Chapter 375: In His Arms

While the parents were flattering her, Sun Dongqing, who had stopped in place, retracted her gaze, and smiled, “Definitely, definitely.” Could it be that her vision was getting worse? Why did it seem like she had just seen Ye Jian, that stupid brat?

Her eyesight was definitely getting worse. How would that stupid brat appear in this hundred-year-old famous school! Even dogs would ignore her, and only in a miracle would First Provincial High recruit her as their student!

After they had walked a few steps further, Xia Jinyuan, who had blocked her line of sight, turned his head and glanced at the woman with a plump figure without being noticed. He narrowed his dangerous black eyes. Bumping into them on the first day of school … From the looks of it, the little fox’s high school life would be a continuation of the ‘battle of wits’ with that family of three.

On the bright side, the little fox wasn’t someone who would take a loss, so it wouldn’t be too hard for her to put Ye Ying into her rightful place in school.

When the door of the car that had been sitting under the sun for hours was opened, a wave of heat bombarded them. Ye Jian was even forced to move back a couple of steps. With fleeting motions, she immediately pulled onto Xia Jinyuan, who was bending over and about to crawl into the car, “Go in after a while. It’s too hot inside.”

She grabbed him, but her strength was slightly too strong. Xia Jinyuan’s center of gravity was on his upper body, and he also did not expect her to be that forceful, so when she pulled him back strongly, his whole body immediately fell backward, into Ye Jian’s arms.

Even Xia Jinyuan, who rarely watched soap operas, knew about this. These type of actions were normally done by the guy, and it should be the girls who were falling into their arms! It was definitely not like this case, where the roles were switched!

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The event that was happening right in front of his eyes was going in the direction he least wanted to see. It was a good thing that his waist was strong. Before Ye Jian managed to react, his lower back took advantage of the strength in her arms, and after he managed to stand up, he moved at the speed of lightning and successfully hugged Ye Jian as his gravitational support, forcefully turning the whole situation around.


Ye Jian could only stare in disbelief!

She really didn’t know that her actions in that moment of desperation almost managed to pull the grand Major into being held in her arms in a very sorry state.

She was afraid that he was going to make a fool of himself, so she raised her arms in panic and tried to block him off with her arms … When faced against this bane of hers called Xia Jinyuan, Ye Jian sometimes felt worried about her own IQ. What are you trying to do by blocking him with your arms? Aren’t you just waiting to take the initiative to hug him?

The moment her arms extended outwards was the moment Ye Jian started regretting it … She only regretted it for a bit, but the thing that made her regret the most was coming!

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Xia Jinyuan had great agility; he managed to forcefully turn something that was supposed to be very humiliating into something where he took her and held her in his arms very firmly, making his whole weight crash onto her body.

Now, she was trying her hardest to stand up straight to prevent the both of them from falling over, while he was trying his best to hug her as tightly as possible, to prevent them from falling over together.

An unexpected start followed by an unexpected end … Although the whole process was quite thrilling, the end result managed to become a joy of overturning the accident.

Xia Jinyuan did not immediately let go, for he was a man, a mature man, so not wanting to let go of the little fox in his arms was something that was very normal.

“That was close, the first time I made a fool of myself almost appeared here.” Xia Jinyuan spoke first with a ‘shocked’ tone. He whispered into her ears with some trepidation, “Little lass, you’re quite the strong one. I just wanted to retrieve something from my car. There’s no need for you to pull me out using strength like you were trying to save my life.”

Actually, if it were anytime else, this would never have happened. However, the main point was he hadn’t put his guard up at that moment.

“I … that wasn’t intentional, just, just that I used slightly more strength than usual.” Ye Jian also scared herself quite badly. Being held in his arms, she was suddenly flustered and had no idea what to do, so her arms were wide open, completely afraid of placing them on any spot on his body.

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