Chapter 658: Sunset Peak, an Elder of Divine World

The Evil Forbidden Area was still shrouded with darkness, but it was somewhat unusual now.

Under a big tree, Long Yi had already opened his eyes and feeling the soft ** in his bosom, he couldn’t help making a wry smile. This was also a kind of luck with women. When all was said and done, which man was unwilling was enjoy this kind of luck with women?

The looks of this little demoness were not any inferior to his women. However, there was a problem – she was the daughter of the Heavenly Demon King. The blood of upper-class Demon Race flowed within her body. These were the unchangeable facts. When the Heavenly Demon King leads his thousands of demon soldiers and generals to massacre tens of thousands of people, how should he deal with this little demoness?

Long Yi sighed softly. Turning his head around, he saw Angela hastily turning her head away. It seems Angela was watching the entire spring show from nearby. Long Yi’s heart involuntarily heated up, and a thought appeared in his heart, if the person lying on his bosom were this bewitching goddess, then there wouldn’t be any problem, but he could only think so now.

Long Yi laid still, and at that time, he sensed a subtle change in the breathing of Siyan who was curled up in his bosom. He realized that she was already awake, but both of them didn’t know how to face each other.

“Little demoness, get up. We should leave now.” Long Yi temporarily discarded all his worries and slapped Siyan’s butt.

Siyan groaned, and opening her eyes, she glared at Long Yi, but soon after that, she hastily jumped away from his bosom. However, her legs were soft, and she nearly fell. Long Yi timely held her slender waist. Since her flower was plucked yesterday for the first time, besides, Long Yi had acted rashly for a long time, she was feeling somewhat uncomfortable, but fortunately, her physique was sturdy. She was fine after resting for a while. After these two people got dressed, Angela walked over and giggled, “Long Yi, should I congratulate you two?”

“Aunt, don’t speak nonsense.” Siyan rebuked, but a hint of inexplicable happiness appeared in her heart.

“I never refuse gifts.” Long Yi said, watching Angela with a heated gaze. It made her unnaturally move her gaze away. After those spring activities, the connection between them had become subtle.

“Let’s talk about it after we get to Sunset Peak. If Dibiya truly has left behind the ancient merit law in Creation Shrine, then you can even obtain the entire world. At that time, you will not care about any gifts,” Angela retorted.

“If the gift is you, then I will be delighted,” Long Yi thought. He would never speak these words out, though.

The trio advanced toward the Floating Sea. All along the way, they no longer encountered any danger and smoothly exited the Evil Forbidden Area.

Floating Sea, as the name suggests, is a sea floating in the air. This sounded very absurd, but now, it was right in front of Long Yi’s eyes.

Great waves that were tens of thousands of meters high rose from the ground, but they never fell; they floated in the air. That indeed was very strange. When Long Yi saw this extraordinary sight, he felt like he was gazing at a miracle.

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Sunset Peak was at the center of this Floating Sea, thousands of meters tall. It fully deserved the title of the highest location of Divine World. No wonder Dibiya built Creation Shine here. Outside Sunset Peak, there was a barrier personally laid by Dibiya. Only the blood of his directly-related descendants could open it. Now, there was a problem in front of Long Yi’s group of three, i.e., whether those three thousand shrine guards would attack them after they opened the barrier of Sunset Peak.  If so, then opening the barrier was purely courting death.

“I don’t think they will immediately attack since Dibiya has set up such a barrier that could be opened by only his direct descendants. If his direct descendants received attacks after they entered, then wouldn’t it be very unreasonable? Dibiya must have considered this point,” Angela pondered and spoke her thoughts.

“That is also true,” Long Yi agreed.

Long Yi then summoned Baiyu, and after the three people got on its back, it flew straight up. Not long after, it soared above the Floating Sea, and they saw a towering, perfectly straight Sunset Peak far away at the center.

A hundred li away around the Sunset Peak, there was an invisible energy barrier that stopped their advance. Presumably, it was the barrier personally laid out by Dibiya.

Angela condensed divine power in both her hands and placed them on the barrier. The energy barrier immediately shone with seven-colored radiance. This seven-colored radiance formed a magic array. At the center of this magic array, there was a round dot where a drop of blood should be dropped.

Siyan cut open her finger and dripped a drop of blood in that round dot. The magic array instantly shined with greater radiance, and then a small passage just enough for one person to enter appeared on the barrier.

The three people entered in single file, and the barrier instantly reverted to its original state.

The Creation Shine was located at the summit of Sunset Peak that was nearly five thousand meters tall and was shrouded with a gentle, holy light.

The shrine guards had already sensed that someone had entered, and over a hundred shrine guards flew down and surrounded these three people. All of them were six-winged angels.

“Anyone that enters Creation Shrine without authorization will be killed on the spot without any pardon,” The leader of this squad coldly mentioned. He then raised his hand, and the remaining shrine guards immediately locked on to Long Yi’s group of three. Once this squad leader made an order, they would eliminate all intruders.

“We, however, entered after passing through the barrier set up by the God of Creation,” Angela shouted.

However, there was no change in the expression of that squad leader. He just waved his hand, commanding to attack.

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Long Yi was prepared for this. After so many years, no one knew what kind of changes had happened here. Once he saw that squad leader wave his hand, he immediately grabbed Siyan and disappeared using Great Cosmos Shift. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Creation Shrine at the summit of Sunset Peak. That place furthermore had more than two thousand shrine guards, but strangely, they didn’t attack, they only stared at that head-like boulder which was emitting the aura of their Master, the God of Creation, in the hand of Long Yi.

At that time, Angela flew over in a somewhat awkward state. Furiously glaring at Long Yi, she threw two guards towards Long Yi. This damned fellow was too excessive, he actually abandoned her and only took Siyan away with him. If those over a hundred guards hadn’t stopped after sensing the aura of the boulder in the hand of Long Yi, then she would have genuinely eaten a significant loss.

Long Yi just shrugged his shoulders. Angela’s strength was comparable to the Main God, so does she still need his protection?

The three slowly walked into the Creation Shrine. On the way, the guards stepped aside in succession, letting them enter. Long Yi couldn’t help thinking in his heart that if he could subdue these three thousand shrine guards, then he no longer needed to worry about the Heavenly Demon King. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make these shrine guards do anything else other than making them not attack them.

The Creation Shrine was incomparably vast. There was a several hundred meters tall statue of Dibiya at the center of this shrine. That outline greatly resembled the outline of the boulder in Long Yi’s hand.

Seeing the items behind the statue of Dibiya, the three people were shocked and immediately afterward, they were wild with joy. They had seen rows after rows of shelves full to the brim. On the left side, there were divine artifact level weapons, and on the right side, there were rows of ancient merit laws.

Angela quickly browsed through those books and frowned, “These are just low-leveled ancient merit laws. There shouldn’t be only these.”

“Perhaps, there is a secret room in this Creation Shrine,” Long Yi replied.

The three people parted to search for the shrine. Long Yi then thought about the golden carved tablet he obtained in the abyss hall. Alexander had said that he could find the things collected and stored by Dibiya with that thing. Therefore, Long Yi looked for a place that might have any connection to this carved plate. Unfortunately, he didn’t locate any.

“You two, quickly come and see, this place has a mechanism.” Siyan had discovered a magic switch mechanism behind a bookshelf.

Angela and Long Yi immediately rushed over. Sure enough, it was a switch mechanism.

Angela injected her divine power in this mechanism, and the wall instantly slid open. Inside, there were rooms filled with treasures and ancient books of Divine World. The three people cheered, rushed into the separate rooms, and began to rummage.

After a good while, Angela came out of the room and said, “Strange, although the books and treasures here are somewhat higher level than outside, they are definitely not the first-rate. Where did Dibiya hide the good things?”

“I also feel the same; the ancient merit laws here are not very useful to me.” Long Yi walked out of a room next door and said.

The two people returned to the hall and looking at each other, they suddenly exclaimed in unison, “What about Siyan?”

The two people turned around and entered the secret room Siyan had entered, but they discovered that Siyan had disappeared into thin air.

“Sh*t, that demoness.” Long Yi was startled, and he immediately rushed out of the Creation Shrine. But, he just saw the barrier shining with seven-colored radiance and revert to normal.

“This girl, without her blood, we are trapped here for a lifetime.” Angela also had never thought that Siyan would leave when they were not paying attention and trap them here.

Long Yi made a bitter smile and shook his head. At that time, for the sake of the Heavenly Demon King, she was prepared to perish together with him. How could she helplessly watch him acquire the ancient merit laws and treasures of Divine World only to destroy the Demon World? Blood is thicker than water; he had personally experienced this saying. Even though she hated the Heavenly Demon King, when all was said and done, the Heavenly Demon King was her father, this was an unchangeable fact.

“What should we do now?” Angela also was worried.

“Now, we can only dress cold food with sauce. We should find the true collection of Dibiya. Perhaps, there will be other gains,” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and helplessly answered. In his heart, he, however, was cursing those shrine guards for letting Siyan escape freely.

“That is the only way,” Angela sighed. But, thinking about how she will be staying together with Long Yi, her heart jumped in joy without any reason.

The two people searched inside and outside of Creation Shrine, but they didn’t find anything.

The sun gradually sunk in the west. Sunset Peak was the only place in Divine World from where one could see the sunrise and sunset. It was also the only place with the night.

Long Yi and Angela sat side by side on the roof of Creation Shrine, watching the twinkling stars in the sky. The night of Divine World was very enchanting. Unfortunately, since the brilliant sun hung in the sky from dawn to dusk, the people of God Race had no chance to appreciate such a beautiful night.

The sounds of sea waves slamming against the foot of Sunset Peak along with the cool night breeze made Long Yi recall those days of Nalan imperial palace. There, amid such sounds of sea waves, he would either play around with Nalan sisters or ** with little mermaid Liuli on the sea. Long Yi involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva and turned to look at Angela under the starlight. Her beautiful hair was gently swaying under the cool night breeze, and her sharp chin was raised as she watched the starry sky with a blurred gaze. She truly looked very enchanting.

“Why on earth are you looking at me like this? Am I so beautiful?” Angela turned over and giggled. She truly couldn’t understand this fellow. At that time, after absorbing the juice of that ferocious flood dragon which unexpectedly had the effect of a strong aphrodisiac, he actually would die but was willing to touch Siyan who was similarly on heat, but now, he was watching her with bear lust.

“Hehe, you are gorgeous. I don’t want to let other people see your beauty. Besides, on this Sunset Peak, other than this Young Master, there is no one else to admire your beautiful appearance,” Long Yi replied with a smile.

Angela rolled her eyes. This boy truly had a very sweet mouth, mainly speaking the words women loved to hear.

“If Siyan doesn’t return, I am afraid we will have to stay here forever,” Angela sighed and continued to talk.

“With such a beauty to accompany me, even if I have to stay here forever, I am willing,” Long Yi laughed. He was very flexible. At this moment, since he was unable to find a way out, rather than wearing a worried look, wasn’t it much better to smile?

Looking at Long Yi, her beautiful pupils suddenly became a lot softer and said, “If we are truly trapped here forever, I will become your wife.”

The heart of Long Yi jumped, and he reached out his big hand to grab her little hand, but she slapped his hand away.

“Hehe, I said that only if we are trapped here forever. Perhaps we might find other ways in a few days. If we can leave this place, then don’t even think about it.” Angela gazed at Long Yi with her bewitching eyes and teased him. She then reached out and caressed Long Yi’s lips with her slender jade finger. After that, she flew away with a beautiful smile.

“This seductress.” Looking at the amorous back view of Angela, Long Yi muttered to himself.

Time flowed on day by day. Long Yi and Angela spent their days like a pair of little lovers. They played together in the sea, collected shells, guessed riddles, and sometimes, also played some childish games where the loser had to kiss the winner. In this fashion, Long Yi kissed and caressed Angela. But, Angela would die but not take a step further.

Another night, Long Yi and Angela were watching the stars while hugging each other, and the sky was getting brighter.

Long Yi gently caressed the back and buttocks of Angela. Although there was a layer of cloth, he still experienced that elastic and soft feeling.

While he caressed, Angela’s breaths suddenly became rapid, and her charming body suddenly swayed in the bosom of Long Yi. Then, her little hand entered the robe of Long Yi and caressed his sturdy back muscles.

Long Yi rained down kisses on the earlobes and face of Angela while his little brother below pressed against the soft place between her legs. His big hands also restlessly felt about her back and entered her clothing into her chest area. This time, he didn’t meet her obstruction, allowing his big hand to grab her plump bosom smoothly.

Angela let out a moan while thinking, forget it, today, she will give herself to him, her sweetheart.

After she let go of her thoughts, Angela made Long Yi do whatever he pleased. Soon, her upper clothing was removed entirely, and a pair of towering ** appeared in front of Long Yi without any reservation.

“Wu…” Angela moaned and looked at Long Yi, sucking her pink bud with a blurred gaze. The wolf claw of Long Yi also invaded her private place. She just felt limp and numb, and her soul seemed to be floating in the air.

The clothing of these two people flew everywhere, and Long Yi pushed Angela down. But, when he was prepared to penetrate her, a dazzling radiance suddenly flashed.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes and noticed that the brilliant sun had already risen. Under the illumination of the sunlight, the golden carved tablet he had cast aside was reflecting dazzling sunlight.

Angela’s passion was intense. She didn’t care about anything else and directly threw away that golden carved plate.

Long Yi saw that carved plate making an arc in the sky, and his entire body suddenly trembled. He seemed to have recalled something. Then, he waved his hand, and that carved plate automatically flew back to his hand.

Angela also awoke from her ** and seeing Long Yi’s excited appearance, she knew that he must have discovered something.

Long Yi raised this carved plate and adjusted it against the sun at an angle. Then, the shadow reflected on the ground formed a familiar pattern. And along with the change in angle, it could change its size at will.

“This is the Sunset Peak!” Angela exclaimed.

“That’s right. Take a look at this pattern, which side of Sunset Peak is this?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“It should be the right side,” Angela said.

Long Yi nodded his head and then looking towards the brilliant sun, he pointed towards the west side and said, “After the afternoon, the sun will set in the west side. At that time, the answer will be revealed.”

The time passed second by second. Angela had never known that time passed so slowly. One second was like a year for her.

The sun gradually sunk in the west side, and when it reached the point pointed by Long Yi, Long Yi immediately flew towards the right side of Sunset Peak along with Angela. Above the sea surface that was several tens of meters away, he raised that golden carved plate to reflect the sunlight. Then, a pattern was reflected on the right side of Sunset Peak. Long Yi adjusted the angle and distance until that pattern, and the right side of Sunset Peak completely coincided.

At that time, the sunlight suddenly passed through that golden carved plate and focused at one point, and then shot towards a place halfway up the mountain.

“Bang!” A cave suddenly cracked opened there. It was pitch-black like the wide-open mouth of a monster. But, Long Yi and Angela excitedly hugged each other as they believed that the rare collection of Dibiya must be there.

They two flew over to the cave and entered. Sure enough, after walking a section of the path, they suddenly saw a light, and these two people watched countless first-class treasures like ancient divine artifact Heaven Splitting Axe, Heaven Illuminating Rock, and so on in a daze. Those were treasures even the current seven Main Gods did not have in their possession.

The ancient merit laws inside were also first-rate. Among them, there was Chaos Divine Technique cultivated by Dibiya. It was the best merit law for a person with a seven-attributed magic physique. As long as Long Yi cultivated this Chaos Divine Technique, he would be able to completely merge all seven-attributed magic powers, becoming a real God. Thereby, he would be able to use the real might of all seven spirit tablets of Main Gods.

As for the merit laws cultivated by Moyun and other seven Main Gods, among this pile of merit laws here, they could only be regarded as first-class. It might be assumed that Dibiya had intentionally made them learn these slightly lower grade merit laws to maintain the prestige of the God of Creation.

Angela was excited upon seeing this cave full of valuable collections. This, however, was the essence of Divine World’s millions upon millions of years. But, it was buried here by Dibiya, never to see the sunlight again, causing Divine World to deteriorate to this state. Long Yi suppressed his excitement. With these treasures, it was only a matter of time before the Divine World re-established its former glory. But the problem was that the Heavenly Demon King would not give him time. Even if he had the best technique, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in the short term.

Long Yi hastily browsed through the Chaos Divine Technique and carefully put it away. Then, he began to examine other things. He couldn’t tear himself away from these things. One should know that the value of these treasures couldn’t be measured by normal means. Any one of these things was enough to make the entire Divine World go insane.

“Long Yi, we are not dreaming, are we?” Angela agitatedly turned around. In front of these treasures, she didn’t know what to do for a moment.

“Angela, don’t be so excited. We are still trapped here in Sunset Peak. Let’s see whether there are any records on how to break the barrier first,” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Angela and calmly replied.

Angela instantly calmed down. Yes, they were trapped here in Sunset Peak now. Finding a way to leave this place was the most critical matter.

Therefore, the two people turned this place upside down, looking for any books on breaking the barrier.

While searching, Long Yi suddenly noticed a chest that was buried in a pile of goods. On the chest, there was a groove which resembled a miniature version of the boulder he had. Under curiosity, Long Yi took out that boulder and embedded in.

Long Yi suddenly trembled, and soon after that, he became still like he was petrified. Angela was busy searching and didn’t notice the unusualness of Long Yi.

Long Yi felt his hand was numb, and then he couldn’t move even his finger. A kind of strange power was firmly bound to him.

Then, a phantom appeared in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi. He saw seven spirit tablets in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness and suddenly laughed complacently, “Hahaha, Dibiya, you little bastard, you seized my Chaos Divine Technique and framed me. Today, your descendant has fallen into my hands.”

“Don’t form a connection between Dibiya and me, that is an insult to me,” Long Yi used his thoughts and said in a weak voice.

That phantom was startled and became silent as if he was carefully observing Long Yi. Suddenly, he exclaimed and said, “You aren’t a god, but you have five divine marks and all seven Main Gods’ spirit tablets as decorations, truly is a wastrel. Mmm, there furthermore are three weak divine senses with your body, and this light spirit tablet furthermore has several types of soul energies. Strange, oh, that’s right, after that bastard cultivated Chaos Divine Technique, did he die?”

“Eh … I don’t know.” Long Yi said. Cultivating Chaos Divine Technique would kill the person! Long Yi couldn’t help trembling upon hearing this information. Fortunately, he didn’t hastily begin to cultivate it.

“This truly is troublesome; now, this old bones has to personally do the job,” That figure shook his head and spoke. Then, he suddenly disappeared in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness, and Long Yi instantly felt splitting headache as if the things inside his head were being twisted.

After a short while, that figure appeared again in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness and leisurely sighed, “Dibiya, he truly is the sinner of Divine World. Even those trifling demons rode the head of Divine World.”

“Who are you?” Long Yi was somewhat dumbstruck as he asked. This fellow was able to read his memories forcibly, then doesn’t that mean that he discovered his greatest secret. Merely, this person wasn’t showing any unusualness; he was only feeling strong indignance for Demon World trampling Divine World.

“Hehe, who am I? When Divine World still had the Elders Union, I was the oldest elder among them,” that phantom replied.

Long Yi inhaled a mouthful of cold air, no wonder he called Dibiya a little bastard.

“Ai, at that time, I created this Chaos Divine Technique, but I fell in the scheme of that little bastard Dibiya, and my consciousness was trapped here until now. Humph, it’s just that he also didn’t have a good death. The Chaos Divine Technique he obtained was the modified version. In the beginning, one would make rapid progress, but later, one’s body and soul will be annihilated,” the Elder of Divine World sneered.

“Boy, you have a rare seven-attributed magic physique, and your innate talent is also not any inferior to Dibiya. Now, I will teach you the real Chaos Divine Technique, letting you mold seven-attributed Godhead, but don’t let anyone know my existence, including the divine consciousness of those three Main Gods in your sea of consciousness,” the elder of Divine World added.

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