Chapter 380: Greetings, I’m Qin Xiu

One phone call lasted for a whole thirty-seven minutes, and there was not much time left before it was noon!

Qin Xiu turned around, a smile hanging on his handsome face, and apologized in a natural yet polite motion, “I’m sorry for making you wait for so long, and also, just now … My attitude wasn’t that great, I’m very sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ye Jian only wanted to send off this buddha away, even sending a three-year-old child home wouldn’t be as exhausting as this!

She wasn’t angry. That meant she really didn’t mind. Qin Xiu walked over with slightly pursed lips, while he sighed in his heart. Sigh, our first meeting … The impression I left wasn’t too good. I’ll have to find a way to improve my impression on you.

As a personnel working in Foreign Affairs, Qin Xiu, who had great diplomatic abilities, found out how to fix his impression on her in no time.

“We saw each other this morning, do you remember?” He extended his forearm. His fingers were long and slender, and his hand was also very clean, giving off a neat and tidy appeal, “I’m Qin Xiu, many apologies for stalling so much of your time.”

He even initiated the handshake. Furthermore, he was also the nephew of Principal Cao. Ye Jian, who did not like to have physical contact with others, only hesitated for a half second before finally shaking his hand.

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Qin Xiu realized in the half-second hesitation that the student in front of him, who kept giving him surprises, did not like physical contact, so he immediately let go of her hand before three seconds had passed. He gave her a smile while maintaining his distance, “I’m really bad at navigation, my sense of direction is always left and right, it’s as if my body is separated from my brain. I’m always making the wrong decisions.”

It takes courage to admit your own flaws so readily in front of a stranger. Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled, speaking calmly, “There’s no perfect person. As for Mr. Qin’s sense of direction, you truly require someone to be by your side at all times.”

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The ability to imply one’s unspoken words also represented the person’s education.

Her words managed to sharpen the smile hanging on Qin Xiu’s handsome face. When he was about to speak, the phone that he was still holding in his hand vibrated. He apologized once more before lowering his head to look at the phone.

His lips curved upwards ever more slightly. He said to Ye Jian, “We’ve taken nearly forty minutes to get from the front gate to the office. My uncle must think that I’m lost again.” His clean finger pressed on the accept button, and he spoke with a fresh and elegant voice, “I’m at the Swan Lake’s bank. Yes? Her? Still here, okay, we’ll be there soon.”

“Your uncle is begging you, please don’t work while walking! Ye Jian still has other things to do, so we can’t let her keep tabs on you around the school!” Principal Cao could already feel that much of his hair had turned grey in the past half an hour.

So her name was Ye Jian; such a simple name, he remembered it after saying it once.

The time was almost noon; Qin Xiu did not receive another phone call, and Ye Jian finally managed to successfully escort him to the office.

Principal Cao had already been standing at the door for some time. The moment he saw them, he immediately rushed forward, “Why didn’t you bring one of your entourages? The Provincial City is so huge, if you’re lost in it, how am I supposed to explain it to your mom!”

When she saw that his expression wasn’t normal, Ye Jian had already left stealthily. Of course, the person being scolded would not want bystanders to observe the embarrassing event. So she left tactfully.

“I took a phone call for work and forgot about the time.” Qin Xiu did not put too much thought into it. Because of his awful sense of direction, there was always an escort with him since he was young. Even now, he couldn’t remember how many they had been. He did not have a choice in the past, but now, he didn’t like it too much. So he changed the topic smoothly, “I still have to thank…”

He turned around to give his thanks. However, he noticed that the girl who was originally standing behind him had already left without him realizing.

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