Chapter 328: Something Wrong!

The night was peaceful like it was every day. Occasionally, a few disciples who were on patrol could be seen surveying their surroundings. No one who expected that in this night, there would be 2 Great Ascension Realm expert dropping in!

“Senior Brother! Let’s split ways! I believe those old fellows in Kunlun would not appear here.” After they reached the mountain top, Qing Yuanzi suggested.

Normally speaking, those Late Stage Great Ascension expert would head over to the sect forbidden area to seclude themselves in order to prepare for their upcoming tribulation. Therefore, they would never make any moves easily. If they were to be injured in the process, it was very likely for them to fail the tribulation.

Thus, Middle Stage Great Ascension expert could be counted as the strongest existence traveling around. Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xu duo were both in the Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm. As long as those old fellows in the sect wouldn’t appear, there were basically no dangers for them.

Even so, they still had to be on guard. After all, those old fellows weren’t vegetarian. It was especially so for those loose immortal experts.

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“Sure! I will start from the left peak while you start from the right peak.” Qing Xu nodded.

Kunlun’s main peak was Yunxiao Peak. Other than that, they still had other peaks that were placed in charge by their elders. They were Yunzi Peak, Yunzhu Peak, Yunhai Peak, Yunqing Peak, Yunshui Peak, Yunxuan Peak, and Yunmu Peak.

Qing Xu arrived before the Yunzi Peak. Compared to their main peak, the grandeur emitted from this place was a lot worst off. Qing Xu did not head into the main hall because that was the residence of an elder.

In fact, in all sect, especially for those big sects, every peak signifies an elder within the sect. They would recruit their own disciple, had their own cultivating location, medicine herb field and etc.

Therefore, there would be a lot of disciples at every peak. However, each elder would only have a limited amount of direct disciples. The other disciples couldn’t be counted as the elder disciple but someone who lived in the peak.

Just like Qing Xu’s Extreme Heaven’s Peak. Although it had been many years since he accepted a direct disciple, it didn’t mean that there was no one else in the Extreme Heaven Peak. There were still lots of disciple in the Extreme Heavens Peak who would help him do those odd jobs, run errands, cultivating the medical herbs and etc. Basically, there was still quite a substantial amount of disciple living in his peak.

Among these disciples, the majority of them belonged to those newly recruited outer disciples. And depending on their status, the area they stayed at would differ.

The residence of outer disciples and ordinary disciples were separated. While the outer disciples would stay together, ordinary disciples had their own residence.

Only direct disciples had a lot of freedom. They would usually be able to get a residential area that was filled with dense spiritual qi.

It was to the point that those outstanding disciple would even be able to possess a peak alone. Those peaks couldn’t be compared to those elder peaks but for it to be possessed by a person only helps to further signify the person strength and was also a glory.

Qing Xu and Qing Yuanzi were looking for Nascent Soul cultivators that were 200 years old and below. Such disciples could never be found in these ordinary disciples but as the direct disciples of those dealers.

Hence, Qing Xu observed the buildings in Yunzi Peak for a while before deciding to search around. It was impossible for them to rush straight into the elder’s residence. Although those elders were younger than them by a generation and had a weaker cultivation level, it was still impossible for him to kill them. Therefore, if the elders were to send out any signal, they would not be able to accomplish their tonight’s mission.

Qing Xu released his spiritual sense as he searched around the peak. However, even after he had fully searched the Yunzi Peak, he was unable to locate any Nascent Soul disciples.

In Qing Xu’s opinion, not every elder would have such an outstanding disciple. It was very normal for a peak not to have any. Subsequently, Qing Xu left the Yunzi Peak and flew towards Yunzhu Peak.

However, after he had finished scanning the Yunzhu Peak, he was still unable to locate any Nascent Soul cultivators. It was to the point that there weren’t even any golden core realm disciples as well!

Qing Xu didn’t place much attention to it. On the contrary, he was more than happy to witness such a scene. For this to happen only meant that there weren’t many experts in Kunlun. If so, the chances of Cheng Yu would be higher. How could he not be happy?

Followingly, he flew towards Yunhai Peak and Yunqing Peak. Similarly, he was unable to locate any Nascent Soul cultivators. Only then did Qing Xu felt something was wrong.
Currently, he couldn’t even detect any Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, much less those which were 200 years old and below. This was somewhat outrageous. No matter what, Kunlun was one of the ten great sects in the cultivation world. How could they not have even one Nascent Soul disciple?

“Senior Brother! Did you manage to find any? Why did I feel something fishy is going on?” This moment, Qing Yuanzi had also searched the other 4 peaks.

“You are also unable to find any?” Qing Xu frowned.

“That’s right! Looks like they are prepared. The day after tomorrow is the challenge. They couldn’t be employing another scheme right?” Qing Yuanzi spoke with worries.

“You are saying they had long figured out that we would be coming and had safeguarded their Nascent Soul disciples?” Qing Xu also knew that something fishy was going on. If they had really done so, it would be hard for them to locate anyone.

“I’m afraid it was not only so!” Qing Yuanzi replied.

“What do you mean?” Qing Xu enquired confusedly.

“I’m afraid those old fellows of Kunlun had tampered with those Nascent Soul disciples that were 200 years old and below. With the hatred and killing intent they had for Yu’er, nothing is impossible. In any case, they were already shameless to the point of heading over to the secular world to capture mortals. Nothing could be worse off than that.” Qing Yuanzi commented.

“You are saying they might possibly be increasing the strength of those Nascent Soul disciples?” Qing Xu finally came to an understanding of what was going on as his expression changes.

“There is such possibility.” Qing Yuanzi nodded.

“But what technique would they be using to pass on their power? Helping a Nascent Soul cultivator increase their cultivation is not anything simple. The price to do so was very high. Furthermore, the effect wasn’t anything optimal, much less the consequences of it.” Qing Xu frowned.

There were lots of techniques to forcefully raise a person’s cultivation. However, the price they had to pay and the outcome would still be the same.

To forcefully advance an Initial Stage Nascent Soul expert to a Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert, the spiritual qi needed for it was too massive. And using the technique to forcefully raise a person’s cultivation was even more difficult.

Because the chances of it succeeding weren’t 100% foolproof. If an Initial Nascent Soul Realm cultivator wished to forcefully breakthrough to the Middle Stage in a try, the person transferring their cultivation would need to contribute 5 times the amount of spiritual qi an ordinary Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm would need, to break through to the Middle Stage.

Therefore, after the transferring cultivation process, the person transferring their cultivation would certainly drop by a stage or 2. The worst-case scenario would be a realm. More importantly, after transferring their cultivation, it would be very hard for the person transferring and receiving the cultivation to breakthrough anymore.

Take, for example, if Qing Xu wishes to transfer his cultivation to Cheng Yu, he might possibly be demoted to Unification Realm. Furthermore, after the transfer, it was basically nigh impossible for him to break through into the Great Ascension Realm anymore.

Meanwhile, because Cheng Yu had accepted a large amount of cultivation that didn’t belong to him, his cultivation might temporarily be boosted but his future would become severely restricted. It would be very hard for him to cultivate into the higher realm.

From this, it could be shown how much of a price one had to pay to forcefully raise a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator cultivation. Could those old fellows of Kunlun be willing to abandon their future just to take revenge on Cheng Yu?

Qing Xu felt that such a possibility of it happening was very low. Despite so, he was still extremely worried. As the saying goes, “Better to be safe than sorry”. What if there was really such a fearless old codger that was willing to sacrifice?

“Senior Brother, have you forgotten that previously, Kunlun does possess such a technique?” Qing Yuanzi also knew of the price and consequences of the technique but as the observer, his thoughts were more detailed.

“You are saying the Nine Palace Forming Origin Cultivation Transferment Formation!” Qing Xu voiced out his surprise.

As the name implies, Nine Palace Forming Origin Cultivation Transferment Formation was a cultivation transferment technique. It needed 9 people who almost had a similar cultivation level as each other to transfer their cultivation. By relying on this method, the benefit of it was the person transferring their cultivation wouldn’t substance too many losses.

At the very least, there were 9 of them who were contributing at the same time. The effect it had on them would decrease by a substantial amount. However, it didn’t mean that there were none. After all, increasing a Nascent Soul cultivator cultivation wasn’t something simple.

In addition, this technique was able to change the 9 different spiritual qi that was being transferred to a common qi. Unfortunately, even so, the common qi that was changed into was not from the same origin as the receiver.

Therefore, this technique was only meant to save the contributor from too much of a loss.

“That’s right. If they were to use this method to raise those Nascent Soul disciples cultivation, it would become really troublesome.” Qing Yuanzi lamented.

“Impossible. Even if they wish to transfer their cultivation, they could only do it for one. Otherwise, they would never be able to cultivate back to their former realm.” Qing Xu shook his head. The price to pay for transferring their cultivation away was already too big. Would they still be willing to transfer to another person?

“But even so, as long as one of them advanced into the Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm, Yu’er would no longer have any chances of winning.” Qing Yuanzi grumbled.

“Since it’s so, whatever the case is, I must definitely locate them! Even at the cost of having to expose me!” Qing Xu replied coldly.

“If it is so, they might have a lot of experts protecting them. I’m afraid it would be hard for us to succeed!” Qing Yuanzi replied.

“Hmph! So what. Today, even if I had to sustain severe injuries, I am still going to accomplish this matter! Junior Brother, it’s better for you not to follow me this time. You should just wait here for me. If something were to happen to me, you could come over to assist me anytime as well.” Qing Xu commented firmly.

“How can I? How can I watch with folded arms at this kind of timing?” Qing Yuanzi replied worriedly.

“No! Not only are you my Junior Brother, but you are also the sect master of Limitless Palace. You have to think of Limitless Palace. Besides, if we both were to be injured, it would really be troublesome. When the time comes, who would bring us away?! Alright! It’s settled! You are staying here!” Qing Xu no longer cares about Qing Yuanzi rejection and flew towards Kunlun main peak, Yunxiao Peak.

“Who!” Just when Qing Xu stepped onto the Yunxiao Peak, 2 disciples who were on patrol appeared before him.

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Whoosh! The disciples who were on patrol were only in the Qi Training Realm. With a wave of the hand, 2 white beams shot out from Qing Xu hands. Subsequently, both of them collapsed onto the ground softly.

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