Chapter 215: Picking An Emergency Girlfriend

“What did you say?” Su You Fu was even more unsettled. He lifted his hand and pointed to Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s nose as he said, “You say that again!” 

“Dad, I said you’re mistaken, this underwear belongs to my girlfriend, ah! How do I say this! I was at her house today and I saw that there was some broken underwear, and I wanted to help her sew it and surprise her!”

Su Ke’s mind was spinning, no matter what, he had to ensure that this black lace underwear was not thrown away.  

“How dare you date so early!”

With a bang, the door was pushed open, and Zhang Xue who had been hiding behind the door eavesdropping directly walked in, with an ugly expression similarly on her face. 

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“How old are you? Stealing a girl’s underwear is bad enough, now you have a girlfriend too? You don’t want to go to university anymore, is that it?” Zhang Xue’s temper was always quite mild and gentle, but now facing this situation, it was hard for her to control her anger. 

“Mom!” Su Ke dragged his voice, and in desperation, he had no choice but to pull out his trump card. “Look, my report card is out!” pulling out his report card from his bag, he passed it over.

“50th place in the whole level!” Zhang Xue looked over and over again, and then unquestioningly handed it over to Su You Fu. 

“Dad, Mom, really, these are my monthly exam results!” looking at his parents’ doubtful expressions, Su Ke could only say this, and in order to resolve this predicament, he continued on, “my next test scores will only go up from here!” 

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Seeing a trace of surprise slowly appear in his parents’ eyes, Su Ke let out a breath of relief, thinking about this glimmer of hope, and he shamelessly said “so, so being in a relationship won’t affect my grades!”

“Old Su, take a look, English, Mathematics, and Language are the first in the level!” Zhang Xue was now taking Su Ke’s words into consideration, and she sat beside Su You Fu, both of them staring at the report card, feeling the urge to check if it was real. 

“That’s right, it’s the first in the whole level, Dad, Mom, I’m confident that I can give you two good grades in my college entrance exams, I won’t let the both of you down!” making a solemn vow, his whole face serious, Su Ke stole a glance at Zhang Xue’s expression as he talked. After all, the one thing that was important to the success of his mission was currently in her hands. 

“You didn’t cheat, did you?” Su You Fu and Zhang Xue both said almost in unison. 

“I promise that’s real, I’m not lying!”

Su Ke patted his chest hurriedly, trying to set their mind at ease. 

“Good job kid, you did well on your test, great improvement!”

The wrinkles on Su You Fu’s face seemed to smoothen out for a moment, and beside him, Zhang Xue was even nodding her head in agreement.

“Then can you return that thing to me now?” Su Ke had a firm expression, with the appearance of an outstanding student, but once said that sentence, his face immediately turned red, and his voice sounded weak. 

“I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t mention it!”

Zhang Xue was caught unprepared from the earlier joyous moment, and completely forgot about Su Ke’s offense, but now that it was mentioned, she immediately frowned. “You have a girlfriend now?”

“En” Su Ke lowered his head, looking at his feet, and he had no choice but to admit it.

“The two of you…the two of you didn’t do any other things?” Zhang Xue sounded a little unnatural as she asked this question. 

“En? What other things?” for a moment, Su Ke did not understand what his mother was saying. 

Su You Fu felt his wife elbowing him, and he explained “what your mother means is, did you do any bad things? Basically, did you two have any sexual relations!” 

“No, we didn’t!” Upon hearing that, Su Ke immediately shook his head like a rattle, trying to prove his innocence. 

“You’ve already brought home her underwear, you’re sure you didn’t do any bad things?” Su You Fu stared into Su Ke’s eyes, trying to get any information from his eyes. 

“E! I really didn’t, I swear!” Su Ke felt that this issue was getting bigger and bigger, but he had to hold on, as the punishment for stealing the forbidden fruit was even worse, and his face was extremely awkward. 

“Hu!” Zhang Xue let out a sigh of relief. “It’s good that you didn’t!” 

Su Ke was always very well-behaved at home. Su You Fu and Zhang Xue both believed that their son was not lying to them, and they finally felt relieved. Of course, this was also because Su Ke was a male, and if anything really happened, he would not be at much of a disadvantage. 

“Mom!” Su Ke took a deep breath and resolutely said, “that thing, can you give it to me now!”

“No!” Zhang Xue immediately shut down Su Ke, and looking at Su Ke’s foolish expression, she started laughing. “I am not too opposed to you dating, as long as your grades improve, and you can score well, then it’s fine by me, how about this! Bring over your girlfriend tomorrow night and let me meet her, then I’ll return it to you!”

“Ah?” Su Ke was startled, and his mouth was open so wide that a chicken egg could be stuffed in it. Bring his girlfriend home? Ignoring the fact that he had to go and beg Hong Chen for help, but an office worker dating a third-year student, in his parent’s eyes, this was definitely not reasonable!

“Ah what? Tomorrow I’ll close up shop with your dad earlier and cook some good food for you two!” after speaking, Zhang Xue pulled Su You Fu up and walked out.

Just as he was about to walk out the door, Su Ke saw his father look over to him, with an expression in his eyes that seemed as though he was very interested to meet this future daughter-in-law, Su Ke was slightly depressed, and he directly laid down on the bed. 

Early in the morning, staring with panda eyes, Su Ke got to school in a daze. Last night he was constantly tossing and turning around like a pancake, each and every woman that he knew floating around in front of his eyes! 

Wei Lan who was in the same school as him, Li Fei Fei, Liu Qing Qing, and even Ren Tian appeared. 

Zheng Mo from Wei Hai school and the intern journalist Hong Chen hovered around. 

From Fang Fei Yi’s side, there was Lin Xiao Bai, Du Wan, Qin Zheng, and Luo Fei Yan, all of them flashing in front of his eyes one at a time.

Su Ke did not know, and only after counting was he shocked, he did not realize that he was now suddenly associated with so many women, but among all of them, the only ones that he could bring home are those that are from his own school, as this was the only reasonable choice.

Ren Tian definitely couldn’t make it, so he passed her first, as she would not mix well with her family at all.

He also had to rule out Liu Qing Qing, if he brought her to his house, then that would be it. Currently, the way he felt for her was mostly like a younger sister only.

Wei Lan was also out of the question. She had a very gentle disposition, and their relationship was currently slightly hazy, but she was too easily embarrassed. If she knew that he was inviting her over for dinner, he was afraid that he would not be able to even ask her.

Li Fei Fei?

Once he thought of this name, Lin Fei Fei’s campus belle appearance jumped out at him. Her tall stature, bright black long hair, pretty face full of youthful vitality, but also possessing a fiery temperament. If he was looking for a girl to pass off as his girlfriend, Li Fei Fei was the perfect one. 

Not to mention that ever since the last time when he kissed her, she was slowly adopting the role, and if he asked her over for dinner, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Filled with worry, Su Ke appeared dejected. Just as he opened the door, Wang Xiao Gang eagerly ran over. “Su Ke, the teacher wants you to go to the principal’s office!”

Su Ke was already bewildered, and when he heard that, he was immediately even more confused, and he was thinking in his mind: surely I did not do anything bad these past few days! Could it be that Hong Chen noticed that her lace underwear was missing, and came to make a report at the school?

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