exquisite appearance. She really wanted to destroy her appearance.

Yang Cui’s explicit gaze made Ning Meng Yao narrow her eyes. So this woman intends to ruin my face somehow or another.

“Yang Cui, if there’s nothing else, you should leave.” Ning Meng Yao ordered.

Ignoring Ning Meng Yao’s words, Yang Cui rushed forward and grabbed the scissors from the embroidery basket, then she tried to cut at Ning Meng Yao’s face.

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Qing Xuan quickly rushed forward to grab the scissors, however, when he tried to grab them, a stone suddenly hit Yang Cui’s wrist.

A loud shriek was heard: “Ahhh…”

Ning Meng Yao looked over. The stone was thrown by a woman from the village, who came with a basket in her hand. She had most probably seen what had happened earlier. As for the shriek…

Qing Xuan quickly rushed in front of Ning Meng Yao to block Yang Cui’s attack and kicked her away.

“Miss, you shouldn’t be bothered with such people in the future.” Qing Xuan frowned. It was so dangerous. Although she knew that Miss wouldn’t have any problem handling it, but the scene earlier still gave everyone a shock.

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Ning Meng Yao nodded with a smile: “I know. Although I did totally expected this to happen.”

In fact, when she saw Yang Cui’s gaze, she knew that Yang Cui would do such a thing. She also happened to see a figure standing outside, so she didn’t dodge Yang Cui’s attack.

In the eyes of an outsider, she was attacked. Yang Cui was the assailant, and Ning Meng Yao was the victim.

The woman hurriedly walked inside with a basket in her hand. She took a glance at Ning Meng Yao’s body, and instantly felt relieved after seeing that she is unhurt. Then she glared at Yang Cui: “Yang Cui, how can you be so vicious to actually try to ruin Meng Yao’s face like this? If you were really careless, you might have even killed her.”

Fortunately, the woman appeared and helped on time, otherwise it would be a big problem.

It wasn’t a good thing for White Mountain Village to have such a vicious girl. The woman looked at Ning Meng Yao seriously: “Meng Yao, you must talk to the village chief about this today.”

Yang Cui’s action was too bold. She should be taught a lesson. If she had done something like this now, wouldn’t it be possible that she could even kill a person if she had a disagreement with him or her some day in the future?

Having this thought, the woman trembled.

“I understand, Aunty Li.” Ning Meng Yao smiled shyly. If she looked like this, no matter how others looked at it, they would pity Ning Meng Yao.

Aunty Li patted Ning Meng Yao’s shoulder: “I know you’re kind-hearted but you shouldn’t be too good to such a person. Otherwise, you’ll end up suffering.”

Who didn’t know that Yang Cui liked Qiao Tian Chang? She must have rushed here today because she heard about their engagement. She must have thought that if she were to ruin Ning Meng Yao’s face, Qiao Tian Chang would turn his attention to her. What she didn’t know was that her actions were merely plunging her into even deeper troubles.

Ning Meng Yao’s eyes flashed with a bit of excitement, and she thought to herself: ‘So there are some villagers who know that I have a good heart’.

Although she gave them the opportunity to earn a living, in the end, she was the one earning the most profit out of it, which honestly, was mutually beneficial for her. However, instead of blaming her, in the eyes of others, what she did was the greatest good she could have done to them.

They could make money from home, have a bit of rest time on weekdays, and the job was simple too. Was there anyone with a poor living condition now?

People had spare cash, and so they are able to buy some meat more often than before and cloth to make new clothes for their children too.

Everyone was thankful to Ning Meng Yao for her goodness, so they couldn’t possibly let a village girl like Yang Cui ruin Ning Meng Yao’s current comfort, otherwise she might resent the villagers.

Aunty Li put the basket with the vegetables, that she had picked from her home, onto the table and then she left after bidding farewell to Ning Meng Yao.

“You did this on purpose!” Yang Cui blamed her.

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