Chapter 374: There’s Still Some Conscience In You

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The very warm fingertips magically smoothened her furrowed brows. After a tilt of her head, she sidestepped in a smooth motion and escaped from his warm, gentle touch.

Ye Jian calmly spoke up with a slightly dry mouth, “Captain Xia, don’t you have something to take care of? Let’s hurry up and leave. I still have to find Teacher Tong in the office after this.”

Like a small frightened deer, she only wanted to leave the hunting region. Xia Jinyuan, who had taken in the sight of her stiffness and her fleeing action with his eyes, gently lifted the corner of his lips and walked down the stairs with leisurely strides.

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The car wasn’t parked inside the school compound; instead, it was parked at the front gate. Only after going down the stairs did Xia Jinyuan lazily open his mouth, “I brought a present for you, but I forgot about it in the car. Little lass, you still have to walk with me to the front gate.”

He easily stopped Ye Jian from saying that she just wanted to see him off at the stairs, and she could only follow after him obediently.

On ways to create more time together, it could be said that Xia Jinyuan was a self-taught expert.

The 10 o’clock sun was considerably strong. The students going around the school were walking in groups. Parents were lifting containers, carrying mats, pulling buckets, and holding boxes; they livened up the atmosphere in the whole school. No matter how hot the sun was, it could not burn away the smile on every person’s face.

The school’s landscape was beautiful; after all, it had been a famous school for a hundred years. Its scenery was not something that any ordinary school could match up with. When Ye Jian noticed Xia Jinyuan stop beside a chipped wall, her heart tensed up. She pretended not to notice him and continued walking forward.

Her actions caused Xia Jinyuan to chuckle at her hurried back. How much did this cunning little fox not want to spend more time than needed with him?

What should he do? She didn’t want to, but that wasn’t stopping him from wanting to.

One was walking with hurried footsteps while the other was walking at a leisurely pace. Using his long legs to his advantage, he sauntered casually. It was a good thing that today was the enrollment day. Students and parents passing by were too focused on their own tasks and did not pay too much attention to them. If not, a handsome person and a pretty person … Who knew how many people will stare at them in awe?

“Later, follow Dad to meet Teacher Tong, and also ask Teacher Tong out for a casual dinner. Now that you’re arranged into the most prioritized Class One, you have to have a good relationship with your homeroom teacher.”

A familiar voice with a different tone floated through the crowd toward them. Ye Jian, who was walking hurriedly, stopped dead in her tracks. She stood under the tree’s shade, and her gaze swept toward the origin of the voice with a cold glint.

Then, she noticed that Ye Zifan was pulling a suitcase while bringing Ye Ying, and walked by her with four people between them. Sun Dongqing walked behind them and was having a conversation with the mothers of other students about who knew what. Her usual proud expression, which could never be changed, still remained on her face.

Ye Ying, on the other hand, had grown taller after more than a year of not seeing her. Her hair reached her shoulders, and she wore a light blue denim one-piece. From the looks of it, her aura had completely won over most of the students.

There was also something else. She was paler than she had been in her last life. It seemed like the saying that pale features could conceal many flaws was true; she looked prettier than she used to.

We’re in the same class, that’s very good. The same middle school life would be repeated, but thank goodness she hadn’t met another ‘Teacher Ke’.

Ye Jian pulled back her gaze and wore a smirk on her face. Xia Jinyuan also walked up beside her just in time, “You still have some conscience in you, and you still know how to wait for me.” As if it was a beautiful coincidence, his tall and broad shoulders managed to block the gaze that Sun Dongqing unintentionally shot in their direction.

“Ye Ying’s mom, what are you looking at? Your Ying Ying is waiting for you in front.” The parents who were with her greeted her passionately, then continued with some respect, “I did not expect my daughter to be in the same class as Ying Ying. She’ll have to ask Ying Ying for her help in the future, especially on…”

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