Volume 3 Chapter 129: Society Mission Of Latimore Business District Part 1

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In the eastern part of Olsylvia Academy; in the activity area of Olivia Wizard Academy, Latimore Business District. This business district was acclaimed as a paradise for Mages. All shops on the entire street were selling goods that were related to the Profession of Magic.

As Bella walked along Latimore street, she kept on recalling the words that President Charlotte of The Wronged Angels Society had told her the previous weekend. At that time, Charlotte did not specify to Bella the history of her camp till the end.
In the parallel world that was already damaged, the harem that had a close relationship with Bella did not leave behind any sign of existence. According to Charlotte’s explanation, the World Line had already changed because of Bella. The reason that the girls did not appear in another world could basically be concluded that they and Bella were brought together by destiny.
With regards to whether Charlotte’s judgement was accurate, for the time being Bella could not give any answer. Regardless, the fully wiped out ending of the parallel world would not happen again. As for what the revised ending would be, it was still an unsolved mystery.
But Charlotte, given as she was in the other world, could not see it for the time being. After she had sent Bella back to the present, she stayed in the world over there. This was the only thing that Bella regretted as Charlotte could obviously be a pretty good sister. Why she insisted on the identity of being a pseudo-lady, Bella really could not understand.
“Bella, what are you thinking about?”
“Nothing much, Ariel. Oh, do you believe in fate?”
“I have never believed in things like fate. Are you really alright? Why the sudden care about fate, this kind of illusory thing?”
Ariel, who came visiting Latimore Business District with Bella, felt baffled towards Bella’s question. Bella looked at the dormitory roommate who draped a large cloak over her shoulders to hide her real appearance and her heart felt apprehensive.
According to the scenario message that Bella had got from the Parallel World, the first human empire that was wiped out was the Aldridge Empire of the east continent which was a country of magic. The importance of mages in the battlefield had caused them to be the first target of the demon kings.

Although the World Line was different, Bella was still worried whether some of the situations over here would still be the same as the world over there. Although Ariel was not an important person in the Aldridge Empire, in any case, she was still one of the members of the royal family. Even if nobody noticed her, she was still a princess.
“Ariel, how about this, please don’t be quick to hurry back to your home country this semester holiday. Stay by my side… I need you.”
“Oh, you… What are you saying, please repeat it again, I couldn’t hear you!”
“I said… please be careful when you are returning to your home country after the semester. I won’t be sending you off.”
“So annoying, that’s not what you said just now! This bad person, again… you’ve made me angry. Bella, couldn’t you pretend to believe my lie!”
Sylvia’s reverse psychological flirting technique was no match for Bella’s new flirting technique, and she was defeated quickly. The street had high human traffic, so she could not openly act coquettishly with Bella.
“I say, could you two be more solemn. In any case, we are doing a mission to accumulate points for the society. Bella, I have nowhere to go during the holidays! Do you want to … That, I am saying, I have more free time during the holidays. You see…”
“Elaine, you… Obviously I was first, why is it like that!”
“Enough, both of you please be quiet. Let’s discuss this question when we go back!”
Bella had received new missions that would get points at the Society Activity Centre of the Olsylvia Academy today. After thinking things through, she decided to bring a few comrades along to do the mission. Coincidentally, Elaine and Sylvia had no lessons today so Bella invited them along.
Rose Society did not have enough points. Although they had a new territory, which was the McPherson Monastery, it was not enough. To be in the top ten ranked societies in Olsylvia Academy, it could not be justified with just one territory. Missions like earning points could not be neglected.
The society mission this time also belonged to the rare Great Master level mission because the amount of points received was almost cheating. Before Bella took over this mission of gathering specific magic artifacts, nobody wanted to do it.
The price of the magic artifacts were relatively more expensive and some artifacts could not be bought with money. On top of that, the points awarded for the society’s mission were too low. The sick method of using money, it was believed that other than a tyrant, nobody would do this.

At the Latimore Business District, the streets on both sides were filled with shops of magic artifacts. All kinds of magic artifacts were displayed on the sales counter, a dazzling lineup of goods. The even more flabbergasting thing was that the price of magic artifacts were all using gold coins.
“Large volumes of magic books on discount! Pedestrians, please do not miss this opportunity. One book is only one hundred gold coins; all at one hundred gold coins.”
“The magic crystal ball is selling at a loss of sixty gold coins each; buy three and you will get two free. The more you buy, the further they’ll be discounted. If you miss it today, you will regret it for life.”
“The Magic Beast House Pet Egg has just arrived. Do not hesitate anymore, those who pass by, please come in and take a look! If you are not buying, you are also welcome to come in to take a look. If you come into the shop and could not find a Magic Beast House Pet Egg which is to your liking, then take it as my loss.”
Along the way, the calls from various merchants kept lingering in the ears. If they just toned down a little and were not so intimidating, Bella might have just gone over to take a look. One had to admit that the magic type profession was truly one that cost money.

Comparing to the magic type professions, the knight did not spend so much and it had belonged to the physical combat type profession which burnt the most money. A knight profession with complete equipment, unless they were a Dragon Knight, the cost would not be comparable to a mage of the same level.
In Bella’s impression, basically the Holy Knight’s whole body equipment, together with a mount, would not cost a hundred gold coins, which was an excessive amount. Twenty or thirty gold coins would be enough. A gold coin could be exchanged for ten thousand copper coins; a copper coin would be equal to a dollar in her previous life.
A magic book costed the sky-high price of a million dollars. This type of magic book even belonged to those ordinary goods that were laid on the street for sale. Thinking of this, Bella also slightly regretted that she snapped the White Jade Magic Scepter of Pope McPherson. The value of that thing did not look like it was just a hundred gold coins.
The peddlers along the street did not notice Bella’s arrival. All along, the mages had a mysterious haughtiness towards other professions. Even if it was the “tyrant profession” knight that was among the physical combat type professions, they looked down on them in their hearts.
Currently, Bella was wearing a normal knight armor; in the Latimore Business District, which was mage profession territory, she looked especially weird. Following behind her was Princess Elaine and Ariel. Because they were wearing big brown cloaks that were used to cover their appearance, the outsiders thought they were Bella’s knight entourage.

Bella did not care about how outsiders looked at her; in any case she was not poor either. The mission of accumulating points for the society was to request three Magic Artifacts for the Society Activity Centre. They were the “Departed Spirits’ Overture”, the “Pure Black Crystal Ball” and the “Black Dragon’s Egg”, respectively. Each item could earn them a hundred points in the society; there was no time limit and no failure penalty.
A reward of a hundred points was considered high but it still could not conceal the cheating attributes of this mission. Before this, Bella specifically went to ask the relevant people; in Sharon’s family shop, these few artifacts were not for sale.
Furthermore, Sharon’s face was slightly cautious at that time. She secretly told Bella that these few magic artifacts belonged to the “prohibited articles” in the Aldridge Empire of country of magic.
Towards the moral principle of Society Activity Centre, Bella really begged to differ. Such an immoral mission they dared to announce. She was really “impressed”. Later, Bella then realized that she was too young. In the missions from the Society Activity Centre, there were even worse immoral missions compared to this gathering of magic artifacts.

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