Chapter 9: Wuxin Monk (Part 1)

Tang Lian asked in a low voice, “Just now in the Enchantress Villa, Xiao Se claimed that he didn’t know any martial arts. What’s the point of he coming then?”

Lei Wujie was shocked, “That’s not possible. I’ve personally witnessed Xiao Se’s martial arts. He moved the air with his bare hands, shutting all eight doors of his inn simultaneously.”

As the two of them spoke to each other, the black clothed men turned their eyes towards Xiao Se who had just appeared. They didn’t dare to make any rash movements at all. As for Xiao Se, after standing on the coffin for a second, he leapt into the air and with a single kick, sent the lid of the coffin flying.

“Stop!” Tang Lian yelled.

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However, it was too late. They lid of the coffin landed on the ground with a resounding thud and a pale hand suddenly reached out from inside the coffin.

“A fake…corpse?” Tang Lian was stunned.

The deathly pale hand grabbed the side of the side of the coffin and the figure of a person gradually appeared, supporting off that hand as it slowly stood up.

“Is… Is that a monk? A living monk, no less.” Lei Wujie focused his eyes and found a young monk around his age wearing a white monk robe. Even though it was already dark, his face was clearly visible… He had fair skin and exuded a delicate air around himself. Pure and refined, there was an otherworldliness to him. However, his eyes were shut tight.

“Take him away before anything else.” The leader of the black clothed men shouted and with a huge leap, the rest of the black clothed men followed his lead.

When the monk heard the commotion around him, his eyes finally opened slowly and turned towards the source of the sound.

An instant… that was all it took for everyone to freeze as they looked into his eyes and they became pale, as if they had just seen a terrifying monster. In what had to be the strangest scene yet, all of them reached out with their sinister and terrifying arms and plunged it into their chest without hesitation.

“That…” Tang Lian and Lei Wujie were shocked by the unusual act. They looked at the monk involuntarily but a huge figure appeared before them and blocked their gazes at that instant.

It was the Nether Duke! With his gigantic golden blade on his shoulders, he lowered his head to look at the white robed monk. The white robe monk, in turn, raised his head to look at the Nether Duke. It was just a brief exchange, but it was extraordinary!

The Nether Duke, normally devoid of any expression whatsoever, had his face contorted into an expression of abject terror.

“Nether Duke!” The Lunar Maiden landed beside the Nether Duke and raised her hand to block his line of sight.

Waving his hand, the Nether Duke blocked the Lunar Maiden as the terrified look on his face started to disappear.

“What the old monk wasn’t willing to divulge to sir benefactor, Wuxin has already done so. The old monk has warned you long ago…if you are dead set on finding out the truth, that will definitely turn into an inner demon for your heart.” The white robed monk’s voice carried a matter-of-fact tone to it, as though he already knew the Nether Duke beforehand.

“Master Wangyou’s concern is something this one is immensely grateful for. However, knowing is an inner demon of its own, not knowing… Is an inner demon as well.” The Nether Duke’s raspy voice resounded in the air.

“Sigh…Within a thought, an immortal. In another, a demon… This tribulation belongs to sir benefactor and it’s his alone, may he act with good fortune ” The white robed monk sighed.

“As repayment, we can take you away from this place.” The Lunar Maiden spoke up from the side.

“This is a tribulation of my own, you two should leave!” The white robed monk jerked his head upwards and a dazzling light flashed through his eyes.

“GO!” The Nether Duke dragged the Lunar Maiden and turned around to leave.

Tang Lian and Lei Wujie who had been staring at the Nether Duke up till now finally met the eyes of the white robed monk. In the instant their gazes met, Tang Lian felt as though the face of the monk blurred and a familiar scene started playing out in front of his eyes.

“Close your eyes! You mustn’t look into his eyes!” At this moment, a clarion voice rang out in Tang Lian’s head. There was a strange power in the voice which made Tang Lian feel as though a sacred light lit up within himself. His mind became clear all of a sudden and the illusion in front of him disappeared.

Just as before, the white robed monk stared straight at Tang Lian, a shallow smile on his face. Yet it was at that moment that a figure abruptly cut past Tang Lian, flying straight towards the white robed monk. In a flash, the figure used his fingers to tap eighteen points on the monk’s body. After tapping all eighteen points on the monk’s body, the monk’s eyes gradually closed. However, he didn’t fall down.

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It was then that Heavenly Maiden Rui finally arrived as well. Grabbing onto Tang Lian and Lei Wujie, she said, “the person that was to supposed to pick you up finally managed to make it here. He’s actually a monk?”

The two of them were shocked. Raising their heads, they looked over at the person who turned around as well, revealing a monk with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Clad in gray monk robes and with a long string of prayer beads around his neck, he was painted a stark picture from the white robed monk – his was one of righteousness.

“This humble monk is known as Wuchan.” Clasping his hands together, the monk slightly nodded his head.

Tang Lian nodded his head at the monk as well, but his gaze was fixed on the white robed monk.

Wuchan lightly sighed. He tapped his fingertips on the white robed monk’s chest at which point the white robed monk finally collapsed. Wuchan scooped the monk up and said, “after concealing this matter from sir benefactor the entire way, perhaps it’s time to tell you the truth. This is my junior martial brother, Wuxin.”

“The three major Buddhist temples under the heavens, Songshan Shaolin, Luoyang Baima, Nanhai Yunlin. May I ask which temple does this esteemed master hail from? Also, Why would you have me escort your precious junior martial brother here?” At this point, everyone entered the Enchantress Villa and after Tang Lian swallowed Xiao Se’s Penglai pill, he managed to forcefully suppress his injuries. He was no longer able to contain his curiosity as he asked the gray robed monk.

Wuchan shook his head, turned to look at Wuxin and said, “We are not monks from any of the three big temples. Instead, we are monks from the Snowy Peak Temple and disciples under the Dhyana Master, Wangyou.”

“What?!” Tang Lian yelled in shock. Blood rushed up to his throat and Tang Lian quickly held his chest, catching his body before it could collapse.

The Heavenly Maiden Rui quickly came up to support him. “As a senior disciple of Snow Moon City, how could you be so frightened by a simple name?”

“Snowy Peak Temple’s Dhyana Master Wangyou, that’s…” Tang Lian knitted his brows together.

“The Dhyana grandmaster of the past,” Xiao Se picked up a cup of tea on the table and sipped, “and at present…a fallen monk.”

“Fallen monk?!” Lei Wujie exclaimed, “if he was a Dhyana grandmaster in the past, how did he end up as a fallen monk?” …

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