Volume 3 Chapter 130: The Sound of Conflict in Henrietta’s Magic Tools Shop

Olsylvia Academy East Campus, Olivia Wizard Academy Society’s Activity Center, Latimore Business District, Henrietta’s Magic Tools Shop.

This ancient magic tools shop’s proprietor didn’t belong to the human race but was a member of the Silver Dragon Race.

Amongst the dragon races, the Silver Dragon Race’s reputation was built on magic. Rumor has it that the owner of this shop was a part of the Silver Dragon Race’s royal bloodline. This was also the Dragon Race’s only magic tools shop left in Olsylvia Academy. Compared to a human-run magic tools shop, like Sharon House’s shop, the quality of goods in this shop was much higher.

“Hello miss, our shop’s rules state that a Knight’s followers and underlings are not allowed inside the shop. These ladies may not enter.”

At the front door of the shop, two door-guards blocked Bella’s group. Bella looked carefully at the two guards. After carefully taking a glance at the guards, she concluded that these two youths, sporting short silver hair, were not humans. A Demon King was very sensitive to the scent of the human race.

These two fellows blocking them were most likely the members of the Dragon Race. Although they were speaking the human language, their pronunciation and inflection were very awkward. The arrogant Dragon Race basically couldn’t be bothered to learn the human language. If it weren’t necessary for the business, they probably wouldn’t even know it.

These two Silver Dragon Race youths had a very handsome appearance. Bella thought that they could be placed into the top-twenty most handsome guys of Olysylvia Academy. It was too bad that Bella had zero interest towards males; she was more interested in Dragon Race beauties.

“This… Bella, are those your followers? If they are, then even I can’t help you.”

Serena turned around and looked at the two “followers” behind Bella. With this glance, she saw the previously unnoticed robbery. On Elaine and Ariel’s exposed hands, she saw several precious special rings.

According to the rules set down by the various human empires, followers and servants were not normally allowed to possess these many spatial storage rings. These two girls were wearing more spatial storage rings than a standard servant.

However, because of this, Serena’s tone changed into a querying one. She was embarrassed to realize that she had mistaken Ariel and Elaine as Bella’s servants.

“They aren’t servants, they’re allowed inside, my brothers.”

“I’m sorry, but unless they are magic professionals or knights, they will not be allowed to enter. Their bodies don’t even possess the slightest hint of magic…”

Before the two arrogant Dragon Race guardsmen could finish their sentences, they were pressed tightly against the shop’s walls by two Wind Walls. Ariel had her right hand raised toward them; a wave of fierce Phoenix Magic had swelled from the illusory magic gate behind her.

“Arcana Gate… You are…”

“I-I am Bella’s maid, my name isn’t important. Are you satisfied with this answer, fellow student Serena?”

“That umm… I was mistaken, I’m truly sorry!”

The Arcana Gate was also known as the Magic Gate. This wasn’t an ability that a normal mage could use. Ariel’s demonstration of this ability cemented her superiority over both Serena and Sylvia. Those two could not use the Magic Gate. In fact, in the entirety of Olysylvia Magic Academy, the number of students who could use it could be counted on one hand.

Ariel wasn’t merely limited to a single Magic Gate either. She had demonstrated mastery over every single Magic Gate for Bella. Her magic arts were several times more diverse than even Magic Dragon Knight Lisha’s. If she were to show off her full potential at this moment, she’d probably smash Serena and Sylvia’s self-confidence into smithereens.

“Miss Honorable Mage, please forgive our previous delay. Let’s drop this maid joke already!”

“I’m a member of Bella’s family, and I also take care of some maid-related duties. I wasn’t joking, furthermore, I’m a very serious person. I wouldn’t use this kind of thing as a joke.”

While Ariel said to Serena and the others, she was also subtly pledging allegiance to Bella. During this entire conflict, Bella maintained a faint smile on her face, giving the silent confirmation to Ariel’s statement. Elena stood silently to the side. If Ariel hadn’t attacked, then the Puppet Silk in Elena’s hand would’ve struck.

Bella’s group ignored the two poor fellows at the door and walked straight into the Henrietta Magic Tools Shop. Ariel’s Wind Magic faded with the closing of that Magic Gate. After the wind magic faded, the two Silver Dragon Race youths traded shocked glances.

As the members of the magically talented Silver Dragon Race, they could perceive more than a human mage. Earlier, Serena’s Wind Arcana Gate had revealed far more to the two of them than it had to Serena and Sylvia.

“Owen, did you see? That female mage wasn’t limited to only one Magic Gate. It is impossible for humans to possess that many Magic Gates; something like this has never appeared in the history of mankind.”

“Neil, I almost think that she isn’t a human. Forget it, Princess and the Prince of the Red Dragon Race are still inside, we’d better not disturb them. We’ll report this later.”

Latimore Business District. Henrietta Magic Tools Shop, Main Hall.

This wasn’t the first magic tools shop that Bella had visited. She had spent some time at the Sharon House’s Magic Tools Shop and knew her way around a bit. The layout inside Henrietta’s Magic Tool’s Shop and the Sharon House were rather similar.

A well-equipped mage would be sure to have the following: magic staff, mage’s hat, battle treasure, mage’s boots, magic book (Grimoire), and magic crystals. As for the extras like pets, contracted summons, mounts, magic scrolls, various rings, necklaces, and earrings, these would depend on the wealth of the mage and would often be borrowed from a collective pool.

The magic tools weren’t cheap, not even the basic items. In fact, amongst the magic professions, the profession as a mage was only considered entry-level. If one wanted to rank up to a wizard, one had to prepare a set of magic wizard tools which included rare items like the cursed voodoo doll.

All the items displayed on the shelves had shocking price tags. Even the lowest of the prices were marked in the golden ingots. For the greedy Dragon Race, mere gold coins could no longer satisfy their hoarding desires; rather the shine of a golden ingot was much more pleasing to their eyes.

A single golden ingot was worth at least 100 gold coins, no wonder there were so few customers at this shop. It turned out that it was a bright and proud “black shop”. In the main hall, there wasn’t even the shadow of a person outside of Bella’s group.

Though the quality of the goods within Henrietta’s Magic Tool Shop was very high, the prices were way too expensive. Plus, the descriptions next to the items were all in the Dragon language, there wasn’t a single sentence in human language.

Perhaps the lack of human language was to prevent bargaining. After all, if you didn’t understand the description, how could you effectively bargain?

Bella’s current mastery over the Dragon Race’s language was at the stage of speaking and listening, she couldn’t read or write yet. Although Olysylvia Academy offered a course on the Dragon language, Bella had not taken the course. All of her knowledge on the subject came from Princess Laceman of the Golden Dragon Race.

After undergoing Bella’s various means of “bullying”, Laceman had taught Bella all she knew about the Dragon Race’s spoken language, and Bella had quickly become fluent.

Henrietta’s Magic Tool Shop organized its magic tools into three sections: Equipment, Pets, and Accessories. Bella thought that it was very similar to the online games of her past life. The goods in this shop were vastly superior to the ones she had seen on the street stalls on her way here.

However, the pricing was a little awkward. A grimoire was at least ten gold ingots, and not a single piece of magic equipment was priced under ten gold ingots. A thousand gold coins for a single piece of equipment, this was worse than broad daylight robbery! Even a tyrant like Bella felt that it was too expensive, let alone an average mage.

“There is no such thing as a poor mage.”

This phrase was written on the walls of the Mage’s Guild, which Bella finally understood. Thank goodness she was a Knight. Although knights also burned money, when compared to a mage, it was merely a fraction of the cost.

“Louis, don’t come here to bother me anymore. This is my family’s shop. Don’t you know how annoying you are!”

“Isabel, don’t be angry. In the future, this will be my family’s shop anyways, we’re all family here…”

“Louis! Who are you saying is your family?! Please leave!”

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“Isabel, just stop struggling. Our families’ old heads have already met, this matter is already decided.”

Looking over, Bella saw the owner of the shop, standing behind a nearby counter. It was the princess of the Silver Dragon Race, Isabel. She was currently arguing with Prince Louis of the Red Dragon Race. Since the two were arguing in the royal dialect of the Dragon Language, not even Serena – who had been translating the labels for Bella, understood what they were talking about.

The Royal Dragon Language was based on an entirely different system than the Common Dragon language. It was a highly guarded secret of the Dragon Race. The version that human professors taught at the academy was naturally the Common Dragon language.

Although Serena the “Translator” couldn’t understand them, Bella could. She had learned it from Princess Laceman, who had buckled under Bella’s “flowery” torture methods and taught her the exclusive language of the Dragon Race Royals.

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Princess Laceman never realized that she would end up screwing over her royal sister Isabel. In the future when Bella infiltrates the Dragon Races, her mastery over the royal dialect would lead to her stunning success.

Naturally, Isabel, being the princess of the Silver Dragon Race, possessed a flowing waterfall of pure silver hair. Out of all the silver-haired beauties that Bella had seen, her’s was the purest silver. Her eyes were the same as Holy Swordsman Cynthia’s true eyes as well, a pure silver.

Isabel and Holy Swordsman Cynthia looked so similar that Bella might’ve mistaken her for Cynthia had Bella not heard her speak beforehand.

‘That, um, handsome red-head bothering Isabel must be the Prince of the Scarlet Dragon Race,’ thought Bella.

Scarlet Dragons were also known as Red Dragons, and they were basically the fire dragons. Using scarlet as their moniker was purely an attempt at pointless sophistry.

Amongst the Dragon Races, the fire dragons were present in abundance. Most of the human Dragon Knights rode fire dragons as well. Their power amongst the Dragon Races was very strong.

Compared to the Red Dragons, the rare Silver Dragon Race was in a much weaker position. In fact, Louis was openly bullying Isabel in her own house, and there was nothing she could do.

As she glared at Louis, this bastard that was harassing her in her own home, Isabel felt a helpless fury. If her girlfriend Princess Laceman were her, this stinky dragon would never dare to bother her.

In the past, every time Louis had come to start trouble, he’d always be sent packing by Princess Laceman. But ever since she had mysteriously disappeared, Louis had taken advantage of her absence to come to harass Isabel.

The patriarch of the Silver Dragon Race, Isabel’s father, had started urging her to get married to Louis ever since Princess Laceman had disappeared. He would say that if she didn’t get married and suddenly disappeared like Princess Laceman, then the royal family of the Silver Dragon Race would be doomed.

Right at this moment, Isabel spotted Bella’s group. She noticed that a beautiful golden-haired knight had been staring in her direction this entire time. Seeing the expression on her face, it seemed as if she had somehow understood her conversation with Louis. Subconsciously, Isabel believed that Bella had understood them.

“Hey Boss Lady, aren’t you running a black shop here! Why is this grimoire so expensive?”

Bella walked closer to the counter and started talking to Isabel in the common Dragon language. Behind Bella, Elena and Ariel watched closely. Although they hadn’t taken Dragon Language as their foreign language course, they knew that there would be plenty of excitement as soon as Bella started talking to this silver-haired beauty.

Serena and Sylvia both glared at Bella. Wasn’t she foreign to the Dragon Language! How come her accent was even better than theirs. Serena received a large blow, she regretted being so friendly to Bella earlier. She had worked her ass off all day as a translator, now it seemed that she had worked for no reason.

Thinking up to here, Serena was so frustrated that she wanted to sneak away. However, Sylvia seemed to have read her mind and reached over to hold her hand, giving her a reassuring look. This helped calm Serena down, and she revealed a grateful smile to Sylvia.

Unfortunately, Sylvia’s heart had already “blackened”. She simply didn’t want Serena to escape, otherwise, Bella wouldn’t be able to “eat up” Serena. She didn’t want to be the only victim of Bella’s “bullying” anymore, she wanted to drag Serena down with her. At this moment, Sylvia became Bella’s accomplice.

“Customer, m-my shop’s goods are priced as such. Don’t be unreasonable!”

Seeing Bella’s knight’s armor and equipment, Isabel felt a wave of frustration in her heart. It was already chaotic enough with Louis here starting problems. Now a bunch of unreasonable female knights had shown up too. Was today her unlucky day!

If it weren’t for the fact that Bella could speak the Dragon Language, and might be a Dragon Knight, Isabel would’ve ignored her. Isabel was running a Magic Tools Shop, a knight coming in here and complaining about the prices was completely out of line.

Bella completely ignored Louis’s questioning glance as she walked past. She came up to Isabel, reached over, and forcefully pulled Isabel from her seat in front of her.

“You… what are you trying to do, I’m the…”

“Shh, be quiet. Help me put on this act if you want to get rid of this annoying fellow.”

Bella tilted her body and pressed up against Isabel and whispered to her in the Royal Dragon language. After hearing her speak, Isabel stopped struggling and fell still, and the entire Henrietta Magic Tools Shop fell still as well.

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