Chapter 224- The Final Raid Begins

The meeting went off without a hitch before they all departed. For her understanding of the gamers and her relationship with one, she was assigned as an escort to the group. 

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At 3AM, while it was still pitch black outside, the group got into position. Once they finished setting up, the gamers all closed their eyes to get a few more minutes of rest. 

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However, Jenny was still awake, so one of the escorts asked, “Hey, why are they sleeping?” (soldier)

Jenny couldn’t help but sigh, “Believe me, playing video games5video gamestheme at a professional level isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are strict schedules for exercise and there are nourishment quotas. They aren’t just going to jump into a game and have fun. They are going in with a job to do.” (Jenny)

“Jenny, you’re actually half right. Since the stakes have never been higher, they aren’t actually asleep. We could raid right now, but we are waiting for dawn.” (Astrid7Astridcharacter)

The soldiers stared at the mechanoid as she walked over to the machines and made sure that everything was ready. She then walked over to the chair with the special helmet placed on top and sat down before putting it in her lap.

“For one, we have no idea how long the dive will take. From a military standpoint, deafening at night is much easier. Secondly, there’s online traffic. The terrorists have only slowed down the systems that they control, so they are, in part, still being used. That gives us an opportunity to slow down the enemy when online traffic increases. And finally, we may need some of that traffic to join us.” (Astrid)

One of the soldiers was confused as he asked, “Join us?” (Soldier)

“Ultimately, we are trying to take back control of the AI cores from the terrorists. It has been confirmed that they are using a large number of drones to defend against intruders. No core support or resistance, which the military comes in and sweeps up.” (Astrid)

The soldier was surprised, “So, what are you saying about help?” (Soldier)

However, instead of him answering him this time, she simply shook her head and said, “It’s pointless to explain. However, when the time comes, we hope that a record amount of people will go online.” (Astrid)

Kevin and the others got up in unison. It was rather spooky how coordinated it was. 

After some brief workout exercises, they wiped their sweat with a rag before taking a shower in their makeshift bathing area that was covered by a single curtain. When they were finally ready to go into the game, it was nearly 8AM. Each player had a computer to the right displaying their in-game character so the soldiers could watch. 

On Kevin’s screen, there was a log cabin with several AI companions inside.

“So it’s finally time?” (Yirk)

Kevin nodded before the draconian male by his side smiled and said, “Those fools dared to raid the nest of my god, so they deserve what’s coming to them.” (Lazar)

Kevin then looked at the gold armored knight, “We are with you, one hundred percent!” (Kieser)

Kevin was ecstatic by their responses before asking, “Does that mean you’re ready to meet my ‘past’ families?” (Kevin)

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