Chapter 55 – Metal Devouring War Wolf

The Burrowing Earth Rat’s speed would generally be able to evade Yang Tian’s blade energy, but being struck by Yang Tian’s Mental Disruption, it was thus hit by the attack.


The physique of the Burrowing Earth Rat was not considered weak, the blade energy left a faint wound on its body. The Burrowing Earth Rat knew that the situation was dire and quickly burrowed into the earth.

The Wolf King would not only have subordinates of its own species, but it would also accept other species.


A huge lone wolf appeared. The golden fur on the wolf seemed to announce its status.

Rank 3 Commander Tier, Metal Devouring War Wolf, the Wolf King.

The Metal Devouring War Wolf could continually evolve by eating metal, this was also why it was able to reach Rank 3 in such a short period.

“What did you do to my subordinates.”

The Metal Devouring War Wolf’s intelligence was not weak, it communicated with Yang Tian using its Mental Power.

“Why not ask that rat of yours?”

When the Metal Devouring War Wolf saw that Yang Tian was not planning to answer its question, it decided to ask the Burrowing Earth Rat instead.

However, when it turned around, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog launched an attack on it.



Do you think you are still a king here?

When Yang Tian saw the Metal Devouring War Wolf, he did not have any intention to let it go. Xu Dafu flanked the Wolf King, an icicle had appeared in front of Xu Dafu’s chest.


The icicle flew towards the Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Metal Guard

Metal Guard: Hundred percent chance of blocking any attack that is lower than your defense, fifty percent chance of preventing attacks of the same rank, ten percent chance of blocking attacks that are higher than your defense.

Xu Dafu’s icicle was obviously lower than the defense of Metal Guard and was unable to produce too much of a threat towards Metal Devouring War Wolf. The attacks of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog was also blocked.

“Do you want to use the Violent Corpse Worms to increase their strength?”


Even with the enhancements from the Violent Corpse Worms, it would still not be enough to threaten a Rank 3 Commander Tier Beast, they could at most restrain it for a while longer.

Metal Devouring War Wolf blocked all the attacks, it did not retaliate but looked at Yang Tian with contempt instead. It slowly walked to the location of the Burrowing Earth Rat.

When the Burrowing Earth Rat sensed the energy of the Metal Devouring War Wolf, it came out of the ground immediately.

While they were communicating, a red light appeared on Yang Tian’s thumb, a Violent Corpse Worm was prepared to go.

A red light shot towards the Metal Devouring War Wolf.

The Metal Devouring War Wolf sensed a lethal threat coming towards it and immediately deployed Metal Guard, blocking the Violent Corpse Worm.

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The failure was also within Yang Tian’s expectations, a Rank 3 Commander Tier Beast was not that easy to catch.

After being blocked by the Metal Devouring War Wolf, the Violent Corpse Worm fell to the ground. Yang Tian immediately detonated the Violent Corpse Worm, not allowing the Metal Devouring War Wolf to have any chance to investigate.

Metal Devouring War Wolf sensed that something was not right and immediately turned to look at Yang Tian. The former was a hundred percent certain that the threat it felt earlier on came from Yang Tian, it turns out that the human in front of him was not as simple as he looks.

“You think one Violent Corpse Worm is enough for a Rank 3 Commander Tier Beast?”

“Just testing my luck.”

No matter if it was Yang Tian or the Violent Corpse Worm Queen neither of them felt pressured when facing the Metal Devouring War Wolf, they might be only Rank 2, but they have trump cards that allowed them to not fear the Metal Devouring War Wolf.

The Wolf King is so cowardly?

Yang Tian watched the Metal Devouring War Wolf slowly stepping back, it did not show any signs of wanting to attack.

Was it scared by the Violent Corpse Worm from earlier?

When the Metal Devouring War Wolf retreated a certain distance, it left with the Burrowing Earth Rat.

That Metal Devouring War Wolf was quite a coward, but when a Rank 3 Commanding Tier Beast wants to leave, Yang Tian indeed has no way to stop it.

“If I can devour that Wolf King, I will also be able to reach Rank 3 and produce several Rank 3 Violent Corpse Worms as well.”

The Wolf King has left, but not the Wilderness Wolfmen. They have killed half of their pack, deep in their hearts, they have already viewed themselves as thorough traitors.

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“This is a pair of twins and can merge for a short duration, combined with the Violent Corpse Worms in their bodies, the power they display can certainly reach Rank 3.”

“I only do not know what will these two plan to do next.”

Yang Tian touched his chin and looked at the Wilderness Wolfmen. Twin Creatures were something that could only be obtained by chance. Moreover, they must not be tamed as taming would cause them to lose their ability to merge. This was also why Yang Tian used Violent Corpse Worms to control them instead.

The Wilderness Wolfmen have killed the members of their pack and betrayed the Wolf Kin but all lives fight for their own survival, it was impossible for them to think of committing suicide for their actions. Moreover, with the Violent Corpse Worms inside their bodies influencing them, it was only a matter of time before they submit to Yang Tian.

“Extract the energy crystals from the Mutated Wolves.”

There was at least a hundred Rank 1 Energy Crystals, enough to allow Wang Yu to reach Rank 2, with many leftovers.

“Boss, what about this two?”

Xu Dafu pointed at the Wilderness Wolfmen, the former had guessed that the actions of the Wilderness Wolfmen were likely Yang Tian’s doing. Therefore, without Yang Tian’s permission, Xu Dafu will not touch the Wilderness Wolfmen casually.

“Let them remain outside.”

After extracting the energy crystals, everyone returned to the Manor. Only the Wilderness Wolfmen remained outside the Manor, the carcasses of the Mutated Wolves have all turned onto the fertilizers of Crazy Vine, allowing Crazy Vine Matrix to evolve to Rank 2.

The emerald green vines had turned a shade darker, the toughness of the vines have also increased and become much better than before. The walls of the Manor have now become five meter tall due to the Crazy Vine. The metal door of the Manor was also replaced by vines, most Rank 2 Creatures would not be able to break through the defenses of Crazy Vine; it also meant that the basic defense of the Manor has reached Rank 2 as well.

“Boss, it only listens to you and not to us. What do we do if we cannot leave the Manor?”

Xu Dafu looked at the five meters tall dark green walls and felt slightly at a loss.

“No worries, it will still open the doors if it is you guys.”

“Woof Woof”

“You coward, you went off to hide again.”

The Shepdog happily ran out of the warehouse, earlier on it did not dare to come out of the warehouse after hearing the howls of the wolves and so remained inside the building. Only until the battle ended did it dared to come out.

“Boss, why not we have some dog meat for tonight?”

“I will leave it to you then.”

Yang Tian passed the Shepherd Dog to Xu Dafu, as for the matter of eating the dog, Xu Dafu would not really do it.

When night came, except for the ones during the early morning there were still no signs of zombies, not a single one was seen.

This was strange and abnormal.

Yang Tian felt more and more fishy about the entire situation, did the Zombie King plan to live with him in peace? This was impossible, there must be something wrong somewhere.

If four or five Rank 2 Zombies were to attack the Manor, Yang Tian would feel that it was normal. Yet it was so peaceful that it was causing Yang Tian to feel unease.

“Boss, outside… there’s…”

Wang Yu ran to Yang Tian and spoke in a strange tone.

“Zombies or Mutated Beast?”


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