Chapter 35: Sky-high Price

“Earth rank sword technique! Quickly go and inform the patriarch, make haste!”

“Quickly go and inform the patriarch!”


All the 3 factions in East Sword City erupted. All 3 patriarch from the 3 big clans rushed to the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“The starting price of this item will be 100 thousand gold coins. Each increment has to be at least 10000 gold coins!”

Hu Mo’s face was full of smiles as he introduced the item.

When Hu Mei handed over this jade strip to him, Hu Mo’s expression was similar to what everyone was expressing!

“Yuan Family’s Patriarch Yuan Tianmo has arrived!”

“Qiu Family’s Patriarch Qiu Li has also came!”

“Mo Family’s Patriarch, Mo Yizhan, has also arrived!”


The hall was extremely noisy. The 3 middle age man rushed over with their clan elders hastily!

“Director Hu, is this really an earth rank sword technique?”

Mo Yizhan glanced at Hu Mo and enquired excitedly.

“That’s right!”

When Hu Mo saw Mo Yizhan, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

If Mo Yizhan were to know this earth rank technique originated from…

“The Mo Family is really short-sighted!”

Hu Mo glanced at Mo Yizhan in disdain. If they had treated Mo Wentian better, this technique would have belonged to Mo Family.

“Misters, please take a seat and I shall continue with the auction!”

Hu Mo smiled.

“Cough cough…”

The three patriarchs realized that they were being impolite and they quickly took a seat. However, their eyes never left the jade tray on the auction stage.

“I shall announce the start of this auction!”

Hu Mo slammed down the auction hammer!

“My Lin Family is willing to offer 100 thousand gold coins!”

The moment Hu Mo commenced the auction, a voice rang out within the hall.

“Lin Family?”

Everyone’s look congealed. Lin Family, that was the City Lord of Central Sword City!

“Lin Family?”

Hu Mo frowned. The reason why Lin Cheng said it in this way was so he could intimidate the other 3 factions in East Sword City!

“Uncle Mo Yizhan. I’m the Lin Family’s 2nd Young Master, Lin Cheng. I hope Uncle Mo can forgive me for not paying you a formal visit even after my arrival!”

A figure suddenly walked out from the 2nd VIP lounge and looked towards Mo Yizhan. Lin Cheng clasped his fist confidently.

Mo Yizhan’s expression changed slightly as he looked back at Lin Cheng.

Mo Yizhan had no idea whether he should be crying or smiling. If Lin Cheng weren’t here, his Mo Family would still stand 30 percent chance of obtaining it!


If he were to offend the Lin Family just because of this sword technique and caused the alliance marriage between them to fall though, it would be too…

“So it’s Young Master Lin Cheng!”

Mo Yizhan grinned rigidly.

“Uncle Mo, as long as your Mo Family can help me in obtain this earth rank sword technique, my Lin Family is willing to marry Mo Qingcheng as the big madam!”

“When the time comes, your Mo Family and my Lin Family can be considered one single family. Don’t you think so? Hahaha…”

Lin Cheng smiled as he stared at Mo Yizhan.


Mo Yizhan heart twitched. If there were not fighting over this earth rank sword technique, Mo Yizhan would be jumping with joy.


“Not sure what Uncle Mo thinks?”

Lin Cheng took a step forward and a light flickered in his eyes.


Mo Yizhan’s expression fluctuated!

Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li’s expression grew incomparably unsightly. With Lin Cheng around, this sword technique would certainly be…

“Cough cough…”

It was at this moment, light cough rang out.

“Sure enough, the Lin Family is so poor. An earth rank sword technique is not something that could be bought with just 100 thousand gold coins. I’m willing to offer 200k gold coins!”

The tranquil voice filled with aloof disdain. When Lin Cheng heard the words, his expression froze..

“It’s that person again!”

“Seems like there’s a good show to watch soon. Lin Cheng might be the Lin Family’s 2nd Young Master but that person dared to fight with him over the heavy sword! It seems like that person’s identity is not ordinary!”


Everyone started having their own small discussion. All of them looked at Lin Cheng with their eyes filled with excitement.

“May I know who might sire be?”

Lin Cheng enquired with a face filled with gloominess.

“Hahaha… Lin Family disciple, what a joke. Didn’t I already said it before? If you don’t have the money, scram! Scram back to your slum!”

Mo Wentian’s voice was incomparably arrogant.


Lin Cheng’s expression grew cold.

If they were outside, he would have long since made his move. However, they were in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. In this place, even if one were in the Four Constellation Realm, they wouldn’t have the guts to do anything!

“Since sire dares to offend my Lin Family, why are you afraid to tell me your name?”

Lin Cheng stared at the 1st VIP Lounge and spoke in a mocking tone.

“Director Hu, since he doesn’t have the money to continue bidding, why bother waiting for him to shout out another price? Quickly slam the hammer. There are still 2 ladies waiting for me to pamper them in the Pleasing Red Courtyard. I can’t possibly be wasting my time here because of some broke *ss, right?”

Mo Wentian’s voice came out of the 1st lounge as he completely ignored Lin Cheng’s question.

“Pleasing Red Courtyard?”

“Broke *ss?”

Everyone fell into a daze.

“Cough cough…”

Hu Mo’s face froze and an awkward expression appeared. When he saw Lin Cheng’s expression turn somewhat strange, he smiled and replied, ”Since there’s no one willing to offer a higher price, this low-grade earth rank sword technique shall belong to…”


When he saw Hu Mo was about to slam the auction hammer, Lin Cheng immediately turned anxious. He looked back at Hu Mo and replied hastily, ”Director Hu, please wait a moment. My Lin Family elder is rushing over right now!”

“Hahaha… Lin Family elder. What a joke! The Central Sword City is hundreds of miles away from East Sword City. You expect us to wait for your family elder to arrive?”

“He will need at least half a day to rush over here. Do you really think the Ocean Skyline Pavilion needs to wait for your Lin Family before auctioning off an item?.”

Mo Wentian’s voice was extremely sarcastic and it rang in everyone’s ears.


Lin Cheng’s face grew red.

As of right now, he was unable to do anything!

As if Lin Cheng remembered something important, he turned around and talked to Mo Yizhan. ”Uncle Mo, you think…”

“My Mo Family can only bring out 150 thousand gold coins…”

Mo Yizhan replied gloomily.

“150 thousand!”

Lin Cheng heaved a sigh of relief before shouting out, ”I’m willing to offer 210 thousand gold coins!”

“210 thousand?”

Everyone’s eyes were filled with astonishment. 210 thousand was half of the Mo Family’s assets!

“250 thousand!”

A second later, Mo Wentian’s voice resonated out again.

“What a pitiful kid!”

Hu Mei couldn’t help but sigh when she saw how Mo Wentian was bidding nonchalantly.

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This Lin Cheng truly had nothing better to do. He actually went to provoke Mo Wentian!

“250 thousand?”

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Lin Cheng’s face froze. He clenched his teeth and shouted out, ”260 thousand!”

“300 thousand!”

Mo Wentian voice resonated out yet again.

“Uncle Yuan…”

“My Yuan family can provide 100 thousand gold coins!”

Yuan Tianmo spoke heavily.

“310 thousand”

Lin Cheng called out his bid.

“320 thousand!”

However, Mo Wentian seemed to have no intention to let Lin Cheng off as he raised the price once again.

“Does sire truly wish to oppose my Lin Family?”

Killing intent soared in Lin Cheng eyes.

“What a joke! What does Lin Family count as? The Lin Family is just an ant in the Northern Region. If I were to compare the Lin Family to the Human Emperor Sword Sect, it wouldn’t be worth an fart!”

Mo Wentian tranquil voice was like a bolt of lightning which struck the hall.

“My Lin Family is willing to offer 350 thousand! If sire is going to offer any higher, I’ll give up!”

Lin Cheng looked at the 1st VIP Lounge and spoke deeply.

“350 thousand!”

Mo Wentian paused for a moment before smiling, ”Just a little earth rank sword technique. I never placed it in my eyes at all!”

“Since Young Master Lin wishes to have it, you can have it. Hahaha…”

Mo Wentian’s laughter was of pure ridicule.


Lin Cheng’s eyes grew cold and he howled crazily in his heart.

“I must find out who you are! Since you dare to provoke my Lin Family, I will make you pay a hefty price!”


“Congratulations to Young Master Lin Cheng for obtaining this low-grade earth rank sword technique.

The auction hammer slammed down and the last item of the auction landed in Lin Cheng’s hands.

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