Volume 3 Chapter 129: Society Mission Of Latimore Business District Part 2

In the Latimore Business District, as there were numerous shops along the streets, if there were nobody experienced leading the way, it would be relatively troublesome to find the place the person wanted to go. Bella’s main profession was a knight, and she did not really understand the magic artifacts.

However, Elaine and Ariel had not been to Latimore Business District before as they were foreign magicians and were practically aliens. Their magic artifacts should be brought over by themselves from the other dimension. Bella brought them here hoping that they could help to lead the way; this hope was already shattered.
Fortunately, Bella had a large harem and could also meet someone familiar over here. At a certain position on the streets, a sharp-eyed Bella noticed someone familiar. The familiar person was Maiden Mage Sylvia with the nickname of “Deep Blue Four Heads”. At the same time, Sylvia also noticed Bella.
It was probably because of her deep impression of Bella that after this famous iceberg-type maiden, who treated people coldly, saw Bella, she nearly thought of running away. Last weekend, at the rooftop garden, which was located at the top of the dormitory building, this female devil had bullied her till she could not get out of bed for two days. It was too hateful.
Unfortunately, Sylvia did not manage to run away. Her body was already “specially imprinted” by Bella. Even if she ran to the ends of the earth, Bella still had ways to know her location. Moreover, her fellow maiden was also there; she could not just abandon her little comrade and escape!

“Sylvia, this is so coincidental, you are here too!”
“Oh, Duchess Bellina, you… Hello, Bella.”
Sylvia had wanted to act unfamiliar with Bella, but unexpectedly, Bella rushed to secretly start the “slave collar” on her neck. A wave of indescribable pleasure spread over Sylvia’s body; she was so scared that she changes the way she addressed Bella.
“Sylvia, what happen to you! Do you know this knight?”
“Serena, this is my… my friend, Knight Bella.”

Serena, one of the Top Five Mage Belles in Aldridge Empire of Arcana, also known as “Scarlet Red Five Pages”. This maiden mage had a head of beautiful fiery-red hair. She was an expert in the fire attribute which was the exact opposite of Sylvia’s magic. The reason that the two became friends and not opponents was probably because of Serena’s temperament.
“If that’s the case, hello Bella, I am Sylvia’s friend, Serena, a mage of the fire attribute, please guide me.”
“Oh, Serena, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Sylvia, why didn’t you introduce your good friend to me.”
Serena did not have the haughtiness of a typical mage; she enthusiastically reached out to shake hands with Bella. If it were other mages, they would not do a thing like that would have lower their identity. If it was not that Sylvia had been “claimed” by Bella, it was estimated that she would not have given Bella a good look too. The mages’ mysterious haughtiness had originated from a long time ago, it would be hard to change in such a short time.
Serena’s palm was exceptionally warm; it was not clear if it was because she practiced the fire attribute. According to the information from the parallel world, Serena did not appear in the world over there. In other words, this beautiful mage sister was undoubtedly one of Bella’s destined people.

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After that, regardless of Sylvia’s various hints or meaningful glances from the side, she naturally agreed to the request of leading Bella and her group. Sylvia had something to say but she was unable to speak; she wanted to remind Serena several times to stay away from Bella, who was a dangerous person. If she was to be too close to her, she would be “eaten up”.
After Bella used a very special threatening gaze, Sylvia then quietened down and accepted the current situation. Her body still had Bella’s “shackles”. If Bella really wanted to stir trouble, Sylvia had no ways to resist.
In a hidden corner of the neighborhood of Latimore Business District, a few mysterious people were following Bella and her group secretly. They were hidden in the crowd and wearing clothes of junior mages. This type of clothes, which did not point out the attribute of a mage, were a relatively common outfit among mages.
“We have discovered our target, Captain, do we…”

“Continue to wait, there are too many people over here, wait for a place with fewer people, then…”
What a pity, what a beautiful gold-haired maiden, such a young age… Captain, if we’re successful in our assassination, can you leave the body behind for me to handle?”
“You, this fella, thinking of raping… it’s already a corpse, forget it, after we succeed then you may do as you wish…”
The captain of the assassination team seemed to be very prudent; the assassination mission this time belonged to the highest level mission of the organization. The boss behind the scenes wanted to spend a hundred thousand gold coins at least. Using a hundred thousand gold coins to kill a person was considered sky-high price. Many lords of small dukedoms did not have that much income.
According to their information, this time the assassination target of the mission was a certain duchess who possessed the skill of a holy knight. In accordance with the professional standard of assassination in the organization, the highest target was the holy knight. The assassination missions of dragon knight level were not normally accepted because the success rate of assassinating a dragon knight was very low.
Also, every dragon knight had inseparable connections with the Octavia Empire. The actions of assassinating a dragon knight would be tantamount to declaring war with the Octavia Empire. No matter how strong the organization was, it would not be enough to contend against the five big empires in the human race.
It was regretful to say that the information this time had some errors. The target’s strength was at least the level of dragon knight; the mission this time was bound to fail. These assassins were not aware that the mission this time would be the last mission in their career.
Bella did not know that they were already being attentively watched by people as assassin Noreya was not with them. Without bringing an assassin along, the majority of professions in the human race basically had no ways to detect assassins who were moving stealthily and shadowing from a distant place, unless they had special detecting treasures.

Along the Latimore Business District, the biggest magic artifact emporium was the Henrietta. This emporium was known as the first emporium in the whole continent. Inside were all kinds of precious magic artifacts. If the artifact was not available in this shop then the other human race emporium would not have either.

But, Henrietta Magical Emporium was not part of Sharon’s family property. Sharon was one of Bella’s dormitory roommates. This let Bella feel slightly depressed as the various kinds of discount coupons that she had gotten from Sharon were useless. The other large-scale magical emporiums of the human race basically recognized Sharon’s family discount card.
Only the Henrietta Magical Emporium did not recognize Sharon’s family discount card. This was practically asking for trouble! Bella should also not blame Serena who was enthusiastic in leading the way as she was the one who wanted to go to the best Emporium to purchase magic artifacts. Since she was the one asking for this, she would need to finish the whole show even in tears.
“Let’s go, Serena! Let Bella and her group look around themselves.”
“Sylvia, that’s not correct. Bella only brought along two knight attendants. They also do not know the price of magic artifacts. If they are cheated, then it would not be good!”
“Serena, you are so nice, then we will continue to trouble you for a while.”
“Don’t mention it, a friend of Sylvia is also a friend of mine. This behind the scenes boss of this emporium doesn’t seem to be of the human race. I am worried that all of you don’t understand the language of the other race.”
Sylvia’s escape plan was fruitless once again. She glanced at Serena who was explaining passionately and thought in her heart that this was probably destiny. Since Serena did not want to leave, then she might as well help Bella to drag her into the water, then both of them would be “real” friends.
Sylvia did not realize that the change in her mentality was the beginning of her corruption. On the other hand, Elaine and Ariel were slightly speechless. Considering magical achievements, their skills far exceeded Serena. How did they suddenly turn into Bella’s knight attendants!  

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