Chapter 377: Unfamiliar, Picturesque Man

The gift that Xia Jinyuan gave Ye Jian was a pile of books again: three thick books to be precise. Ye Jian took them and laughed merrily, “Poor books, they look as if they were almost baked and burnt. Captain Xia, thank you very much. I like it!”

There was no gift more precious than books, and in addition, they were the military books that she liked.

“It’s good that you like them. Read them; I’ll also mail you some professional military books from time to time. As for the books in the library, you can look for the famous stories.” Xia Jinyuan started the car and switched on the air conditioner to dissipate the heat faster. “If you’re looking for famous stories, I would recommend the famous Word War 2 soldier Montgomery. He was a man who liked to bet with the officers and soldiers. Once, he won the US army a bombardment aircraft, including power over all aircrew.”

“The Battle of El-Alamein reversed the North African war situation, and he was hailed as the ‘Desert Mouse’. He was also a general who pitied the soldiers, a young warrior who had fought in bloody battles and sacrificed his precious life for the country, and a general who made many shed tears.”

“One more thing, Little Fox, you’re very similar to him. General Montgomery didn’t have any maternal love from an early age, but it didn’t prevent him from becoming a famous soldier!”

Ye Jian felt fascinated and remembered this as she nodded, “Well, I’ll definitely go to the library to find that general’s books to read.”

“If you can’t find it, I can send it to you next time.” The heat in the car had completely dissipated. Xia Jinyuan noticed that more than ten minutes had passed, so he had to leave. “Go back to school, I have to go.”

He was a savvy person. Immediately after saying that, he bent his hip and entered the car. He then lowered the car window and said to Ye Jian, “I have three days off. Little Fox, you can plan our night. Goodbye.”

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He put down the handbrake, and stepped on the pedal, driving off without waiting for Ye Jian’s answer.

He didn’t tell Ye Jian why she definitely had to read the book about General Montgomery. The general was a general who had married late. He only met his beloved wife at the age of 38 and got married at the age of 40. He even said, “As a soldier, I’m loyal to my country; as a man, I will never betray my love.”

This sentence even made Churchill feel touched and salute the general.

Ye Jian needed to read these, and carefully understand why Captain Xia had recommended this book.

The car left, leaving behind the smell of gasoline. Ye Jian’s nose was sensitive, and she waved and smiled as she watched the car disappear. After that, she returned to school.

“Excuse me, are you a student of First Provincial High?” A polite voice that sounded like a cool breeze came from behind.

Ye Jian turned and spotted an elegant scholar standing in front of her. His eyes were constantly looking at her … Ye Jian’s squinted as she quickly searched through her memory, and she immediately recognized him as the man whom she had seen through the glass wall this morning in the breakfast shop.

At that time, she was still thinking that this man was like a poem. He looked like a beautiful painting wherever he stood.

“I am, can I help you?” Ye Jian simply smiled and said, “I’ll try to help you.”

The man’s mouth curled upwards, and he even let out a long sigh of relief. “I’m very sorry, I’m lost. I want to meet Headmaster Cao. But my sense of direction is very bad. I already entered the school previously, but somehow, I ended up outside the campus after walking around.”

Ye Jian wanted to laugh, but it was too rude to laugh in front of the other person, so she just replied, “You’re looking for headmaster Cao? Let me take you there. However, you’ll still need to register at the security post and make a call to the headmaster. Only then can you enter the school.”

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