Chapter 56: Hu Clan’s Invitation

A Heaven Rank Pill Master could kill a Four Constellation Sword Master easily! As long as Mo Wentian wished for it, countless Four Constellation Sword Masters would be willing to take on the task. This was the charm of a Pill Master!

“Senior, please come inside!” Mo Wentian welcomed Hu Jin and others to the Mo clan’s mansion after he told Mo Yu and other Mo Clan members to clean up the scene. During the night, Mo Clan was covered in lights as the whole clan was rejoicing in wild excitement.

Both Yuan Clan and Qiu Clan had been annihilated while Mo Clan had became the sole ruler of East Sword City.

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Outside of East Sword City, at the peak of a mountain.

“Mo Wentian…” The voice was filled with hatred and it caused others to tremble from the coldness. Yuan Clan’s geniuses were killed and now, Mo Wentian had extinguished his Yuan Clan. From today onwards, he became a pitiful homeless person from being the Yuan Clan’s Patriarch. This caused Yuan Tianmo’s heart to be filled with hatred.

Simultaneously, at a corner of Sword God Continent, at the top of a tall mountain range, a divine sword suddenly trembled! Subsequently, the mountain collapsed and the ground fissured. The sword qi from this divine sword charged straight up to the nine firmaments and it descended down to the front of a beautiful shadow.

“Ten years. It’s time for me to exit!” The person muttered to himself. The shadow opened his pair of eyes and an azure dragon soared into the sky. The immense prestige from the azure dragon terrified it’s surroundings! This person was Mo Tianjiao, Mo Clan’s number one genius.

“My Qiu Clan had been annihilated. How is this possible? There are Four Constellation Sword Masters in my Qiu Clan. How could it be obliterated by the Mo Clan? Mo Wentian, that Mo Clan’s trash. Very good, wait for me!

I, Qiu Sanyuan will definitely dismember you into a thousand pieces!”


In the southern region, an undercurrent was brewing. It was as if a storm was on its way to the Four Sword Cities.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian was cultivating. After his cultivation had reached the Leaving Sword Realm, his cultivation speed had become even slower. The nine sword jades within him allowed his sword essence force to be comparable to the Pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm. In other words, if Mo Wentian wishes to advance by a layer, it would be equivalent to a pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm martial artist advancing a cultivation layer.

“Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root… time to upgrade it!” The radiance in Mo Wentian eyes exploded out after he inhaled a deep breath of air. Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root was the base of Mo Wentian’s cultivation. However, ever since he had devoured the three Vermilion Fruits, and subsequently raising his spiritual root to the 3rd grade, his Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root no longer advanced since then.

This was because it was extremely difficult for him to obtain decent spiritual objects in the East Sword City. It would need to be at least of the 8th grade and above if he wishes to devour others’ spiritual root to advance. East Sword City was only a small city and an ordinary genius here would only possess a 6th or 7th grade spiritual root! As for 8th grade spiritual root and above, it was truly sparse!

“I have to leave the East Sword City!” A smear of lustering radiance emerged within Mo Wentian’s eyes. Only when he reached the Three Great Sword Sects would he be able to showcase his full potential. As for the East Sword City, this was just a starting point for him!

“Young Master, Young Lady Hu Mei is here!” It was at this moment, Qingyu’s voice suddenly resonated out.

“Hu Mei!” The radiance in Mo Wentian’s eyes flashed as he stood up.

Hu Mei was waiting for Mo Wentian in a small courtyard. Meanwhile, Hu Jin was standing behind Hu Mei.

“Wentian!” A trace of pleasing smile arose in Hu Mei’s face when she saw Mo Wentian walking over.

“Mei’er!” Hu Jin eyebrows wrinkled when he saw the smile on Hu Mei’s face.

“Third Uncle!” Hu Mei’s face turned slightly red.

“Young Lady Mei’er!” Mo Wentian smiled faintly. Subsequently, he turned to Hu Jin and inquired: “May I know why senior is looking for me…”

“Mo Wentian, my Hu Clan is willing to invite you to become our Hu Clan’s Honorable Guest Pill Master. Are you willing?” Hu Jin went straight to the point.

“Honorable Guest Pill Master!” Mo Wentian paused for a moment. The Ocean Skyline Pavilion was the biggest merchant association in the Sword God Continent. Therefore, it possessed limitless wealth. If he were to become the Ocean Skyline Pavilion’s Honorable Guest Pill master, his status would naturally become very noble.

From what Mo Wentian knew, if a person ever wished to become the Hu Clan’s Honorable Guest Pill Master, he would need to reach the King Rank Pill Master’s standard. Yet, he was being invited even though he was only a Heaven Rank Pill Master. Furthermore, Hu Jin had come to invite him personally. How much of an honor was this? If it were any other Pill Master, they would have immediately agreed to it. However, Mo Wentian was different. His goal was not to become a Pill Master. Rather… reach the summit of martial dao!

“Many thanks for senior’s invitation. However, Wentian’s heart is in martial dao. I plead senior to forgive this decision of mine!” Mo Wentian inhaled in a deep breath of air before replying.

“Rejected!” Hu Jin was slightly stunned. But unknowingly, Hu Mei, who was at his side secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Her pair of eyes that were looking at Mo Wentian became even more gentler.

“Do you know what it means to become our Hu Clan’s Honorable Guest Elder?” Hu Jin looked at Mo Wentian and inquired profoundly.


A Mo Clan’s young disciple had actually rejected his invitation? Could it be because he has no idea how many Heaven Rank Pill Masters wished to join the Hu Clan in this Sword God Continent? Even so, the Hu Clan did not place any of those pill masters in their eyes!

“Many thanks senior!” Mo Wentian’s expression was somewhat cold. Although the Hu Clan was strong, it wasn’t to the point that he needs to submit and bootlick them.

“Good!” Hu Jin inhaled a breath of air. Subsequently, he looked at Mo Wentian and spoke coldly: “Then I wish Patriarch Mo would be able to reach the summit of martial dao as soon as possible. Farewell!”

Hu Jin turned around and disappeared.

“Wentian, Third Uncle had always been like this. You don’t need…” Hu Mei hastily explained when she saw Hu Jin just went off like this.

“I understand!” Mo Wentian waved his hand. Subsequently, he giggled: “I thank Ocean Skyline Pavilion for today’s help. This is 10 Four Constellation Pills. Young Lady Hu Mei please accept it!”

Mo Wentian took out a bottle of Four Constellation Pills and his expression was extremely dull. What was the Hu Clan? Similarly, there was a world that belonged to him as well. Wait till he reached the summit, a small Hu Clan would just be an ant to him!

“Wentian…” Hu Mei’s expression turned unsightly. She didn’t expect Mo Wentian to be so arrogant. If she knew this would happen, she would have never reported to Hu Jin about this!

“I’m going to cultivate. Farewell!” Mo Wentian went straight into his room.

“Strength. What I need the most right now is strength…” He murmured within his heart. Once again, Mo Wentian submerged himself into cultivation. Today, if he was an Eight Desolate Sword King, or a Heavenly Domain Emperor, would the Hu Clan dare to be so haughty?

“The Three Great Sword Sects. I have to go there!” Currently, Mo Clan ruled over the East Sword City and the current East Sword City no longer posed any challenge to Mo Wentian. Only by entering the Three Great Sword Sects would it allow him to grow even faster. Three days later, tranquility had returned back to the East Sword City. The Yuan Clan and Qiu Clan’s territory had all been taken over by the Mo Clan.

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The whole East Sword City has come under the rule of Mo Clan! Once again, three days passed by and Mo Wentian had successfully broke through to the 2nd layer of Leaving Sword Realm. Simultaneously, the 3rd and 4th Four Constellation Sword Masters had appeared in the Mo Clan!

This time, the Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters that had just emerged came from the outer branch of Mo Clan. As for the main branch, all of them had been expelled from the Mo Clan, aside from the grand and second elder! With the emergence of additional Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters, Mo Clan’s strength had once again improved. In addition, Mo Clan’s disciples’ cultivation was also increasing rapidly with the pills that had been refined by Mo Wentian.

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