Chapter 70: The Killers Are Here

It was almost the break of dawn, and George was still anxiously waiting in a small secret base at the outskirts of Donghai City.

He was quite nervous. After all, the two famous people were coming soon, and the rumors he had heard about Demon Moon had always been strange. With all the information he had heard, George understood that Demon Moon was indeed a murderous person.

He heard that once when Demon Moon was performing his mission, he actually bit and swallowed a person’s tongue while the person was still alive. He even killed a group of innocent people.

When George was ordered to welcome those two men, he was very reluctant, but he had no choice.

“Are you George?”

George, who was looking towards the entrance, suddenly heard a voice coming from behind him. He jumped and quickly turned his head.

There were already two people standing in the living room. One was a big brawny man, and the other was very thin with a look in his eyes that was even more incomprehensible.

Black Wolf and Demon Moon!

“You two are here. You must be tired. I’ll arrange for both of you to rest first. We can discuss about the task tomorrow,” George politely said. However, just after he had finished speaking, Demon Moon spoke.

“Give us the address and photos of that person. You don’t have to worry about the rest.”

George immediately gave the information to them. Then, the two left in the middle of the night.

In fact, the reason why they were in such a hurry was that they didn’t even view Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. as anything to be concerned about. After all, they were globally-famous masters. The organization just barked up the wrong tree, then requested for the two of them to work together!

So naturally, they were upset. They just wanted to finish the task quickly and leave.

After coming out of the base, the two men headed straight for Su Qiubai’s villa.

Su Qiubai was speechlessly laying on the sofa at that moment. In the hall, the emperors and generals were happily playing cards.

Qian Long and Liu Che20Liu CheEmperor Wu of Han Dynasty22Emperor Wu of Han DynastyEmperor Liuche, Liu Che, Emperor Liuche21Emperor LiucheEmperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Liu Che were playing Dou Dizhu, Bai Qi and Cheng Yaojin14Cheng Yaojin Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong/Tang Taizong/Emperor Taizong15Emperor TaizongLi Shimin or Tang Taizong's general were playing mahjong, and Tie Muzhen18Tie MuzhenEmperor Genghis, Genghis Khan19Genghis KhanEmperor Genghis, Tie Muzhen and Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng were pestering Li Shimin to play Zha Jinhua (a card game) with them.

They smoked and drank wine. They even shouted whenever they won a game.

It was already late but Cao Toufei hadn’t slept yet. He had squeezed himself in between the emperors to take selfies with them. Finally, he nervously asked Su Qiubai if it was okay for him to post the pictures online.

Su Qiubai reprimanded him severely. How could you post this kind of thing?!

Feeling depressed, Cao Toufei went back to take more videos. If he found out that Su Qiubai had posted a picture of Wu Song previously, he would surely be mad at Su Qiubai.

It was already half past twelve. Su Qiubai felt very sleepy, so he bade everyone good night and went to bed. Suddenly, the living room fell silent! Su Qiubai stopped and turned to look at the emperors who were just passionate. He didn’t understand what was going on.

“Someone’s coming over here.” Yuchi Gong11Yuchi GongYuchi Jingde12Yuchi JingdeYuchi Gong stood up as he spoke.

“Two killers. They’re here to kill… Their target can’t be us, so they’re here to kill you.”

Bai Qi was also standing up. His demon god eyes peered at Su Qiubai as he spoke.

Initially, when Su Qiubai heard that it was just someone coming over, he was uninterested. It was a wide street outside, so he didn’t care much about where people went!

However, the next sentence they actually said was that they were here to kill him!

He instantly began thinking furiously. He had already thought of the suspects. If it wasn’t the Xiao family, then it was Carl and his people.

The possibility of the suspect being the Xiao family wasn’t very big. Su Qiubai didn’t believe that they would still have the courage to look for trouble, so the biggest possibility was Carl and his people!

But seeing the group of people in the living room, Su Qiubai immediately relaxed.

It was just two killers, it wouldn’t be a problem even if there were special forces outside the villa.

However, just as he was going to ask the group for help, they seemed to have already negotiated and came up with a plan. They just started playing again.

The heck… The killers are coming to kill me, and this is how you guys behave!

Have you guys forgotten who was the one to gather you from this confusing world? How about the 150 bucket meals? Have you forgotten… Xia Yuhe, the lady on the shores of Daming Lake?

[TLN: In the drama “My Fair Princess”, a king met a lady named Xia Yuhe. He fell for her and they had a baby girl, but since the lady was an ordinary person, she wasn’t allowed into the kingdom. After she died, her daughter went to look for the king but she too wasn’t allowed into the kingdom. Fortunately, she met a girl who agreed to help her. She told the girl to tell the king, “Have you forgotten Xia Yuhe, the lady on the shores of Daming Lake?” and give the king a picture of her mother. Unfortunately, when the girl entered the kingdom’s hunting ground, she was assumed to be a sika deer and was shot, but she still managed to meet the king in the end.]

As he was thinking about that, someone actually said something that almost made him collapse to the ground.

“When we leave, please give me 5,000 poker cards, 5,000 sets of mahjong, and this Chinese cigarette… I want 10,000 cartons!”

Just as Ying Zheng was done speaking, the others too opened their mouths.

“Me too, give me another 5,000 bucket meals…”

“Right! Same for me, no less!”


Listening to the noisy voices in the living room, Su Qiubai really wanted to chase those rascals out with a stick.

“Everyone will get ten poker cards, five sets of mahjong, one carton of cigarettes! If you don’t agree, then I’ll handle the situation myself!”

Rolling his eyes, Su Qiubai shouted with his hands on his hips. After a few seconds of silence, the people suddenly burst into laughter.

“Oh yeah, that’s good! I agree!”

“Me too… Haha, I just thought of getting a box of cigarettes, I didn’t think that I could really get a carton of cigarettes!”


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Seeing the scene, Su Qiubai finally understood that those people were just bargaining with him!

Just as he was about to scold those rascals once more, Bai Qi suddenly turned off all the lights in a flash, and the whole living room became completely quiet.

“Just 800 meters more. Everyone keep quiet, let them come in!”

Su Qiubai didn’t know who said that, but he felt a little sad as he stood by the stairs.

He wasn’t sad for himself. Instead, he pitied the two killers who were coming in.

Why are you so unlucky? There are so many places in the world, why do you have to come here to die?

Shaking his head, he felt that the guests in the living room were preparing to catch a mouse… No, it should be catching ants!

Black Wolf and Demon Moon had already arrived outside of the villa at that moment.

“Black Wolf, your strength has improved!” Stopping in his tracks, Demon Moon said with some surprise.

Black Wolf was obviously proud. It wasn’t easy to improve, especially when they had achieved that level of skill.

If the two of them knew that about five minutes ago, the group of people in the villa had already noticed them and also knew that they were killers, they would surely have fled now.

“I’ll wait outside, you go in quietly and kill the target. Then, we’ll leave,” Demon Moon said to Black Wolf after catching his breath. Black Wolf agreed. Without any hesitation, he went into the villa. It was such a coincidence that there was an open window, so he directly jumped in. But the first reaction after he entered the villa was that there was a strong smell of smoke and alcohol!

He felt a little strange and slowly turned on the lights. However, this move almost scared him to death. A big face was actually staring straight into him. Looking around… He realised that he was surrounded!

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He quickly tried to scream out for Demon Moon. But it was too late. Before he could comprehend what was happening, he was instantly knocked out.

Demon Moon waited for five minutes, but there was still no sign of Black Wolf coming out.

Truthfully, to them, a task like this was as easy as cutting vegetables, there wasn’t any difficulty at all! Therefore, Demon Moon couldn’t help but feel uneasy. However, there wasn’t any sound coming from the villa, which gave him a little hope. It was likely that the target wasn’t home tonight.

Demon Moon would never believe that Black Wolf had encountered danger and was unable to shout for help! He trusted the strength of a warrior, let alone Black Wolf’s strength!

Ten minutes later, Black Wolf still hadn’t returned. Finally, Demon Moon couldn’t wait any longer. He also crept to the villa and spotted the open window.

After hesitating for a moment, the cautious Demon Moon didn’t enter from the window. Instead,  he went to the back of the villa, and opened the window on the second floor.

What Demon Moon didn’t know was when he was considering breaking in through the window earlier, there were more than a dozen people standing below, waiting for him to enter.

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