Volume 3 Chapter 131: The Contractual Agreement with Princess Isabel Part 1

Olsylvia Academy, East Campus. Olivia Wizard Academy’s Society Activity Area, Latimore Business District, the main hall of the Henrietta Magical Emporium.

Bella stood nonchalantly on the side as the already suspicious Prince Lewis of the crimson Dragon Race began to drag Princess Isabel away.

“Hold on! Where did this lunatic come from? She is my fiancée. Let go of her. Now!”

“This book that I bought from the lady boss is a fake and half of the book is empty. I’m just pulling her aside to talk to her. I don’t think that this is any of your business?”

Bella had spoken to Lewis in the regular dragon language. Of course, she had not actually bought anything from this place. The point of her lie was to take Isabel away from this godforsaken place.

“Isabel, what’s going on? I don’t believe for a moment that you would sell her some kind of bogus book!”

Unfortunately, Prince Lewis still had his wits about him as he prevented Bella and Isabel from leaving. The Silver Dragon race had always been highly meticulous regarding their magical books and records. He would never believe that any book would be sold if it was incomplete.

“You should not meddle in our affairs. Moreover, you are not related to me in any way. Don’t test my patience!”

Isabel was now caught in a dilemma. Bella’s methods were truly terrible, and her lie was not good either. If Isabel admitted to selling fake books, she would lose all future business. Even though the items in her store were rather expensive, they were all genuine goods.

“You lass, you would dare go against me for a mere human girl? Do you wish…”

The Fire Dragon Race had an infamously quick temper. However, no one really knew if it was related to their fiery element. As a Prince of the Crimson Dragon Race, Prince Lewis was used to getting his way by acting arrogantly. The fact that Isabel was about to chase him away had triggered something in him and he sent his hand flying toward where Isabel was standing.

Instantly, a deafening sound could be heard as a small dust storm appeared where Isabel was standing. Lewis’ attack was imbued with the power of the Dragon Race. To the untrained eye, Lewis simply seemed to be moving his arm. However, in terms of power and strength, it was no different from wielding his dragon claws.

As the dust settled, Bella was standing between Isabel and Lewis. She has Lewis’s wrist gripped tightly in her right hand, preventing him from striking Isabel’s face.

There was nothing else that Bella could have done. She was desperate! There was no way she could stand by and allow Princess Isabel to be bullied by others. Lewis’ attack was akin to a direct hit from a dragon claw. As he wielded all that brute force, Bella felt as though a tornado was imminent when she stopped him.

Although Bella had managed to intervene this time, it was not an easy feat, as the Dragon Race tended to attack rather aggressively. Bella’s iron-forged Knight’s Gauntlet had been reduced to dust from the sheer power of the attack. Many cracks had also formed on her knight’s armor.

Fortunately, Bella had her Olyslvia Academy uniform underneath the armor. Otherwise, if this had continued, she would have ended up revealing much more of her body than she had bargained for.

Any other Holy Knight would have at least had their arm rendered completely useless or worse. However, other than a slight numbness and a tingling sensation in her arm, Bella felt fine.

“You… you managed to hold this off. Are you… no way, you’re a Dragon Knight? Where’s your dragon?”

“Whether or not I’m a Dragon Knight is none of your business! If you want to fight, then make it quick. Quit talking nonsense!”

Bella did have her own Dragon steeds – the Princess of the Golden Dragons, Laceman, and the Devastating Evil Dragon Emperor, Lolita. Technically, she could be considered as a Dragon Knight. However, Bella did not dare to summon these two dragons in battle yet. As Bella had forcibly claimed Laceman as her own, she had not fully submitted to Bella.

As for Lolita, she posed a strong threat to all, regardless of if they were a regular member of the Dragon Race or even Dragon Emperors or Dragon Gods. It would be best to keep Lolita’s powers and abilities under wraps for now rather than reveal it for such trivialities.

“I get it now. You are her Dragon Knight. Isabel, you’re too cunning. I didn’t expect you to come up with such antics to get out of our marriage agreement! It seems like I have underestimated you.”

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Lewis lowered his right hand as he appeared to have reached an understanding. According to the traditions of the Dragon Race, having a human companion meant that the human was part of the Dragon Race as a Dragon Knight. Before the annulment of the deal made with the Dragon Knight, one would not be able to get married.

Prince Lewis’s deduction that Bella was Princess Isabel’s Dragon Knight was not unfounded. First of all, Bella was a Knight who was able to stop his attack. This meant that she was much stronger than most Holy Knights. Furthermore, Bella knew the Dragon Race’s language. All this information pointed to Bella being Princess Isabel’s Dragon Knight.

However, if Bella was not Isabel’s Dragon Knight, then many things needed to be explained. As far as Lewis knew, no Dragon Knight would be audacious enough to stand up for a random unrelated member of the Dragon Race, especially if there was a risk of offending a member of the Dragon Royal Family.

“You don’t have to bother about who my Dragon Knight is. I’m saying this one more time. You are not welcome here. Lewis, you should leave. Now!”

Isabel had thought about denying everything that Lewis had said. But, on second thought, this could be an easy way to get out of this sticky situation. There was no way that the Crimson Dragon Race would force her to fulfill her marriage agreement with Prince Lewis until the end of her contract with the Dragon Knight.

Isabel had always kept herself occupied with her research about the various forms of magic. As the Dragon Race had a much longer life expectancy than the human race, she was not interested in the affairs of the heart yet. In addition, she was not the biggest fan of the Crimson Dragon Race that Prince Lewis belonged to. The Crimson Dragons Race were well known for their volatile temperament and Isabel disliked dragons who were quick to anger.

However, she did not admit that Bella was her personal Dragon Knight either. The methods to authenticate if someone was a Dragon Knight was extremely cumbersome. If Bella was a Dragon Knight, as a Princess of the Dragon Race, Isabel would have known this information in advance.

“Isabel, do you think I would not find out that you have selected your personal Dragon Knight on the sly? I will personally report this to my Father. Little lass, just give up. You are not worthy to be her Dragon Knight.”

Bella was rather impressed with Lewis’s ability to make things up on his own, even though there was nothing going on. However, thanks to his contribution, he had provided an opportunity for Bella to create a connection with Isabel. Before that, Bella had been racking her brains on how to connect with her.

“That’s right, I am her Dragon Knight. Do you have a problem with that? She’s not objecting in any way. Isabel, I think it might be best if you tell him if I am your Dragon Knight or not.”

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Isabel did not expect Bella to take advantage of the situation as she had intended to get past this quickly and brush it under the rug! Bella was essentially forcing her hand in the matter. If she were to admit that Bella was her Dragon Knight, they might have to do this for real. As this was being said in the presence of Prince Lewis, it would be far too complicated to go back on her word.

Isabel chose to remain silent in her adamance to not fall into the trap that Bella had set up. The Silver Dragon Race specialized in magic and was far more intelligent than many of the other Dragon Races. In the current situation, holding her tongue would be the best option for now.

This Princess of the Dragon Race was rather interesting. Bella could not help but steal a few glances at Isabel. Undoubtedly, she was highly intelligent, which was indicative of the Silver Dragon Race, who valued knowledge and intelligence above all else. It was going to be harder to lay claim to her than the Princess of the Golden Dragon Race, Laceman. Isabel was definitely going to pose a bigger challenge to her.

Lewis had taken Isabel’s silence as an admission. Even though the human race and the dragon race had formed an alliance for many years, in the hearts of the dragon race, they did not truly consider their relationship as a partnership. Even after all this time, both parties had not attained mutual trust.

“There’s no point in saying anything else. The both of us have already… anyway, you came after, so none of this is your business. The door is right over there, you can see yourself out.”

“It seems like you won’t give up, no matter what I say. In that case, I will have to…”

Prince Lewis stopped in the middle of his sentence as the entire main hall of the Henrietta Magical Emporium was engulfed in a thick mist that smelled like the ocean. Once a member of the Crimson Dragon Race was surrounded by the oceanic aura, they could easily be subdued by the water type magic.

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