Chapter 379: He is from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ye Jian didn’t care much about what the man was saying. Her concern was: You can talk as much, but you don’t have to talk while walking toward left again!

Ye Jian was a little bit annoyed. She simply blocked his steps, and used her gestures to remind him: You’re walking in the wrong direction.

A man at work was very serious, and it was best not to trigger an angry man. And a man who was scolding someone wouldn’t want someone blocking his way. He lifted his gaze and stared at Ye Jian with a cold glare.

His handsome smile was still shallow, but the poetic temperament was gone, leaving only his thunderous cruelty.

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Ye Jian didn’t move. She had already promised Principal Cao that she would send him to his office.

The man frowned but didn’t turn around. Instead, he walked past Ye Jian and continued to turn left, going completely in the opposite direction of the office building.

Looking at his figure, Ye Jian suddenly understood how Captain Xia felt when she chased him away.

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Still, he had been brought up well and didn’t get angry. Looking at herself, the difference between her personality and Captain Xia’s was that she was already angry just by looking at the man in front of her.

It was almost eleven o’clock. Recalling that she had to meet Teacher Tong, she simply sighed and chased after the man. She stood in front of him once again.

“Only you can pay for the consequences of your mistakes. No one can pay for you! The affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are a matter of the country. From the moment you stand by the leaders, what you shoulder is the glory and dignity of the country!”

This sentence instantly extinguished the slightest fire in Ye Jian’s heart. She dared not bother him anymore. It was obvious by the man’s fierce gaze that he was asking her to move, and to just let him go towards the left.

After he had walked a few meters away, the man’s voice changed. It became a foreign language that she had never heard before. He was fluent and polite…

It seemed like they were communicating, but also maintaining absolute dignity … The communication was unhurried, maintaining the dignity of their country.

After a little time had passed, although the man was bad in directions, he was definitely a man who could find comfort in enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

Ten minutes later, he turned to the Swan Lake and sat on the stone bench by the lake. He was still communicating in a polite and courteous way as if he were in a powerful country.

Ye Jian didn’t head over to sit with him. She just stood behind him, waiting for the moment that she could save him on time if he accidentally walked straight into the Swan Lake.

Fortunately, there wasn’t such an accident until the end of the call.

After the man hung up the phone, he didn’t stand up immediately. He sat down while exuding a cold breath that could be sensed from a thousand miles away. He sat quietly for five minutes. Ye Jian spotted him looking up. He looked tired as he took a deep breath, squinted, and then stood up with a twisted expression.

After scolding the translation staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and communicating with the German engineers, Qin Xiu, who was now calm, finally reacted to his whereabouts.

Then, he looked absolutely confused, totally unaware of where he had walked to!

Also, the girl who was behind him the whole time, the girl from First Provincial High, the one whom he had met this morning and even amazed him for a long time … was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello, may I know if you’re done with your work? If you are finished, I’ll take you to see Principal Cao.” Ye Jian opened her mouth faintly behind him, without a trace of impatience and continued, “It has already been thirty-seven minutes. I assume that Principal Cao has been waiting for a long time.”

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