Chapter 350: Strength of the Dragon Elephant

“The Nine Revolution Purple Qi Field and the Clear Sky Sword Field restricted a portion of his power. Even if I don’t use my trump cards, I would still be able to instantly kill a class 4 demon. If I activate the Bronze Sword Essence, I should be able to battle against a 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artist or clash with them for a moment. But once I use the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique and the Clear Sky Sword Art, I will have the absolute advantage even if I am facing a 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.”

After some analysis, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist roughly knew about his own strength.

His strength was around the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm, but it was still unknown if he could go against a martial artist at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm.

Which meant to say, his current strength was sufficient to dominate the East Unicorn Continent during peaceful times.

It was a pity that it wasn’t peaceful times now.

”The Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern and the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern would be depleted with every use. They are not long-term solutions.” Li Fuchen had a bitter expression.

Withdrawing his bitter expression, Li Fuchen walked towards the brown-robed elder’s corpse.

The thing that first came into his sights was the token on the waist of this brown-robed elder.

There were two words on it… Iron River.

“So he is a Supreme Elder of the Iron River Sect.” Li Fuchen lifted his brows.

The Iron River Sect was a second-rate sect just like the Heaven Fiend Sect. But the sect had two 4th level Reincarnation Realm experts and were slightly superior to the Heaven Fiend Sect.

Ignoring the token, Li Fuchen searched for the brown-robed elder’s storage bag.

Soon enough, a gold-threaded storage bag landed in Li Fuchen’s hand.

This storage bag had a very large space inside which was around three meters and could store many things.

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There were plenty of miscellaneous things inside. There were a few tens of millions of gold coins, a few mystic class peak-tier metals, bottles of elixirs, and there was even a bottle of class 5 demonic beast essence blood.

Apart from all those things, the most valuable things were the low-grade spirit stones.

There were at least over 2000 low-grade spirit stones inside the brown-robed elder’s bag, which was ten times more than Li Fuchen.

“He is indeed a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.” Li Fuchen revealed an elated look.

During these years, he had used up many of his low-grade spirit stones which was originally around 500 in stock. Right now, he had only slightly more than 200 low-grade spirit stones. He required low-grade spirit stones for cultivation and also to breakthrough to the Reincarnation Realm. The cultivation of the Sect Origin Swords also required low-grade spirit stones. Furthermore, he had gifted plenty of low-grade spirit stones to others as well and naturally didn’t have many of them left.

“With these over 2000 low-grade spirit stones, it should be enough for me to cultivate until the Reincarnation Realm.”

During the breakthrough of cultivation realms, one required a huge amount of heaven and earth energy, especially when breaking through to the Reincarnation Realm.

Without relying on the low-grade spirit stones and only by absorbing heaven and earth energy, the cultivation speed would be much slower and a lot of time would be required to stabilize the cultivation realm after breaking through.

Leaving the small valley, Li Fuchen continued to search the Black Sky Sect’s inner sect district.

Most of the arrays in the inner sect district had already been neutralized. That small valley was extremely concealed, hence, Li Fuchen was fortunate enough to chance upon it.

Most importantly, no one could fly inside the Black Sky Sect’s ruin and they would inevitably miss something.

If flight was permitted, one could fly up in the sky and easily see which places had been missed out.

With the powerful awareness, Li Fuchen’s scouting radius was much further than Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

When he passed by a garden, Li Fuchen immediately yelled out. In the next moment, the array’s power exploded and the surrounding scenery changed greatly.

“This place is?”

After reappearing, Li Fuchen noticed he had arrived at a grassland.

“This is a sealing trap array?” Li Fuchen had a rather awful expression.

Sealing trap arrays were the most pestering arrays. It could pull someone into the array’s illusion world.

Furthermore, the array’s illusion world was different from a regular illusion world. As long as one had powerful spirit willpower, one would be able to ignore or be immune to regular illusion worlds. The array’s illusion world was created with the power of the array and it wasn’t enough to see through it, the victim had to personally destroy it too.

Li Fuchen didn’t expect the garden to have a sealing tray array. Otherwise, he would never have walked through it.

“This patch of grassland should be created by the power of the array. It can be considered real or fake.” Li Fuchen lowered his head and in his vision, the grass and the mud looked illusionary.

After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen lifted his legs and chose a direction to walk in.

Since the illusion world didn’t have a huge impact on him, he simply had to find the flaw of the array and break it, and he would be able to walk out.

But it depended on luck. After all, when one was inside an array’s illusion world, the difficulty to find the flaw of the array would be at least ten times harder.

It was unknown how long Li Fuchen had been walking but he still couldn’t find a single flaw.


All of a sudden, there was a storm at the front and it was tumbling with demonic qi.

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“It’s a class 5 demonic beast?” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes.

It was obvious. Apart from him, there was a class 5 demonic beast that was also trapped over there.

“Damn. I have to get out.”

This class 5 low-tier demonic beast was a Golden Horn Beast. It was over a few hundred feet in size and was extremely frantic.

It didn’t know how long it had been trapped in this place. It might have been one day, one month, or even one year. The array’s illusion world had screwed up its sense of time and it was impossible to clearly know how much time had elapsed.

From far away, the Golden Horn Beast saw a human figure.

“Bring me out.”

The Golden Horn Beast flew towards the human figure.

Li Fuchen shrugged and said, “Apologies. If I can go out, I wouldn’t stay inside this place.”

“Since you cannot bring me out, then you shall die.”

The Golden Horn Beast used its claw and swung at Li Fuchen, creating multiple horrific golden claw shadows.

Shifting back, Li Fuchen avoided this claw attack.

“Die, die!”

The Golden Horn Beast attacked in a frenzy but it got even more frustrating. No matter how it attacked, it was unable to make contact with Li Fuchen.

“Why?” The Golden Horn Beast couldn’t understand.

“Because I am not affected by the illusion world.” Li Fuchen grinned.

The victims that were affected by the illusion world would have errors in their senses. If both of them had errors in senses, they might somehow hit each other, but, Li Fuchen’s senses were very accurate. Thus, in his eyes, the Golden Horn Beast’s attack were no threat to him and he simply had to shift a little to avoid them.

“This is unfair.”

The Golden Horn Beast was unable to control its emotions as it continued to attack Li Fuchen.

“Just right. I can test my current strength.”

Li Fuchen drew the blacklight sword and activated the 5-star secret technique, Shadow of Scarlet. While the True Inferno Technique Intent and Inferno Sword Intent pervaded, Li Fuchen used his sword to slash on the Golden Horn Beast’s body.


There was a burst of sparks and the Golden Horn Beast was completely unharmed.

“The Golden Horn Beast’s strength is probably comparable to a 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artists. It seems like I will not be able to harm it unless I reveal some trump cards.”

Dispersing the Shadow of Scarlet, Li Fuchen’s true inferno qi was transmuted to bronze sword qi. He then slashed at the Golden Horn Beast’s body again.


This time, the Golden Horn Beast was injured as few dozen-feet long wound was opened up on the rib area.

But to this few hundred feet long Golden Horn Beast, this injury was nothing. After the demonic qi covered the wound, the bloodied wound started to close up quickly.

“As expected. After activating the Bronze Sword Essence, my strength is enough to clash with a martial artist at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm. But if I want to kill the Golden Horn Beast, there is still some difficulty.”

At similar strength levels, demonic beasts were much harder to kill than humans.

Demonic beasts had massive bodies and a fatal injury to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist would just be a small wound on the demonic beast’s body.

“Sect Origin Swords!”

After backing off, Li Fuchen activated the Sect Origin Swords and combined it together with the Bronze Sword Essence. The Sect Origin Swords qi transmuted into Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi. Tens of thousands of Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi filled up the sky and covered the sun.


Over a thousand Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi gathered and with a thought in his mind, Li Fuchen cleaved the bronze giant sword at the Golden Horn Beast.


This time, a front limb of the Golden Horn Beast was severed.

The burst of power after stacking the 5-star and 6-star secret techniques was rather dreadful.


Over 2000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi converged and a giant bronze sword slashed on the Golden Horn Beast’s body.


The Golden Horn Beast’s massive body was sliced in two and a fountain of fresh blood was spraying violently and dying the grassland red.

“When 2000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi converged, it is enough to instantly kill the Golden Horn Beast.”

Li Fuchen revealed a satisfied expression.

There would be a day when the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern and the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern would disappear. The Sect Origin Swords and the Bronze Sword Essence was his trump cards. Even though they weren’t superior to the former two, they were still rather horrific.

After keeping the rest of the Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi, Li Fuchen started to gather the Golden Horn Beast’s blood.

Two hours later, Li Fuchen had extracted ten drops of class 5 demonic beast essence blood from the Golden Horn Beast.

In addition to the bottle of class 5 demonic beast essence blood from the Iron River Sect’s Supreme Elder, Li Fuchen had absolute confidence he would be able to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters’s fourth chapter to the perfection rank. Perhaps, he would be able to reach the fifth chapter. As for the Golden Scale Grass, he would use it later on.

(TL note: I changed Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter to Chapters due to the multiple chapters)

“Why not try it first.” Li Fuchen was a little expectant.

When Li Fuchen arrived at the garden, he didn’t see the Golden Horn Beast. This had proved that the outside world would have a hard time trying to see the situation inside the sealing trap array.

Doing it as soon as he thought about it. Li Fuchen immediately sat cross-legged and consumed a drop of the Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood.

As soon as the essence blood entered the body, a violent and baleful qi burst out and rushed at Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower.

Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower was firm like a boulder and had resisted the baleful qi’s impact. At the same moment, Li Fuchen’s body was gradually strengthening. The power of the essence blood was swiftly transmuted into the strength of the dragon elephant.

What did it mean by strength of the dragon elephant? It was the strength after cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters. It would be hidden inside the human body’s flesh and bones, which would become the human body’s strength.

Currently, Li Fuchen’s body only had a trace of the dragon elephant’s strength. When the day Li Fuchen cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters to the final chapter, the strength of the dragon elephant would truly be at the peak.

Two drops, three drops, five drops.

After using up five drops of Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood, Li Fuchen’s Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters had finally reached the perfection rank for the fourth chapter.

One could see Li Fuchen’s compact and firm muscles which had a faint flow of dragon elephant pattern. It gave off an indestructible feeling.

After Li Fuchen opened his eyes, the dragon elephant pattern vanished and Li Fuchen thought to himself, “The current me can already ignore a regular peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist’s all-out attack with just my physical defenses. If I use my true inferno qi protection and the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, I should be able to withstand a few all-out attacks from a martial artist at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm! If I burst out with my trump cards, my defenses would be even tougher by a few times.

Li Fuchen had a few layers of qi protection. The first layer was the ordinary true inferno qi protection. The second layer was the bronze sword qi protection. The third layer was the purple bronze sword qi protection.

It was called the purple bronze sword qi because, after the transmutation by the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique, the bronze sword qi changed in color. Thus, Li Fuchen named it purple bronze sword qi.

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