Chapter 656: The past history of Siyan

Blue Waves Continent, Soaring Dragon City.

It was a silent night with twinkling stars decorating the sky. The autumn wind was blowing, bringing along a hint of coolness.

Generally, Long Yi’s women flocked together in the imperial garden in the evening, talk about daily life, play zithers, and so on. Sometimes, Empress Dongfang Wan would also join them. The mother-in-law and daughters-in-law were joyous and harmonious.

But today, all women were silent. Each and everyone was watching the starry sky in a daze. No one knew what they were thinking.

A piece of news had come from Mea Principality. Long Yi had used the transmission array of Mea Holy Magic Academy to go to Illusory Forest, but he had yet to return. Moreover, that ancient magic array had already ceased to work. No one knew what had happened inside.

Long Yi was not only the lifeblood of these women, he was also a symbol of Blue Waves Continent. Since Demon World was watching Blue Waves Continent like a tiger, all needed Long Yi to preside over the overall situation. He was everyone’s hope. Many people believed that everything would get solved as long as Long Yi was there, including these women.

“Daughters-in-law, what are you all doing here? How come it’s not so lively like before?” Dongfang Wan came along with several palace maids and asked with a smile.

“Mother, we are thinking about where exactly our husband went. There is no news even after so long, so we are worried to death,” Nangong Xiangyun with slightly bulging stomach stood up and replied.

“Why are you all so worried? He is my son. I understand him the best. He is a cockroach. Even if the sky collapses, he will still survive for sure,” Dongfang Wan confidently said.

“Hee hee, if brother-in-law is a cockroach, then aren’t we female cockroaches? Moreover, mother, wouldn’t you be…” Nalan Rumeng giggled and said. Although she had already become Long Yi’s woman, she still called him brother-in-law. In the past, in order to prepare for the upcoming calamity, Blue Waves Continent had to be unified, thus Nalan Empire officially merged with Blue Waves Empire, and she and her younger sister Nalan Rumeng stayed together with other sisters.

“Nonsense… hehe…” Dongfang Wan scolded in jest. Other women also relaxed a little upon hearing Nalan Rumeng’s words.

“Our husband is definitely fine. Perhaps, he is flirting around now,” Leng Youyou laughed.

“Yes, yes, sisters, we don’t need to worry about him. Let’s make big sister Wushuang sing a song, it is good for the baby in the stomach of big sister Xiangyun. Our husband said that it was some kind of antenatal instruction,” Feng Ling said with a smile.

The mood of all women quickly relaxed, at least on the surface.

At one side of this imperial garden, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were squatting in the shadows.

“I truly wonder when Boss will return. This old bull is already tired of living in Soaring Dragon City. I truly want to go together with Boss to kill all the way to the Demon World. That would be cool,” Barbarian Bull spoke in low spirits.

“Don’t be anxious, that day is not too far,” Li Qing, hugging Ice Sword, indifferently said.


At this moment in Blue Moon Continent, the capital city of Cyan Wind Empire.

Xiao Yi was also watching the starry sky while chanting obscure incantations. Suddenly, her transparent eyes spun and fragments of several images appeared in her mind.

“Angels? Divine World? How did Young Master run to Divine World?” Xiao Yi muttered. In the prophecy of just a moment ago, an image of angels had appeared, but there was no Long Yi.

“Younger sister Xiao Yi, you are really here.” Mu Jingjing walked over with a smile. Since she lost her virginity and became Long Yi’s woman, she had become more and more charming.

“Why are you searching for me?” Xiao Yi indifferently asked without even turning back.

“Big sister is looking for you. I’m sure she wants to enquire if there is any news of Long Yi,” Mu Jingjing said. Her beautiful eyes however were watching Xiao Yi without blinking. Clearly, she also wanted to know.

“Let’s go back and talk,” Xiao Yi replied indifferently.

The two women returned to the residence of Mu Hanyan and saw that she was arranging her clothing and other articles of daily use.

“Big sister, where are you going?” Mu Jingjing hastily asked.

“Now that the matters of Cyan Wind Empire are practically dealt with, and due to the presence of officials of Blue Waves Continent to take charge, I am thinking of going to Soaring Dragon City and wait for Long Yi. You two can also join me,” Mu Hanyan poked the forehead of Mu Jingjing with a smile and answered.

Mu Jingjing’s face lit up with pleasure. She had long given her heart to Long Yi, so she was very worried about him and also greatly missed him.

“Xiao Yi, is there any news of Long Yi?” Mu Hanyan asked.

“I guess he’s is in Divine World,” Xiao Yi said.

“Divine World!?” Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing exclaimed at the same time. For them, Divine World was an existence beyond their imaginations.


Angela leisurely stretched herself. Her beautiful black hair hung down loosely on her flawless back. When she held up her hands, her already plump bosom became even bigger, making Mixini at one side watch her in a daze. Such an alluring style was not something she, still unripe little girl, could possess.

“Aunt Angela, you are so beautiful,” Mixini spoke with admiration.

“This aunt is already old.” Angela shook her head and said with a smile.

“What old? Look at your bosom, they are much bigger and firmer than mine, I envy them to death.” Mixini couldn’t help reaching out her hands to squeeze those soft bosom of Angela.

Angela slapped away the mischievous little hands of Mixini. She then got up and wore clothing, covering her alluring figure.

“Now, get up, Mixini. Take me to meet your little lover,” Angela said with a smile. It was a beautiful smile that could devastate the world.

“Aunt Angela, don’t talk nonsense. Long Yi is definitely not my … Humph, he doesn’t even enter my eyes.” Mixini blushed but pretended to scorn and turn sideways.

“Oh? You hold him in contempt, then this aunt will not be polite,” Angela responded as if she was joking.

“Aunt Angela, you have yet to see my father, but you will meet that fellow who had yet to grow hairs,” Mixini said. If Long Yi heard Mixini’s such description, then what kind of expression would he have? But, one thing was certain, the little butt of Mixini would have received mistreatment.

“Hehe. However, that is not certain,” Angela laughed.

And at that moment, Long Yi was comfortably lying on the balcony of Fire God Fortress’s 36th floor. He was lost in thought. He must unify the powers of Divine World, but he also had to travel to Creation Shrine. If Dibiya had truly left behind ancient techniques and treasures of Divine World, then the odds of defeating the Heavenly Demon King would be much greater.

But, Creation Shrine was at Sunset Peak, and Sunset Peak was at the center of Floating Sea surrounded by barriers that couldn’t be breached by even Main Gods. In addition, there were 3,000 powerful guards. Not to mention the fact he had to cross Evil Forbidden Zone, the danger spot of Divine World, to reach there. With his current strength, obtaining those treasures was just wishful thinking, but would he give up so easily?

“Long Yi, when are you returning to Blue Waves Continent?” Siyan walked over and enquired. Although her tone was very calm, Long Yi could still sense a hint of urgency.

For Siyan, the entire Divine World was a danger zone. Ever since ancient times, gods and demons were incompatible. If her identity was exposed, then that would not be a joking matter.

“There is no such plan for the time being,” Long Yi faintly said.

“Don’t you know what would happen if my identity is exposed? Both you and I will be chased down to the ends of the world.” Siyan said with a hint of anger.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I have a way to deal with it, you just take care of yourself,” Long Yi took a quick glance at Siyan and said.

“You … I hope so,” Siyan gritted her teeth and replied.

At that moment, Mixini pushed open the door and entered, bringing along a beautiful and charming woman.

“Long Yi, you are here, I am introducing a great beauty to you,” Mixini ran over and pulled up Long Yi.

“This is my Aunt Angela. Beautiful, isn’t she? But, don’t have any thoughts on hitting her, otherwise, your end will be very tragic,” Mixini happily said.

“How could I dare? I feel ashamed of my inferiority in front of your aunt, how would I dare have any thoughts on hitting her? The pursuers behind her will drown me to death in their saliva,” Long Yi nodded her head to Angela and said with a smile.

“It’s good that you understand,” Mixini replied with a smile.

Angela sized up Long Yi. This was a handsome man, but in Divine World, he couldn’t be considered outstanding. What attracted her attention the most were his smile and those clear black pupils that appeared as if they could see through people’s hearts.

After sizing up Long Yi again, Angela’s pupils flashed with a hint of surprise, and then she became solemn.

“Mixini, take this guest outside. I have something I want to speak with Long Yi alone,” Angela spoke solemnly with unquestionable might.

Mixini obeyed and left the room with the expressionless Siyan. She would look back three times every step.

“I wonder what advice you have.” Long Yi asked with a smile, but his heart was not calm. He felt as if this woman had noticed his secrets.

Angela suddenly waved her hand and a white light shrouded this room. Soon after that, she gently pushed her palm forward. Her speed was very slow.

But, Long Yi was shocked. He felt that her aura had locked on to him. Moreover, he unexpectedly couldn’t resist.

Suddenly, the spirit power of Long Yi rose sharply, and seven spirit tablets spun rapidly in his sea of consciousness as he shone with radiance and disappeared from the spot.

“Eh, I didn’t expect you to have divine marks of five Main Gods, in addition, you have all seven spirit tablets.” Angela’s eyes flickered with radiance as she looked at Long Yi in surprise.

“Who exactly are you?” Long Yi frowned and asked.

“Don’t ask such a naïve question, human,” Angela chuckled.

“How come I feel like I am not wearing any clothes in front of you?” Long Yi helplessly asked.

“That’s simple, you have divine marks and spirit tablets, but you don’t have one similar thing. Otherwise, how could I see through you so easily?” Angela said.

“And what is that?” Long Yi was very depressed as he questioned. He had suffered a huge blow again.

“Main God Merit Law,” Angela said.

“Do you have it?” The eyes of Long Yi shone.

“No, but you can find it in Creation Shrine of Sunset Peak. You can go take it,” Angela laughed.

“Your words are equivalent to saying nothing. What’s the use of your information since I cannot go in?” Long Yi rolled his eyes.

“Perhaps, there is a way to go in.” Angela looked towards the horizon after taking a quick glance at Long Yi as if she was lost in thought.

Long Yi’s heart was perturbed again, but Angela was already lost in her thoughts. He stared at this alluring goddess’s smooth snow-white slender nape and couldn’t help wanting to caress it. Her earlobe was also exquisite. Her skin was so snow-white that under the sunlight, he could clearly see her blood veins. She truly was a woman of great beauty.

Angela came back to her senses and saw Long Yi staring at her without any disguise. But, his gaze didn’t make her feel disgusted, rather she could sense infatuation which was very rare. Therefore, she also didn’t mind. The beauty of women was to be shown to men who appreciate it.

“Am I very beautiful?” Angela chuckled and asked.

“Of course, thinking about it, this Young Master has not been fascinated by beauty for a long time,” Long Yi replied with a smile. The words he spoke were the truth. Which woman beside him wasn’t devastatingly beautiful? It was extremely difficult to find someone more beautiful and charming than them. But, he had never expected that he would encounter one in Divine World. He was truly fortunate.

Having a desire to see beautiful things, that was very normal. Long Yi was no exception. Merely, he knew the gap between them.

Angela had not expected Long Yi to be so frank and open. This improved her impression of him.

“Cough, cough, Angela, just now you said that you have a way to enter Sunset Peak, can you tell me the way?” Long Yi felt somewhat embarrassed, but after having a dry cough, he returned to the theme again.

Angela shook her head and said, “That needs a thing, I am looking for it now. Without that thing, unless your strength surpasses the God of Creation, you will never be able to enter Sunset Peak.”

“The God of Creation?” Long Yi sneered.

“Do you have something against the God of Creation?” Sensing disdain from his tone, Angela raised her eyebrows and questioned.

“Nope, the God of Creation simply doesn’t exist,” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders.

“How do you know?” Angela asked.

“I just know it, okay, don’t hang on this issue, so what exactly is the thing you need?” Long Yi changed the subject.

“The blood of the direct descendant of the God of Creation.” Angela replied.

Long Yi was startled. She was talking about the descendants of Dibiya, but who knows where his descendants were.

As if she saw through the question of Long Yi, Angela said, “I can sense his descendants’ bloodline. In the past few days, I have sensed that his descendants have appeared in this direction, but he suddenly disappeared yesterday.”

Long Yi’s eyebrows rose, and he walked back and forth inside the room. Suddenly, he stopped. Angela had said that the descendants of Dibiya had appeared in this direction a few days ago, but disappeared yesterday. A person appeared in his mind as he muttered, “Could it be that it’s her?”

“Who?” Angela had sharp ears and asked immediately.

The person Long Yi thought about was Demon Princess Siyan. Didn’t Alexander say that she had a half pure bloodline of God Race? A few days ago, she had appeared in Yunmeng Marsh with him, and yesterday, she had used Body Congealing Pearl to cover her aura.

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“Eh … Does that person has any relation with Demon World?” Long Yi asked casually. However, he assumed that Angela also didn’t know.

But, beyond the expectation of Long Yi, just after he spoke, Angela who always looked carefree and leisurely trembled and agitatedly grabbed the collar of Long Yi, then shouted, “Speak, where is she now?”

“Don’t get too excited, let me go first.” Long Yi was incomparably surprised in his heart. Could it be that that demoness truly possessed the bloodline of Dibiya?

Angela quickly calmed down and let go of Long Yi, “I apologize, I was too agitated, you can speak now.”

“It’s that girl who was with me just a moment ago,” Long Yi replied.

“It’s her!” Angela was startled, and immediately continued, “Since I was unable to sense her aura, she must have used some means to conceal her aura.”

After learning the facts, Angela became calmer. She then sighed with emotion as if she was recalling something.

“I don’t quite understand why the princess of Demon World possessed the bloodline of Dibiya,” Long Yi wondered.

“How do you know the name “Dibiya”? In the entire Divine World, not even a handful of people know the truth,” Angela stared at Long Yi and enquired.

“A fallen angel named Alexander told me,” Long Yi said.

“Alexander? Where is he now?” Angela became agitated again upon hearing the name Alexander. This might be the day her emotions had gotten out of control the most since she was alive.

“Dead,” Long Yi thought of that lonely and pitiable Alexander and said in low spirits.

“Dead?” Angela asked a question in reply, and looking at the milky white sun in the sky via the window, she looked sad and desolate.

Long Yi didn’t speak. It seemed that Angela, Dibiya brothers, and Alexander had a deep relation.

“Dibiya is my uncle,” After a long time, Angela faintly said.

Eh … Long Yi was stunned, then wouldn’t Angela be the daughter of ancient Main Dark God Dibisi?

“Your guess is correct, Dibisi is my father. At that time during the chaos of Divine World, I was still very small. Dibiya spared my life. He believed that I was too small to understand anything, but he didn’t know that I remember everything clearly.”

“Later, Dibiya had a daughter, that was my cousin Anna. She was innately unable to cultivate divine power. Therefore, she was not liked by Dibiya. After Dibiya went missing, Anna and I depended on each other for survival until the eruption of God and Demon war 100,000 years ago. Anna was captured by the Heavenly Demon King who sneaked into the Divine World and threatened, so I didn’t make a move in that war.”

“That God and Demon war lasted for thousands of years, and Anna was never released back, but the Heavenly Demon king had a daughter. Only after Heavenly Demon King was sealed, I learned the news of Anna’s death. Afterward, I tried every means to find the passage leading to the Demon World, but after Dibiya had disappeared, all secrets were stored in the Creation Shrine of Sunset Peak, and there is a powerful barrier around it. Only the blood of the direct descendants of Dibiya could open the barrier,” Angela slowly said.

Long Yi hadn’t expected that the matters were so complicated. Since the blood of that demoness could open the barrier of Sunset Peak, it was nothing difficult, merely, after the barrier was opened, they had to face 3,000 shrine guards whose strength was comparable to First Tier Gods. Even with Angela’s strength, they might not be able to escape unscathed under the combined attacks of those 3,000 shrine guards. Going there now was purely courting death.

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But, he possessed the mysterious head-like boulder of Dibiya. According to Alexander, even if this head-like boulder was not something formed from the head of real Dibiya, he was sure that it had a close relation with Dibiya. In addition, from that huge hall of the abyss, he had obtained the golden carved plate. With them with him, there was a possibility that those 3,000 shrine guards wouldn’t attack him.

Long Yi and Angela were lost in their respective thoughts for a while.

At this moment, in the hall of the 36th floor, Mixini kept on looking at the room where Long Yi and Angela were and was somewhat restless with anxiety.

“Siyan, what do you think Long Yi and Aunt Angela are talking about inside?” Mixini asked silent Siyan.

“Perhaps, talking about love.” Siyan didn’t even turn over and replied, making Mixini furious.

“Nonsense, how can Long Yi enter the eyes of my Aunt Angela?” Mixini shouted.

“You are the one who asked me,” Siyan shrugged his shoulders and said. And after making this movement, she realized that this was the habitual behavior of that bastard Long Yi.

After a long time, the door opened and Long Yi looked out and spoke, “Siyan, come in.”

Siyan was stupefied for a moment and obediently entered the room. Who asked her to be in the palms of a tiger? As long as Long Yi exposed her identity, she would die without a place for burial for sure.

“Why am I the only one that is left behind? This is truly unfair!” Mixini angrily yelled after Siyan entered the room.

Immediately after entering the room, Siyan noticed that inside and outside the door were completely isolated. In addition, she saw that that peerless beauty of God Race was looking at her with excitement.

“Siyan, quick … quickly come over and let me look,” Angela excitedly said.

Siyan subconsciously gazed at Long Yi and then asked with doubt, “Who are you? I don’t recognize you.”

“I am your maternal aunt.” Angela stepped forward and held the hand of Siyan.

Siyan was a little overwhelmed and turned to Long Yi again.

“I am the elder sister of your mother, your mother’s name was Anna, wasn’t it?” Angela tightly held the little hand of Siyan.

Upon hearing the word “Anna,” Siyan trembled and her emotion suddenly got out of control as she yelled, “Scram, all of you, scram, you all are murderers, murderers.”

Siyan ferociously pushed Angela away. Due to her emotions getting out of control, her control over Body Congealing Pearl dissipated and her true form appeared before them.

“Why? Why? Why do you want to kill mother? Father, why?” Siyan cried her heart out and limply collapsed on the ground. She covered her face with her hands and cried loudly. Tears continuously slid down from the cracks of her fingers. This was truly a sad sight.

At this moment, Long Yi sympathized with this little demoness. He had not expected that her mother was killed by the Heavenly Demon King. As the saying went, one day the couple hundred days grace. Moreover, she had even given birth to a daughter. The Heavenly Demon King was too cruel, could it be that this was the natural instinct of Demon Race?

“Did you say that the Heavenly Demon King killed your mother?” The beautiful face of Angela twisted a little becoming very terrifying.

Siyan put down her hands and raising her head, she looked at Angela with her bloody eyes and said, “Yes, he used a sword to cut off my mother’s neck right in front of me. Are you satisfied now?”

“My poor sister.” A teardrop rolled down from the corner of Angela’s eyes. Her hatred was even stronger than Siyan’s.

It was honestly somewhat terrifying to watch two crazy women with hatred.

Provoke anyone, but be sure to never provoke a woman, Long Yi quietly disappeared from the room. Who would want to stay in this place with soaring resentment?

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