Chapter 381: Finally Escaped

“She left long ago. You’re lucky you met her. She’s such a responsible lass, accompanying you under such hot weather for forty minutes.” Principal Cao noticed that he still had a tie on, and with just a glance, he immediately realized that he had rushed over here after taking care of his work. “Go there and sit. Dry off some of your sweat, I’m going to arrange for a car for us to get lunch.”

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“What do you have planned for the afternoon? If you don’t have any plans, you can rest back at the hotel or go out and play, it’s fine either way, but you must bring your escorts.”

Qin Xiu retraced his gaze. He chuckled at his uncle’s nagging, “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. I think I’ll walk around your school in the afternoon. It’s fine if I don’t go out. Prestigious schools have beautiful sceneries. I’ll sit down when I’m tired and collect my thoughts. As long as I don’t walk out of the school compound, there’s no need for you to worry.”

Other than the fact that he had an awful sense of direction, Principal Cao was naturally not worried about his other abilities, “That’s possible, the school term has just started, and I have plenty of things to do. I believe that it’s fine for you to walk around the school. When is your flight? Are you going straight to the capital?”

“The day after tomorrow. I’m not going to the capital, I’m going on a business trip to Germany with the delegation of representatives.” As a foreign affairs personnel, Qin Xiu rarely spent time in the country. If he wasn’t overseas, he was on a plane.

Entering the office with a push of the door, compared with the thirty plus degrees temperature outside, the coolness inside instantly dissipated all the heat lingering under his clothes.

“Come, sit here, this is our Teacher Zhu’s work desk.” Teacher Tong waved her hand, signaling Ye Jian to sit by the desk beside her. She pointed at the file, then looked at the time, and she gave her a kind smile, “The name list booklet is here, you can take a look. I still have some things I need to take care of. We’ll leave for the canteen at twelve-thirty, what do you think?”

The heat on Ye Jian’s body had dissipated, and she nodded, “Okay, please continue and don’t mind me.”

All the teachers were extremely busy on the first day of the school term. Teacher Tong was the only person who still hadn’t gone for a lunch break in the enormous office. Ye Jian gently picked up the name list booklet from the file, opened it up, and scanned it slowly.

The first few pages were the students who had the best results. On the fifteenth page, Ye Ying’s picture appeared in her vision.

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Not bad, not only did she become fairer, but her handwriting also improved quite a bit.

Then, she glanced at her personal strengths, dancing, English … Ye Jian cocked her eyebrows and had a smirk on her face.

From the looks of it, she definitely tried her hardest to learn English in the past year.

She was not surprised. In her previous lifetime, after Ye Ying returned from studying abroad, she could speak English fluently in her face.

Whether she could do it in high school, she wasn’t too sure about that. After all, in her last life, ha, after finishing middle school with such a depressing life, she stopped paying attention during classes.

Sitting by the edge of Teacher Zhu’s work desk, Ye Jian flipped the pages one by one. After scanning through the names and pictures, she had finished flipping through the list of all sixty of her classmates within ten minutes, and with that, she memorized their names in her heart.

First Provincial High was truly worthy of its place as a prestigious school, and Class One was truly the cream of the crop.

However, there were also students with less than desirable results. Resources had to be reasonably allocated, and the school also couldn’t place all the outstanding students in the same class. All that could be said was that Class One’s average marks were higher than those of other classes.

By the time Teacher Tong finished the tasks at hand, she looked up and saw Ye Jian flipping through a Year 2 Mathematics Textbook.

She then glanced at the name list booklet that was still placed at its original spot, and smiled at the girl who had an extremely peaceful expression while focused on the book in front of her, “How did you start looking through the textbook? You should look through the name list booklet. There are pictures inside; it’ll help you recognize your fellow classmates.”

She thought that Ye Jian hadn’t touched it.

“I’ve finished reading through the booklet. I saw that you were still busy and thought that it would be bad to interrupt you, so I picked up Teacher Zhu’s textbook and took a peek at it.” Ye Jian closed the Teacher’s Edition of the Mathematics textbook and withheld information about her relationship with Ye Ying from Teacher Tong.

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