Chapter 329: Cultivator Guang Dao Appears!

“Who!” Just when Qing Xu stepped onto the Yunxiao Peak, 2 disciples who were on patrol appeared before him.

Whoosh! The disciples who were on patrol were only in the Qi Training Realm. With a wave of the hand, 2 white beams shot out from Qing Xu hands. Subsequently, both of them collapsed onto the ground softly.

Qing Xu threw the 2 of them into a corner before heading into the Yunxiao Palace.

Yunxiao Palace was the residence of Kunlun Sect Master. If they were being safeguarded, there was a high chance they were doing it in the Yunxiao Palace because it was the safest spot in the whole Kunlun.

Yunxiao Palace was Kunlun’s core. Therefore, the old ancestor of Kunlun had previously set-up several defensive formation and restriction there. However, all these needed to be activated in order for it to work.

Such formations and restrictions could also be found in the Limitless Palace. Normally, it would only activate when the sect had been attacked. Besides, there was a big defense formation covering the whole Kunlun. When they were facing strong enemies, the big defensive formation was their first line of defense.

Qing Xu searched around the Yunxiao Palace carefully. Yunxiao Palace was very huge and had numerous rooms. However, Qing Xu didn’t dare to use his spiritual sense to scan a large-scale search as he was afraid to attract experts attention. Thus, he could only search area by area.

After searching for half an hour, Yunxiao Peak was still very peaceful. It was as if nothing was happening. However, such a scenario had caused Qing Yuanzi who were stationed below the mountain to be extremely nervous.

He truly wished to charge up the mountain to take a look at what was happening. However, with the warning given by Qing Xu, he had no choice but to endure his urge.


Meanwhile, in a secret chamber underneath of Kunlun. A scene of what Qing Xu and Qing Yuanzi had speculated was happening there.

There were a lot of people in the secret chamber. Majority of them were cultivators in the Nascent Soul Realm. Even Kunlun Sect Master, Yuan Yangzi, and a few other elders were also around. More importantly, there was a person Qing Yuanzi was extremely familiar with, Cultivator Guang Dao.

However, what was different this time was that Cultivator Guang Dao was no longer a phantom by his true body.

The middle of the chamber sat 10 people. 9 of them were in the Great Ascension Realm and had seated around a Late Stage Golden Core Realm cultivator.

Originally, when those Nascent Soul Cultivators heard that the sect elders wanted to forcefully raise their cultivator, they were all extremely elated. They tried to outdo each other, hoping their elders would pick them.

But after knowing that their cultivation might become stagnant after the forceful breakthrough, a lot of them started hesitating. After all, they were all in the 100’s. Their futures were still limitless. They were truly unwilling to abandon their future just because of some benefits.

Kunlun higher-ups had also reflected over this matter over and over again. They also didn’t wish to destroy a Nascent Soul cultivator future. To be able to reach Nascent Soul before the age of 200 only signified that the person possesses the outstanding aptitude for the cultivator. If just because to kill Cheng Yu, they had to abandon an outstanding disciple, they were truly unwilling to.

Therefore, they decided to choose a 200 years old disciple that has yet to breakthrough to Nascent Soul Realm. Even so, there were still lots of disciples that weren’t willing to sacrifice.

This fellow Golden Core disciple was called Yunfu. Currently, he was already over a hundred years old but was still unable to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm after numerous tries. He had thought over it for a very long time and felt that if he were to rely on himself, he might not be able to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm for life. Besides, forcefully breaking through didn’t mean that he would stagnant at that realm forever. It only became a lot slower and harder to breakthrough only.

Therefore, he decided to accept the elders’ offer.

Even though this method was somewhat a big sacrifice to the Great Ascension Realm experts, they still agreed to it.

Everyone in the room stared at the ten of them attentively as they held onto their breath, not daring to have any major movements. They were all afraid of interrupting them. All those around here were all Kunlun experts. If something were to happen to them in the process, it would be a disaster.

“Someone has come!” Suddenly Cultivator Guang Dao spoke heavily as he stared at a direction with rapt attention.

It turned out that Qing Xu had captured a few Foundation Establishment Inner disciple and questioned them where Yuan Yangzi was after not being able to locate his targets.

“Please spare my life, senior! Junior really have no idea where Sect Master went!” A disciple begged in fright.

This was Yunxiao Peak! Never had they imagined anyone would dare to intrude in here. Besides, for this person to have intruded in, it only showed that he was extremely confident in his strength.

“Hmph! Since you don’t know, I shall kill you since you are of no use to me!” Qing Xu harrumphed coldly.

“Senior, please spare my life! We truly don’t know. However, I saw some of our seniors and expert had all went into a room. Perhaps, Sect Master would be there!” Another disciple quickly replied.

“Oh? Bring me over now! If you dare to lie to me, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee your life.” Qing Xu struck onto the other disciple, causing him to faint. Followingly, he advised the other disciple.

“Senior! I won’t dare to!” The disciple thought that his companion had died. His expression grew even paler.

Thus, the disciple brought Qing Xu before the room. Similarly, Qing Xu made the disciple faint as well before sneaking into the room. However, there was no one in there.

Just when Qing Xu was about to search for any hidden mechanism inside the room, a phantom appeared.

“Cultivator Guang Dao!” Qing Xu was startled. Unexpectedly, he got discovered!

However, Qing Xu was the dom in black with a mask hiding his face. Guang Dao was unable to recognize it was Qing Xu.

“Who are you? You actually dare to intrude into my Kunlun! Simply looking for death!” Guang Dao’s phantom yelled at Qing Xu.

Qing Xu didn’t speak as a sword suddenly appeared on his hand. After that, he attacked Guang Dao. Previously, Qing Yuanzi had told Qing Xu that he had managed to dissipate Guang Dao’s phantom. Therefore, Qing Xu knew that Guang Dao was somewhat injured to a certain extent.

This caused Qing Xu to be not afraid of Guang Dao’s phantom as he attacked with full strength.

“Limitless Mirage Technique?! You are someone from Limitless Palace!” At the start, Guang Dao wasn’t able to tell the other party identity. However, along with the execution of Qing Xu’s sword technique, very quickly, Guang Dao was able to tell this person origin.

“S***!” Because Qing Xu wishes to defeat Guang Dao as quickly as possible, he had gotten himself carried away and executed Limitless Palace techniques.

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However, Qing Xu still didn’t speak but continued sending Limitless Sword Demon Mirage over to Guang Dao’s phantom.

“Haha! Good! Limitless Palace had actually kept on provoking my Kunlun numerous times. My Kunlun isn’t someone that’s good to bully. Today, regardless of who you might be, get ready to leave your life behind!” Guang Dao was annoyed and angered.

During the day, Qing Yuanzi had battled with him and caused his primordial spirit phantom to be scattered, resulting in his primordial spirit being injured. Yet at the night, another one came. How could he not be angered?

More importantly, all the recent deaths of their disciple were all done by Cheng Yu. Who was Cheng Yu? Wasn’t he also someone from the Limitless Palace?

Now, a few of their ancestor was willing to waste their origin qi and cultivation in order to deal with Cheng Yu. They intend to use the Nine Palace Forming Origin Cultivation Transferment Formation to raise disciple cultivation.

All of these was because of Limitless Palace. Therefore, Guang Dao angered had reached its boiling point. In any case, this black-gowned man had tried a night assassination. So what if he had killed him? Even if Limitless Palace knew of it, they also couldn’t do anything to him.

Both of them fought intensively. Even those people in the secret chamber could feel the ground shaking as if it was able to collapse onto them. However, their transferring technique had reached a crucial point. Every one of them had become extremely nervous.

It was especially so for those 9 Great Ascension Realm ancestors. All of their expression was paler than one another. The Nine Palace Forming Origin Cultivation Transferment Formation was a technique of 10 bodies becoming into 1. Once any one of them were to slip-up, all the other 9 of them would be implicated.

Furthermore, the most dangerous one would be the one who was receiving the cultivation. Because the 9 different types of energy were being transferred to him in equilibrium, if one of the energy were to be a bit stronger or weaker than the others, all the 9 different energy would not be able to convert into similar energy.

A Golden Core Realm cultivator would not be able to bear such those 9 powerful origin qi. Therefore, it could cause a body explosion very easily.

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“Threading Cloud Palm!” Guang Dao himself was also able to feel the tensed up atmosphere in the secret chamber. His phantom immediately struck out as a palm phantom flew over very quickly.

“Sword Penetrating the Nine Heavens!” Qing Xu was also someone not to be trifled with. Although he was also in the Middle Stage of Great Ascension Realm like Qing Yuanzi, he had managed to step into the Middle Stage earlier than Qing Yuanzi for dozen of years. Currently, he was on the verge of breaking through to the Late Stage.

Qing Xu suddenly turned himself into a sword image as he penetrated himself into the large palm.

“Sword Image Taking Form!” Qing Xu turned himself into a sword and pierced towards Guang Dao.

“Covering Heavens Palm!” Guang Dao phantom was caught unprepared. He quickly smacked down a large palm phantom from the sky.

“Hmph!” The phantom Qing Xu had metamorphosed was instantly smack scattered. He groaned as he resisted the blood that was rushing up his mouth. However, with his perseverance, he was able to strike onto Guang Dao, causing Guang Dao’s phantom to be scattered once again.

Pu! Inside the secret chamber, Guang Dao vomited a mouth of blood.

“Teacher!” Yuan Yangzi cried out!

“Keep guard of this place. Today, I’m going for the kill!” Guang Dao was angered as he growled. Followingly, he flew out of the secret chamber.

Boom Boom Boom! With only Qing Xu in the room, Qing Xu couldn’t be bothered to continue finding as he started slashing around the room randomly. The noise of collapsing resonated out, attracting lots of disciples over.

Meanwhile, those inside the secret chamber was suffering from dismal.

“Formation, activate!” Yuan Yangzi saw the 9 ancestors were almost unable to hold on any longer. He immediately discussed with all the other elders around. With the 9 of them, they immediately activated a King Kong God Protection Formation, aiding those 10 of them to not be distracted by the outside world.

Just when Qing Xu was smashing the room into an utter mess, a wall suddenly opened up. The person who appeared was Guang Dao himself.

“If I’m not wrong, you should either be Qing Xu or Qing Fengzi! However, regardless of which, leave your life behind!” Guang Dao spoke to the black gown man.

He had already exchange moves with Qing Yuanzi. He knew that there were only 2 people who were stronger than Qing Yuanzi. They were Qing Xu and Qing Fengzi. As for those old fellows who had withdrawn themselves from the worldly affairs in the Limitless Palace, Guang Dao knew that they would never do such a thing.

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