Chapter 223- Raiding Preparations

At six in the morning, with the sun barely overhead, the former GSP players were on a transport headed to the staging area. After a nine-hour drive, they arrived at the forward operations base for the attack on the Green Corporation. They were then escorted to the barracks where they will be staying until all the prep work is done. This left everyone with some free time; Adams and Kevin decided to do some basic warm-up exercises, while Winter, Elsa, and Astrid7Astridcharacter begin catching up with their instant new friend Jenny, and Brian got out a notebook as he watched the other two guys training.

Two hours passed rather quickly before Jenny unexpectedly stood up and saluted someone that was arriving through the entrance of the barracks. Everyone looked that way and saw a fully geared up soldier, a uniformed general, and a man in a business suit. 

At first glance, it seemed like the general was the suited man’s attendant. 

The three of them walked over to the gamers and the suited man stared at Kevin.

“Let me ask you something. Why did you wait to decide to help us? You obviously knew about this entrance since the beginning of the incident.” (Politician)

Kevin looked him in the eyes and said, “Because they killed Weise Blackshore…” (Kevin)

All the gamers were shocked by his words. In public, he was just the lead designer of the Sword Kingdom games, but the GSP knew him as Kevin’s mentor and initially his father-in-law.

“Those ba***rds killed my father!!! I will return the favor a ruin their plans!” (Astrid)

This was another surprise to the former members of the GSP. They have never seen Astrid lose her composure before. Especially Adams, who is the only one to experience her hostility. 

He felt somewhat sorry for the Galactic Domination terrorists as he started to rub his arm subconsciously, remembering when she grabbed him so many years ago.

“Revenge, huh? Well, I got what I wanted, General. They’re all yours now. I’m heading to the Senate to give them an update in person.” (Politician)

The politician then turned around and walked away, the general cursing him under his breath as soon as he was gone.

“All right then! At 1800 hours, dinner will be served. Your personal escorts will meet you there and explain how we are going to raid the compound. At 0200 hours, the fortifications of the compound should be complete, so you will be moved in then. You will be disguised as a rest and supply depo team, as well as rearguard emplacement. This means you will be modestly enforced, but if they lock onto your location, you will only have a few minutes before a concentrated strike hits the area.” (general)

When he finished, Astrid walked forward and said, “I have a specially designed VR helmet that will scramble the access point identifier. Even with ten supercomputer class AI working in tandem, it should keep us digitally hidden for at least half an hour.” (Astrid)

“However, miss, I won’t allow civilian hardware on the field, especially untested gear. As you will not be easy to hide from scanners…” (General)

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However, before he could finish, Astrid’s left-wing suddenly fell off and hit the floor. 

Her right-wing then fell off before the left finished settling and her tail followed suit.

“I am a mechanoid. These appendages are for posterity sake. Now, do I look more human to you? Or at least like a support mechanoid?” (Astrid)

The general had no further complaints now, but Kevin was unhappy. 

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He knew Astrid took pride in her dragon4dragonspecies traits, so he knew how she was really feeling.

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