Chapter 657: Evil Forbidden Zone; spring scenery throughout the night

No one knew what Angela and Siyan discussed in the room. In any case, when they came out, the two had recovered their calmness and concealed their hatred.

Angela told Long Yi that they should set out for Sunset Peak. She had already explained the reason to Siyan and acquired Siyan’s willingness to cooperate.

 “Aunt Angela, no matter where you are going, I also want to go!” Mixini anxiously stamped her foot and pouted. She decided to follow them no matter what happened.

“Mixini, it’s fine if you want to go, but your father has to agree first,” Angela replied with a smile.

Once her father Alfate was mentioned, Mixini gave up following them. Although her father Alfate usually doted her very much, if he got angry, even Mixini didn’t dare to utter a sound.

Until the figures of Angela, Long Yi, and Siyan disappeared into the horizon, Mixini stood at the same place with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Mixini, don’t cry, let’s go to play with Duleisi and others,” Ryan comforted.

“Not going, go by yourself,” Mixini shouted and rushed into Fire God Fortress like a gust of wind, leaving behind Ryan with a bitter smile on his face.

To reach Sunset Peak, one must pass through Earth God Region and Wind God Region, then crash one’s way through Evil Forbidden Area, the most dangerous place of Divine World. In Evil Forbidden Area, danger lurks in every corner and one couldn’t fly across it. Moreover, the terrain was also complicated and treacherous. Not only there were powerful undead creatures, but there were also very powerful and ferocious ancient beasts that could easily tear several First Tier Gods into pieces. One could well imagine why that place was classified as Evil Forbidden Area.

Both Earth God and Wind God regions were very vast. But in Divine World, the transmission arrays could only be used for transporting the army. If someone wanted to travel, then other than using fixed transmission scrolls, they could only fly.

For Angela, fixed transmission scrolls were just insignificant things. But, since Long Yi wanted to unify the powers of Divine World, he decided to gain a good understanding of Divine World. Hence, the three of them began to fly from Fire God Region to Earth God Region to Wind God Region. It took more than half a month to reach the edge of the Evil Forbidden Area. From far away, Evil Forbidden Area was shrouded with ink-like pitch-black darkness.

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Angela looked solemn as she spoke, “After entering Evil Forbidden Area, you two must closely follow me. There are many undead creatures beyond your imagination inside. Most importantly, don’t get separated, otherwise, you might run into ancient ferocious beasts and that wouldn’t be funny.”

“I can use undead magic, it shouldn’t be difficult to control some undead creatures,” Long Yi responded. He was truly confident in his undead magic.

“The undead creatures inside cannot be controlled, otherwise, why would this place be called forbidden area?” Angela said.

Cannot be controlled? That was troublesome. If Niur was here, then it would’ve been a lot easier. She just needed to open her mouth and devour all death qi, then they would have an easy time.

Long Yi subconsciously felt that undead creatures couldn’t pose any threat to him no matter their number. In the past, in the Extreme Yin Day of Blue Waves Continent, countless undead creatures had appeared, but wasn’t he still able to deal with them?

As for Siyan, as the princess of Demon World, undead creatures were unqualified to even enter her eyes. Of course, that speaking skeleton beside Long Yi was an exception. Just looking at that blood-red scythe in his hand, she was alarmed.

After warning them again and again, Angela took the lead to enter Evil Forbidden Area.

Long Yi followed after her and entered. Immediately afterward, darkness shrouded him. Even with his night vision, his sight was blurred.

“Follow me, if we encounter undead creatures, don’t engage in a fight,” Angela warned again, and at that time, gloomy death qi shrouded the entire world.

Long Yi frowned, this death qi was so dense, even he felt stifling here.

At that time, tens of skeleton suddenly appeared in the front and rushed over upon seeing strangers.

“Clang!” Long Yi immediately attacked, but his arm was shaken to a certain extent. He was shocked. Now he understood how powerful the undead creatures of this Evil Forbidden Area were. Although his strength had not reached the level of the true Main Gods, in the current Divine World, he could be considered one of the peak experts of Divine World. Even if he had to deal with high-ranked, powerful extra-dimensional undead creatures, it wouldn’t be so strenuous.

“The undead creatures of this place are formed from the soldiers of God Race. They are different from ordinary undead creatures. Be careful, don’t fight recklessly. Our purpose is to cross this place, not exterminate these undead creatures,” Angela said.

Long Yi and Siyan nodded their heads in succession. He then summoned Long Two. He was certain that Long Two was immune to undead creatures. Moreover, Long Two could absorb the death qi here for his use. The more they went forward, the more undead creatures they met, and the more limited their vision was. Long Yi couldn’t help recalling those demonic specters and divine zombies he encountered during the convention of Sea Race. However, this Evil Forbidden Area was much more severe than that place.

Long Yi’s group of three covered their bodies with an energy barrier. They swept through all the undead creatures blocking their way as they rushed forward. Every second, the attacks of countless specters and zombies landed on the energy barriers around them. The attacks of these undead creatures were powerful. If Long Yi hadn’t stepped into peak eighth layer of AoTianJue, then he might not have lasted long.

After a seemingly long duration, the numbers of undead creatures around them slowly reduced, and finally, not a single one remained. The three of them sighed in relief while sweating profusely, but Long Two was still full of energy. Although he was injured, after absorbing the death qi in those undead creatures, he quickly recovered. The more he fought, the stronger he became.

“Let’s rest for a while and leave. This place should be safe for the moment,” Angela said. Clearly, she had rushed her way through this Evil Forbidden Area many times.

Long Yi sat down and put away Long Two, then asked, “Angela, is it more dangerous ahead?”

“There is a deep pool ahead where an ancient flood dragon lives, I don’t know how many millions of years it has lived, but one needs to be at least at the level of ten-winged angels to escape from it. If we encounter it, we can only let it tear us to shreds,” Angela said.

Long Yi was speechless. In other words, even if the Heavenly Dragon King were to come here, he could only sneak away.

“Hehe, then you must know a safe way to pass it,” Long Yi understood the real meaning of Angela.

“I know a safe path, and after bypassing that pool, there are no other dangerous existences,” replied Angela. In the past, when she had hastened her way through this Evil Forbidden Area many times, she had nearly lost her life several times under the fangs of ancient ferocious beasts. Eventually, she found a relatively safe path.

“In other words, we can celebrate our success in advance now,” Long Yi smiled and said.

“You can say so.” Angela raised her eyebrows and replied. Her shining beautiful pupils had a unique soul-stirring charm in this darkness.

The heart of Long Yi swayed as he inwardly cursed this seductress. Even compared to that natural lascivious hussy Mu Hanyan, she was sexier.

After resting for a short while, the three people returned to their peak state and continued their journey with Angela in the lead.

After passing a segment of the path, Long Yi’s eyelids twitched; he felt restless. This was his instinct telling him that there was danger ahead.

“Angela, wait a minute, don’t you feel something is wrong?” Long Yi asked. Whenever he felt like this, there would be danger ahead for sure. His instinct had saved him many times.

“Don’t be paranoid, I have traveled this path many times, there is no problem,” Angela sensed nothing.

“I also don’t feel anything,” Siyan said.

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“We must not go any further; my instinct has never been wrong. There must be danger ahead, otherwise, I wouldn’t feel so restless and nervous,” Long Yi shook his head and said firmly.

“But, except this path, all other paths are dangerous enough to bury us here. Do you have other routes?” Angela deemed that Long Yi was being paranoid. Besides, even if there was danger ahead, they didn’t have any other option.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea about the Evil Forbidden Area, let alone the path to the exit, so he could only grit his teeth and follow this path. He just hoped that there were no ancient ferocious beasts at the level of a ten-winged angel ahead.

After walking through grasses that were a few meters tall for a while, the restlessness Long Yi felt became stronger and stronger. He always felt as if something was peeping on them causing his heart to become cold. At this moment, Angela and Siyan were also feeling similar, but they didn’t have a route of retreat, so they decided to rush forward.

At that time, Angela who was rushing in the front suddenly stopped. There was a huge pillar in the front.

Long Yi looked up and saw a huge head with a pair of huge rhombus-shaped eyes emitting pallid light staring at them. Suddenly, the scenery in front of his eyes became dimmer and the wind blew against them.

Long Yi immediately moved sideways and that wind brushed past him. Even like that, his outer energy barrier was torn apart.

“F*ck me, what is this damn thing?” Long Yi cursed. When he had observed it, his vision had gotten blurred, and its attack was able to easily break his energy barrier. Unfortunately, he was very unlucky. They had run into an ancient ferocious beast at the level of a ten-winged angel. This beast could kill them with its fart; they had to flee for their lives.

“This is the ancient flood dragon, we are running!” Angela shouted.

Long Yi turned over and felt a chill on his back. As it turned out, he had unexpectedly ducked into the belly of the flood dragon. He was leaning against its ice-cold scale.

At this moment, this flood dragon easily broke the energy barrier of Siyan with its claw and roared. Thus, Siyan was unable to move as if she was bound. She could only watch the huge mouth of flood dragon approaching to swallow her whole.

“Furious God Sever!” Angela shouted and her golden divine power slashed towards the lower chin of this flood dragon.

“Clang!” The scales on the lower chin of the flood dragon were broken and red blood flowed out.

“Roar…” The ancient flood dragon was thoroughly enraged, and it emitted tyrannical aura. All the plants and animals in the vicinity were turned into fine powder under the tremendous pressure. The protective energy barrier around Angela also deformed.

Just its momentum is already so terrifying. It wouldn’t let anyone escape alive. Long Yi wailed in his heart. After coming to Divine World, he finally learned about the existence of such a powerful living being.

However, this flood dragon seemed to completely ignore the existence of Long Yi. Even though Long Yi was leaning against his belly, it unexpectedly didn’t feel anything.

Suddenly, Long Yi whiffed a thick smell of blood that seemed to be coming from the belly of this ancient flood dragon.

At that time, Long Yi noticed that the unusual state of this flood dragon’s belly and saw the light. He finally understood why this flood dragon that should be in the pool had appeared here. It turned out that it had come here to lay an egg. In addition, when attacking, it never left the same place, otherwise, Angela couldn’t have held on for so long. It was no wonder that this flood dragon didn’t notice him even though he was leaning against its belly. Presumably, the pain due to laying an egg might have numbed its belly.

According to the legend, when a dragon was laying an egg, its strength would be greatly reduced. Moreover, it would also have a weakness, i.e. its egg.

When Long Yi saw that Angela wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer, he stuck on the belly of that flood dragon like a maggot attached to the bone. Crazily circulating his internal force and spirit power, with the addition of seven spirit tablets, he attacked the abdomen of this flood dragon with earth-shaking might. It was such a close distance that the flood dragon was basically unable to dodge. It wailed as it was sent flying. At that time, Angela and Siyan also noticed that this flood dragon was laying an egg, with one-fifth of the egg already visible. Long Yi didn’t need to remind them, and they immediately launched their strongest attacks.

The flood dragon instinctively protected its belly, enduring the attacks of Angela and Siyan. With its defensive powers, Angela and Siyan wouldn’t be able to injure it, but the most important thing was, Long Yi was still attached to its belly. He had attacked its unborn child, so it wanted to counterattack, but it feared it might injure its child, so it could only struggle wildly, but it was unable to get rid of Long Yi no matter what it did.

If it let the fellow who had attached to its belly attack again, then its unborn child was bound to die. One should know that this flood dragon had lived for millions of years, but this was the first time it was laying an egg. One could well imagine how hard it was for it to have a descendant. If something happened, then the heaven and earth of this entire Evil Forbidden Area might turn upside down.

Under desperation, the flood dragon opened its mouth and spat out a black crystal that had a diameter of several meters. This crystal was full of violent energy. This fellow unexpectedly wanted to blow up this magic crystal. Like that, it would lose its cultivation of millions of years, and only a few might survive its explosion. It was impossible for Long Yi and others to survive.

Angela reacted first. She rushed towards that huge black crystal, but she was easily repelled. As for the flood dragon, it glared at Long Yi who was the greatest threat to its child with its rhombus-shaped eyes.

Long Yi however just pointed at that huge black crystal and ordered, “You, move that demon crystal over here.”

Although the flood dragon was fierce in nature, it already had a certain level of wisdom. After Long Yi made gestures, it understood the meaning of Long Yi. It hesitated for a bit and followed Long Yi’s instruction. It pushed that magic crystal it had cultivated for millions of years towards Long Yi.

“Even without the magic crystal, this flood dragon is sufficiently troublesome,” Long Yi thought in his heart. After that huge black crystal floated to his front, he reached out to grab it, but who would have thought that, although this magic crystal looked like a crystal, it broke when it grabbed it and a fragrant black juice sprayed into his entire face. Then, that black crystal instantly shrunk by two-thirds.

The black juice that flowed out from this crystal quickly entered the body of Long Yi. Seeing this magic crystal had shrunk so much, it might be assumed that this flood dragon could no longer injure them, so he turned around and jump off its stomach.

A hint of anguish flashed through the eyes of this flood dragon as it absorbed that shrunk black crystal into its body. Immediately afterward, it roared in pain. The trio of Long Yi was so frightened that they jumped.

Siyan reflexively jumped to the side of Long Yi. And as for Long Yi, that juice he had just absorbed churned, and he emitted an unusually fragrant aura which was inhaled by Siyan.

The two people didn’t notice this. They just nervously watched at this ancient flood dragon. Only after they saw the egg was slowly coming out of its belly did they relax a little.

The flood dragon roared several times and finally laid a silver-white egg on a thick clump of grass. Then, it weakly collapsed on the ground while breathing heavily. If Long Yi and others attacked it at this moment, then they had a great chance to kill it, but since the danger had already passed and since this ferocious flood dragon had cultivated bitterly for millions of years to reach its previous level, there was no benefit in killing it. Besides, this kind of ferocious beasts was nearly extinct and killing it might push one race to the brink of extinction. Long Yi didn’t want that.

The three people no longer paid any attention to this ancient flood dragon and left with Angela leading in the front.

While advancing, Long Yi suddenly felt hot and his forehead was covered with sweat. In addition, his gaze moved towards the towering bosom and plump buttocks of Angela and Siyan. He even had an impulse to pounce on and push them down.

This was truly not his lustful intent, Long Yi understood that. He felt that the internal force of AoTianJue was boiling within his body. Thus, such thoughts subconsciously appeared in his mind.

Meanwhile, the beautiful face of Siyan was also bright red. She felt hot and the place between her legs was also getting wet. She subconsciously looked at Long Yi and imagined his strong body. If only he pushed me down and kissed me … Such thoughts suddenly appeared in the mind of Siyan for a moment. Then, she was shocked and felt ashamed.

“Long Yi, Siyan, what’s wrong with you two?” Angela noticed that something was wrong with these two and asked.

“No, nothing.” Siyan did her best to calm down. She didn’t understand why she was having such thoughts.

Long Yi, however, smiled bitterly, thinking of that liquid of flood dragon’s magic crystal that was sprayed on his face. It seemed that after that liquid was absorbed, it would produce a strong aphrodisiac effect. It was so strong that he was almost unable to control himself. Moreover, the more he wanted to control himself, the stronger the effect was.

“There is a problem with that juice of flood dragon’s magic crystal,” Long Yi looked elsewhere and replied. He feared that if he continued to look at that sexy figure of Angela, then he might not be able to endure and turn into a beast. Having just arrived at this different world, he was already unable to control himself under the effect of an aphrodisiac; he absolutely didn’t want to let that kind of matter to happen again.

Angela saw Long Yi was short of breath and his lower part was making a huge tent. Suddenly, her beautiful face became bright red as she understood what was happening. The flood dragon was licentious in nature. Thus, the juice of its magic crystal was sure to have a strong aphrodisiac effect.

At that time, Siyan suddenly screamed and watched Long Yi with her beautiful eyes filled with spring. Finally, she was unable to endure and threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi and tightly hugged his waist. The manly aura of Long Yi made her even more confused. “I want… Give me…” Siyan spoke incoherently. She didn’t know what she wanted, she just asked instinctively and knew that Long Yi had the thing she wanted.

Long Yi gritted his teeth and tightly clenched his hands. He spared no effort to control himself. The matter of Long Ling’er had left behind a scar in his heart, so he decided to control himself even if he had to die. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to endure the torment of this aphrodisiac.

“Long Yi, you will end up with problems if you endure. I will take responsibility, so you two should get together.” Angela walked over and said with a red face.

“I can’t do this.” Long Yi replied with great difficulty and ran away. Why was this woman approaching him? Didn’t she know, compared to Siyan, she was more tempting to him?

“Long Yi!” Angela carried Siyan and chased after Long Yi.

Not long after, Angela found Long Yi in dark woods. He was sitting cross-legged on the ground. His entire body was red and was sweating profusely. All seven spirit tablets were revolving above his head, but his situation seemed to be getting worse.

Angela gritted her teeth and slapped away the little hands of Siyan that was fondling everywhere around her body. She then used her divine power to suppress the effect of aphrodisiac on her body, making her wake up temporarily.

After that, Angela told what was going on to Siyan. Siyan wanted to tell that she would die but wouldn’t let Long Yi touch her, but thinking about how Long Yi was enduring the effect that was a thousand times worse than her but still persisted and didn’t touch her, moreover, watching that painful appearance of Long Yi, she unexpectedly felt a bit painful in her heart.

The nose of Siyan turned sour; tears flowed down her cheeks. She didn’t know whether she was feeling heartache for him or she was feeling sad for herself.

“Aunt, I am willing…” Siyan softly replied.

“Say him in person, otherwise, he will not agree.” Angela helped Siyan walk over to the front of Long Yi and used her divine power at Long Yi.

Long Yi opened his eyes that were burning with lust, but he still had a shred of consciousness.

“Go away, quickly go away!!” Long Yi practically howled.

“Long Yi, you bastard, now I am clear-headed and telling you, this princess is willing.” Siyan rushed into the bosom of Long Yi and roared, breaking the suppressing divine power of Angela.

When Long Yi heard her words, his final resistance was destroyed. Then, the two people entangled with each other.

Angela snorted and turned away. However, she could hear the rough panting and moans which caused a hint of ripple appear in her heart that was calm for many years.

Siyan was undoubtedly a beautiful woman. She had a great figure with curves where needed. Anyone would be attracted by her.

Along with the rapid sprint of Long Yi, the two people fused into one.

Angela heard those moans and flesh colliding sounds behind her. She felt like thousands of ants were crawling in her heart. She wanted to walk away, but she was unable to set her mind at ease, so she could only stay nearby to guard them.

For a long time, Angela bit her red lips and used her hands to cover her face to deceive herself while watching the rapidly moving Long Yi as well as the place he and Siyan were fused together from the cracks between her fingers. She subconsciously clamped her legs and felt like her head was exploding.

After four hours, Long Yi made a rapid maneuver and the pair screamed, flying into the clouds. Then, both of them weakly collapsed. Listening to their even breathing, it seemed that they had unexpectedly fallen asleep.

Making love in the middle of this Evil Forbidden Area where danger lurked on every side, perhaps, Long Yi and Siyan were the only ones throughout the ages.

Angela took out a robe and covered them. She then sat some distance away lost in thought. Her lower part was wet with spring dew, provoking troubled thoughts.

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