Chapter 373: He’s Acting Intimate Again

That was the reason behind it all, and also why Principal Cao was hesitant about voicing out his reasons for placing Ye Jian into Class Six. 

Ye Jian, who thought it was going to be something big, listened to him before she started laughing, “Since we’re in the same school, it’s inevitable that we’re going to bump into each other. If we’re going to be in the same class, then so be it. It’s not a huge concern.”

“I think that it’s not me who doesn’t want to see her; instead, she’s the one who doesn’t want to see me.”

Xia Jinyuan also chuckled at the side. This was indeed not a huge matter; however, his handsome face turned slightly serious. A cold glint flashed in the depths of his pupils as there was still a need to prepare precautions, just in case.

From the looks of it, he still had to ask for help from that successful career woman cousin of his.

Glancing at his watch, it was already 10 in the morning. Realizing he had something to take care of at noon, Xia Jinyuan smiled and spoke, “Uncle Chen, I’ve accomplished my mission successfully. There are still some matters that I have to take care of, so I will not be able to accompany you for lunch. I’ll take my leave first.”

With that said, he stood up. Xia Jinyuan’s tall and slender body stood tall, and the three others who were still seated were overlooked by him. When Ye Jian noticed his finely chiseled jaw, the memory of him asking her to wipe off the sweat on his neck flashed across her mind, and there was a slight hint of discomfort in her expression.

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With his gaze on her, Ye Jian’s heartstrings, upon which she exerted a lot of effort to relax, suddenly tensed up. She followed closely after him and immediately stood up, and said while cutting him off, “Then, I’ll see Captain Xia out. Uncle Chen, Principal Cao, I’ll go find Teacher Tong after this, and I’ll also arrange my luggage in the dorm.”

She took the initiative to see him out. That surprised Xia Jinyuan for a bit. Following that, he was pushed straight out of the office by her, and with a ‘click’, she closed the door as if she was a burglar. Xia Jinyuan did not hold it in and chuckled in a low voice.

It seemed like he had understood why she was taking the initiative to do so.

“When I hear you laugh, why do I have a feeling that nothing good would happen?” Ye Jian’s earlobes were slightly red. She was worried that he would say something intimate like “Little fox, I’ll see you tonight” or something along those lines. She didn’t care about everything else much as she was extremely flustered, so she pushed Xia Jinyuan’s back with both her arms and left the office slightly discourteously.

Meanwhile, she hid her palms, which still had a trace of Xia Jinyuan’s heat, behind her back, and her fingertips trembled unnaturally in place … Ye Jian knew that her face was now red to her ears.

Although slightly stiff, she moved her gaze upwards stubbornly to meet his. Her pupils clearly reflected his finely detailed handsome face. Maybe it was because the school was a place that was filled with innocence and allowed people to easily calm their hearts, Ye Jian suddenly noticed that the pupils of the man in front of her, whom she had not seen for over a year, were darker than before. They were as gloomy as a deep abyss.

While looking at you, those pair of eyes seem to be able to encompass the whole world, to fit everything in this world inside it and have the expanse of the ocean.

Time had treated him well and did not leave any marks on his jade-like handsomeness. Instead, it had imperceptibly increased his vigor; that year, he already had an atmosphere around him that made all living things to bow before him, and today, there was a layer of gloominess on them. The instance she raised her gaze, the light that entered her eyes was unblockable, and there was a majestic aura that made one find it difficult to resist his commands.

He was a soldier, a soldier who embodied national prestige, a soldier that made the enemy panic-stricken!

“So, are you seeing me off? Or not? Why, are you considering whether you should regret it?” She was only staring at him in place, and her dainty eyebrows were furrowed together. Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but raise his hand and use his warm fingertips to rub the space between her eyebrows, “You’re still so young, why do you love furrowing your brows? Be careful, before you become old enough, there’s already going to be wrinkles on your forehead if you continue to do so.”

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His action was swift, and Ye Jian only managed to slightly tilt her head downwards, because she was too mesmerized by the sight in front of her, allowing his fingertips to touch the space between her brows.

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