Chapter 376: Captain Xia, Stand Up

Ye Jian’s face reddened while she was panicking, and she apologized, “sorry, I will pay attention to it next time. Captain Xia, sorry about the trouble… Please loosen your grip, it’s a little hot. People are staring at us; it’s quite embarrassing.”


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In Ye Jian’s opinion, hugging in public was quite embarrassing, but Xia Jinyuan felt as if an arrow had pierced through him; injuring his heart. How is this embarrassing?

It wasn’t hot either! Her body felt quite cold. There wasn’t a single drop of sweat on it. The fragrance she perceived in the morning was still there. The coolness easily flushed the heat away, and… The benefits of her growing taller were now evident. Previously, he had to bend his entire waist to hug her, but now, he only needed to slightly lower his chest, and she would completely fell into his arms in a comfortable posture.

They met when she was fourteen. Two years had already gone by, and she had grown into a slim girl who could easily make the boys infatuated by her dazzling beauty.

“Captain Xia, stand up quickly.” Ye Jian felt that her body was heating up, so she couldn’t help but poke his strong back with a finger. His muscles were lean and tight. She could feel the strength in his body just by poking him with one finger.

Xia Jinyuan looked down and took a deep breath at her neck. Only then, he got up like usual and smiled faintly at Ye Jian, who had an awkward expression on her face. He sighed, “You almost fell. I should say, Little Fox, you’re deliberately trying to embarrass me.”

“No, no.” Ye Jian quickly shook her head in denial, and explained earnestly, “I didn’t mean anything else. I just felt that the car was too hot. You would’ve felt uncomfortable being in it, so without thinking much about it, I just pulled you out.”

“The only thing that I miscalculated was my strength. I never thought that you were completely off guard.”

After the explanation, her face became even redder.

Upon seeing this, Xia Jinyuan didn’t want to leave her anymore. His clear voice became even deeper as if he was drunk on red wine, “You’re so worried about me? Hm?”

He prolonged his question, and his voice had that lingering and sexy aftertaste similar to that of a post wine-drinking session.

“I’m not worried! Rather, I was thinking that you could wait a little longer.” Fortunately, Ye Jian’s mind was at peace. Therefore, after facing Xia Jinyuan’s teasing, she immediately responded, “Don’t think too much about it, Captain Xia.”

When she was alert, she looked cute, but when she was shy, she also looked really cute, and when she was angry, she was still very cute. In short, the more he looked at her, the more he loved her!

No longer approaching her, Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and smiled as he patted her head. He pointed towards the car and asked, “So Ye Jian, my comrade, can I go to the car to retrieve the gift I’ve got you?”

She was his comrade-in-arms. Her identity was the same as his, which made it easier for her to remember that he had identified her as his comrade-in-arms.

The word ‘comrade-in-arms’ sounded better than any other beautiful words. Ye Jian smiled and her eyes curved like crescent moons, “Please do so, comrade-in-arms. There’s no problem at all!”

The way she answered him so seriously made Xia Jinyuan laugh once again.

This man was dangerous and elegant; he was also strategic and extremely prestigious. He wouldn’t be too far away from you, but he would always be slightly close to you.

His etiquette was impeccable, but it was clear that this wasn’t due to his closeness to you, but instead, how he was brought up.

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When he smiled, he was so gentle that he could stun others, but the prestige of his body would never change. He was a man with a certain status and position.

Looking at him smiling, Ye Jian couldn’t help but smile as well. His smile made her feel comfortable and warm. There wasn’t a sense of aggression, only pure sincerity, and warmth.

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