[Chap 8] Sweet Pepper?

Caught off guard by Lillian’s sudden rebuke, Jaylin was somewhat stumped and indignant. But indeed, being seen in such a compromising position would garner much suspicion, the stack of cash, just like a green light, driving one’s thoughts. Still, to be accused of bribery without any further questions…wasn’t that a little too irresponsible, especially for someone of her status? 

However, analyzing from Lillian’s perspective, it was easy for the situation to be misunderstood. Considering that she associated the words ‘schemes’ and ‘bribes’ with the professor right after factoring in the cash beside him, his reputation didn’t seem like a bed of roses, rather it could be considered equivalent to a pile of dung, not evoking any positive feelings upon sight or presence.

It was similar to being reputed as a thief. If any circumstance should arise in which a possession goes missing, even if that said thief was innocent, he would instinctively be seen as the culprit. In Jaylin’s case, he would be akin to a person caught interacting with the supposed thief, automatically being considered as an accomplice. Simply meaning, the professor’s reputation, or to put it figuratively, dungy image, had unfortunately been rubbed off on him, causing him to be mistaken as a briber. 

Thinking like this, it was normal for Lillian to despise him, after all, no sane person would appreciate or care for filth.

Seeing that Lillian didn’t bother to spare him further words or attention, Jaylin couldn’t be troubled to clarify the misunderstanding. Just like she said before, her job was a job, it had to be done regardless. Putting aside the fact that personal feelings and cordiality were unnecessary in this professional relationship, there was still the problem of whether the other party would even believe his words or not.

Knowing that he acquired this achievement by realizing his own efforts, even more than he should have in the first place, was more than sufficient for Lillian’s words not to provoke any negative emotions in him.

Pacing unperturbedly, Jaylin casually stopped the closing door with one foot before slipping inside the room, his eyes following after Lillian’s red hair which flowed brazenly over her shoulders, just like her disposition. 

In only a few steps after entering, the fragrance unique to Lillian flooded Jaylin’s nostrils, causing him to become slightly lightheaded for a moment. It was feminine and pleasant, carrying a light aroma of herbs.

The layout of the room was similar to the professor’s but the overall size was smaller. Despite this, the atmosphere seemed more inviting and accommodating. Walking by the waiting area, Lillian ushered Jaylin into a specific room before speaking, her voice plain, “Wait here for a moment.”

The room’s door slowly closed as another opened somewhere adjacent, through which continuous fumbling noises were heard as if someone was trying to find something. With the noise occupying his ears, Jaylin busied his eyes on scanning the surroundings.

The room had a small center table on which there was a teapot, several cups, utensils, decorations, and other items. Around the table, two delicate-looking sofas, facing opposite to each other, was situated, tempting one to dive in and relax. 

Apart from that, there was a moderate number of exercising equipment scattered about, along with other unrecognizable devices, regular everyday appliances, unfinished projects, tools, paperwork, et cetera. Although some places looked outwardly scruffy with different fragments, objects and parts tossed about, it still gave a feeling of being well-sorted and organized. By the looks of it, the room was multipurpose, used for a variety of things such as leisure, exercising, eating, working, and storing.

Jaylin only managed to scour a brief overview before the fumbling noises stopped, which was then replaced by the sound of a closing door and steady steps, the volume of which increased every passing second.

Soon, the air was stirred by Lillian’s presence once more as she reentered the room, her scent tickling the senses. In her previously empty hands, two bags were now being held. From their angular outlines, it could be deduced that boxes were contained within them.

Passing by Jaylin uncaringly, she headed toward the center table where she collapsed into one of the sofas, her head supported by the armrest. Her luscious cheeks were reciprocated by the soft cushions while the bags were roughly embraced by the cold, hard table with a deep thud.

The slight tremor from the impact consequently knocked over a container of sugar which then sprinkled onto the floor.

“How troublesome.” Lillian’s fiery brows furrowed as she looked in Jaylin’s direction. Her expression and tone was full of clear displeasure and irritation as she spoke, 

“Servant, come clean this mess up quickly. Don’t leave even a single spec behind.”


Jaylin briefed the room with his gaze once again before looking back towards Lillian, his eyes flashing with hints of doubt and suspicion.

“May I ask to whom you are referring?” He questioned patiently, his voice neither heavy nor submissive. 

Lillian changed her posture from that of her previously lying position to that of a sitting one. Her willow-like back rested against the sofa as she casually crossed her slender legs.

Casting Jaylin a sidelong glance, she slowly took off her small, delicate glasses before gently wiping their spectacles with a clean cloth retrieved from her coat’s pocket.

“I’m sure that my sight hasn’t deteriorated to such a bad condition already. Who do you think I’m referring to?”

Jaylin strode closer towards where Lillian was seated as he said, “If anything, I’m at least certain that my sight has yet to fail me already at my current ‘age’. 

Lillian’s eyes narrowed as she fixed her glasses back into their rightful position, their shiny rims reflecting a fierce gleam.

Age, huh? Do you really see me as some kind of grandma?

“So…” Jaylin continued firmly, “Either your sight has indeed gone bad, requiring a desperate change of glasses, or by chance or jest, you are somehow referring to me.”

At this point, Jaylin’s eyes had long turned cold, emitting a chilly pressure that permeated the air.

Lillian, however, was not one to lose out as her burning eyes were magnified through her glasses, clashing with his gaze. A mocking smirk formed on her cherry-pink lips as she remarked,

“Well, if you enjoy the idea of recognizing yourself as a servant then I can’t stop you. However, whether it’s your thoughts on having a good vision or you being a servant, I feel you think too highly of yourself.”

While saying this, a droning sound could be heard as a flat, pancake-shaped machine slid across the floor from one of the many miscellaneous piles of gadgets in the room. It crawled between Jaylin’s legs before hovering over the spilled sugar near the table, carefully vacuuming its contents.

“Servant006, at your service ma’am.” The machine announced in a slightly grating voice before continuing on with its duty.

Watching the machine happily rubbing itself across the floor, the only notion that pervaded Jaylin’s thoughts at the moment was that he had been played.

“Vixen…” Jaylin murmured unconsciously as he gazed at the mischievous grin on Lillian’s face.

“Did you say something?” Lillian’s ear twitched as if it faintly heard something irritating.

Jaylin quickly snapped out of his short daze, breaking the dam slowing his thoughts. He quickly understood the fact that this woman was making things difficult for him on purpose because of the alleged bribing incident.

Jaylin inhaled a breath of the room’s cold and aromatic air to calm his mind before stating calmly, “It’s nothing. I hope you took no offense to my previous remarks. I’d like a glass of warm water if you don’t mind; I’m rather thirsty.”

While he spoke, the best solution he could conjure was to get this process over and done with. Every step of the way involving the acquisition of the A.I Chip was such a hassle and test of his tolerance.

“Hmph, being humble now are we?” Lillian snorted sarcastically as she thought, Too late now. Disregarding the fact that you made hidden dealings with that b*stard behind the shadows, you dared joke about the age of a woman in front of her. If I let you go so easily, they might as well call me Sweet Pepper instead.

Getting up, Lillian strode over towards the refrigerator in the room.

“May I take a seat?” Jaylin asked in a slightly cautious tone.

As it relates to Lillian, Jaylin decided to tread carefully. Dealing with a cunning snake like the professor was different from confrontations with a hot-head like her. He might get burned if he made any more wrong moves. At least, that was what he figured based on her personality so far.

“Make yourself comfortable.” She replied nonchalantly as her eyes narrowed evilly. 

After retrieving an empty glass, she stood in front of the water dispensing section of the refrigerator before triggering the cold option, even going through the effort of putting in some ice.

Meanwhile, Jaylin sat opposite the sofa where Lillian previously sat as he placed his sling bag beside him. Cuddling into the warmth of the sofa, he couldn’t help but relax his muscles. However, they became stiff once again as he heard the crisp noises of ice hitting glass. He inwardly sighed,

This woman…

Lillian waddled over with the glass filled with cold water as she hummed a foreboding tune silently.

Just then, Jaylin happened to glance at the pancake-shaped machine that had coincidentally appeared in her path. Because Lillian was curious to see the expression she would paint on Jaylin’s face, she didn’t seem to notice her potential folly.

“Watch your step!” Jaylin subconsciously reacted.

“What are you…” Before she could finish, her vision abruptly shifted upward as her body swayed backward towards the ground.


That was her last thought before her vision darkened and a sudden pain racked her skull, threatening to split her head open.

Bang—— Crash~

Amidst the sound of a loud crash and thud, she reopened her eyes. Aside from the pain of hitting her head on the floor, she felt a cold wetness spreading slowly over her clothes and parts of her skin— most likely the water; what karma. In addition…


She suddenly widened her eyes, her vision first rendering Jaylin’s slightly concerned face. She could vaguely make out the moving of his lips, seemingly asking her a question, but she didn’t care about any of that at the moment.

She felt two warm, foreign objects grasping her two most sensitive parts. One wrapped around her back clumsily, clasping her left b*ob, while the other supported her plump ass cheeks. 

A deep tint of red slowly spread across Lillian’s face as she mumbled incoherently, “What…your hands? Pervert.”

“Hands?” Seemingly understanding the first half of Lillian’s words, Jaylin subconsciously squeezed.

A shocked look immediately suffused his face as a warm and soft feeling gradually transmitted through his arms. He subconsciously squeezed again.

“Aauumph~” A seductive and alluring moan escaped Lillian’s tiny mouth as if she was a squeaky toy responding to a sudden grip.

Jaylin froze. He only experienced this a few times before during his rare intimate moments with his girlfriend, Amara. There was no mistaking it— this feeling…it’s…


As a man, Jaylin couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Suddenly, a violent shaking was felt in his arms which snapped him out of his stupor.

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The embarrassment Lillian felt slowly evolved into rage and anger as a darker shade of red slowly spread across her face to her ears, down to even her neck.

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“B*stard. Pervert. How long do you plan on taking advantage of me?!” She barked in a fluster.

Quickly regaining his senses, Jaylin retracted his arms as fast as a retreating snake.

Unprepared by the sudden loss of support, Lillian’s body once again embraced the cold, hard floor and her head suffered another hit. As she instinctively grasped her head in pain, her fiery hair seemed to have stood on end, resembling a hellish inferno.

If it wasn’t bad enough getting touched inappropriately, still getting injured was. Moreover, it was all for naught as she was dropped again anyways. Surely she didn’t deserve this much torture?

Slowly getting up, distancing herself from the broken glass which could’ve made the injury way much worse, she glared at the unusually helpless Jaylin.

Amidst the headache, she could still feel the numbing sensation caused by his touch on her butt and b*ob. Never had she been touched by a man like that before.

Such humiliation, she clenched her teeth.

“Where are my glasses?” She suddenly questioned.

Unintentionally answering her question, Jaylin raised one of his legs which sounded a crack under the release of pressure. Surprisingly to both of them, it was her most precious glasses.

“Y-you…broke…” Tears lingered atop her lashes as her voice cracked a bit out of pure frustration and helplessness.

“How is everything suddenly my fault?” Jaylin sighed slightly as he inadvertently glanced at the flipped over Servant006 which resembled a dead cockroach.

However, to the currently enraged Lillian, all the series of events leading to this point was caused by Jaylin.

Shedding her soaking wet coat which absorbed most of the water, she flung it on Jaylin before storming off in her now revealed, curvy figure, wrapped in a short skirt and blouse.

Fetching a white towel, she wiped her hair and other wet parts of her body. Like a fire now unhindered by water, she was just about to blow up and rain a torrent of curses towards Jaylin when she was suddenly shocked by what she saw.

Jaylin had taken off his hoodie, showcasing his bare, masculine chest and abdomen. Although he couldn’t be said to be extremely fit and muscular, under Amara’s incessant nudging, he had an exceptional frame.

“Pervert! What do you think you’re doing?” Lillian asked in an alarmed tone.

“I obviously can’t keep on my shirt if it’s wet, especially in this cold environment unless I want to get sick,” Jaylin replied as he walked towards her.

“Where are you going? Pervert! Stay where you are! Hey—” Lillian suddenly tensed before shouting in a fluster upon seeing him approaching.

Grabbing the used towel out of her hands, Jaylin dried his back and shoulders as he said indifferently, “Since I was called a briber and I’m now being branded as a pervert, might as well make full use of it.”


Lillian screamed in her mind but her heart couldn’t help but pound and her face flush upon seeing Jaylin wipe with the used towel. She seemed to recall the sensation of his hand grabbing her breast.

Cupping her face with her hands she couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly, I must’ve hit my head hard! What’s wrong with me?!


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