Volume 3 Chapter 131: The Contractual Agreement with Princess Isabel Part 2

Ariel stood watching nearby. The scent of the ocean came from one of the Doors of Magic behind her. The appearance of these doors had caused the two beautiful maiden mages, Serena and Sylvia, to lament their own inferiority and lack of ability. In addition, the Gates of Magic which Ariel had used before were air type, which was different from the oceanic type that she was using at the moment.

A mage that could wield the immense elemental powers of the Arcana Doors and control two of them had powers that already surpassed their teacher. Selena had nearly been forced to her knees by the sheer force of the oceanic aura. As a mage with an affinity with fire, oceanic magic like this was usually useless against her, but not this time.

Lewis had temporarily calmed down from his earlier wrath. Even though Ariel had her hood up, which hid the expression on her face, it was obvious that she had her eyes locked on Lewis. If this arrogant Prince of the Crimson Dragon Race dared to do anything rash, Ariel would immediately come after him with her water-based magic.

“The Oceanic Doors… you… If you would honor my humble request, I wish to know the name of the Arcana Master.”

Isabel had felt the startling oceanic aura fill the air and her demeanor towards Ariel changed immediately. Previously, she did not think much of it and simply assumed that Ariel and Elaine were Bella’s Knight aides.

The Oceanic Doors were one of the highest levels of water-based magic that could be performed. Under normal circumstances, only a mage who had attained at least the Sage level would be able to cast the Oceanic Doors. Within Olsylvia Academy, no known mage was able to cast the Oceanic Doors. With a casual slip of her ability, it was now known that Ariel’s power had already risen to the Sage level.

“Don’t interrupt me, Isabel. She does not know the dragon language. Also, she’s my friend, so don’t get any funny ideas.”

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Bella shot a warning look at Isabel. The Silver Dragon Race held magic in high regard. Chances are, they would choose a mage as a Dragon Knight. If Isabel changed her mind and requested Ariel as her Dragon Knight, then all of Bella’s efforts thus far would be for nothing.

“Forget it then… you don’t have to be so fierce! I’m just asking…”

With Bella’s warning, Isabel temporarily gave up the idea of getting Ariel on her side. On the other hand, Prince Lewis was at an impasse. This was not the territory of the Crimson Dragons. In addition, there was a mage who could cast the Oceanic Doors. To be precise, the odds would definitely be against him if he were to engage in a fight with a mage who had attained the Sage level.

“Just you wait. This time, I’ll let you go for the sake of the Magical Sage. Isabel, just wait and see. I will reveal the fact that you sought out your own Dragon Knight in private when I return home!”

An ashen-faced Lewis then scrambled out of Henrietta’s magic tools shop. If they had gotten into a fight here and damaged any of Isabel’s goods, he would not be able to cover the costs.

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Aside from Ariel’s presence, Lewis was a little unnerved by Elaine, who was just standing there at the side. This mysterious young lady who remained silent the whole time could potentially be more dangerous than Ariel.

Lewis’ instincts were not wrong at all. Not long ago, Elaine had joined her efforts with Noreya and killed many of the dragon race’s secret guards through sneak attacks. This proved that Elaine was far more dangerous than Ariel, as the latter did not have any dragon slaughters on her record.

“He’s finally gone. You’re Princess Isabel, right? I’m so sorry for what just happened earlier.”

“Hmph… you’re a bad fellow. Hey, why are you leaving?!”

Isabel was about to complain when she realized that Bella had every intention to escape. She then grabbed on to Bella and held her tight. There was no way she would allow herself to be played this way! The agreement was to put on this show together. It was too much of a rogue move to try to run away before it was done!

“Of course I’m leaving! One look at that guy and you’d know that he is one bad egg who does not know anything about being understanding and merciful. If I stay here and he brings back a bunch of people to create trouble, I’ll be dead meat!”

Bella had said this while feeling a little guilty. Her entire suit of armor had been blown to pieces by a single blow from the other party. One more hit and it would be incredibly awkward if she fought until the point of “clothes exposure”. It was the first time Bella had experienced the terrifying power of the dragon race. When she was capturing Princess Laceman, it had been far too easy. This had caused her to underestimate the power of the dragon race. This time, she was definitely in over her head.

“What kind of knight are you? That’s despicable. Can’t you just finish this?!”

“No, I cannot. You are not my steed. I don’t think I’ve even been here today! Miss, I think you have the wrong person!”

Isabel held on tightly to Bella, as though she was afraid that Bella would make another attempt to escape. However, she could not pinpoint the exact reason why she refused to let Bella go. Isabel’s instincts told her that Bella would be able to get her out of her current predicament. This cunning human knight was just trying her luck at getting a larger remuneration.

Although Bella’s body double, Princess Felia, was a Demon King, she herself was not of this dimension. If she were to purposely keep her identity a secret and refrain from using any of the Demon King’s moves, no outsider would ever know. Therefore, Princess Isabel was unable to tell that Bella was, in fact, a Demon King.

Among the various branches of the Dragon Race, only the Ebony Dragon race would make deals with Demon Kings and demonic beings. Since Isabel did not know of Bella’s identity as a Demon King, she still felt a little gratitude towards her for chasing Lewis away.

“That’s enough… this is far too irresponsible. If you are going to help someone, you might as well do it all the way! Other than the steed agreement, I’ll do anything you… hey, hold on, why are you leaving again? We can still negotiate the terms, right?”

“I don’t have any other terms, except for the steed agreement. Isabel, I’m sure you already know, it is every knight’s lifelong dream to become a Dragon Knight.”

Bella refused to budge. The whole point of her effort was for the pleasure of the girl’s company. Also, she could never have enough steeds. Since Bella was not human, she was not subjected to the rule that “Each Dragon Knight can only own one flying Dragon steed”. The most crucial point was that Isabel was a silver-haired beauty, which meant that she was absolutely irresistible to Bella. If Bella did not claim her, it would be out of character for her.

“I can introduce other… wait, don’t be so eager to turn away from me!”

“Well, I only want you. No? If you object, I’ll leave then. I have always believed in my instincts. Since the moment I saw you, I knew that we were connected by fate. Don’t bring up any other conditions. I will not change my mind!”

“Well… as long as you can help me resolve the issue of Lewis trying to force me into marriage, I will agree to your request.”

After much consideration, Isabel eventually decided to give in to Bella’s terms. If Bella successfully passed the official certification process, it would not be too bad to enter into a partnership and have her as a dragon knight. Any member of the dragon race who had a dragon knight did not have to get married in the near future. Isabel fully intended to use this as an excuse to reject the advances of Prince Lewis and any other future suitor who was of the dragon race.

“We appear to have reached an agreement. It’s a pleasure making a deal with you.”

With the other maidens as witnesses, Bella and the Silver Dragon Princess Isabel had reached some sort of mutual agreement. As Elaine and Ariel did not understand the dragon language, they had no idea what Bella and Isabel had just said. However, judging by the fact that they were shaking hands, they could deduce that they would be having another “sister” around in their hostel.

Serena and Sylvia, who could understand what they were saying, were completely stunned. Members of the dragon race’s royal family, especially the ones like the princess, basically did not care for being a human’s dragon steed. The last time when Princess Lisha and Princess Laceman of the Golden Dragon Race had entered into the agreement was practically an accident!

“Alright, Princess Isabel, you can call me by my nickname, Bella. Now, what I need from you is the Departed Spirits’ Overture, a Pure Black Crystal Ball, and a dragon egg from an Ebony Dragon. Also, do you have…”

“Bella, if not for your help earlier on, I would have sent you out the door immediately. Such evil, malicious magical tools… that aside, the Ebony Dragon Race are our sworn enemies!”

“Also, you have come to the wrong person. Even if you had asked me, I would not have any of these items for sale! You might have been better off asking Princess Clariss. That wild lass will probably have everything that you’ll need!”

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