Chapter 856 – Cherish Each Other

She could not help him, all she could do was to silently watch over him. 

Bai Li Zi Xi was watching Huan Qing Yan with sarcasm in her eyes but Huan Qing Yan pretended not to see that. At such time, she does not want to cause more trouble for Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya’s handsome face was now as pale as paper. “Greetings, Mother, Clan Elders, and everyone from Bai Li Clan. I must apologize that I do not have time right now, please wait till after my tribulation if you have anything for me.”

Ji Mo Ya held Huan Qing Yan’s hand and was about to activate the entrance of Cloud Estate.

Madam Ru stopped him, “We have been waiting for you, Little Ya, and we are here precisely because of your tribulation.”

Ji Mo Ya replied, “Thank you for your concern, Mother, I can manage this myself.”

Madam Ru glanced at Huan Qing Yan and said to Ji Mo Ya, “Little Ya, both families are here for your tribulation. Given this exigent circumstance, why don’t you forget about the minor matters and get married to Lady Zi Xi right now, right here…”

Huan Qing Yan’s whole body trembled. Her heartbeat and breathing quickened as she held onto Ji Mo Ya’s arm.

However, Ji Mo Ya was calm and looked at everyone present. 

His eyes stopped at Bai Li Zi Xi and displayed a trace of mocking.

“Mother, is this a joke? Lady Zi Xi is the Saintess, it is best that this type of joke is not made! At this crucial moment, if Mother wants your son to survive this, please leave me alone now.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan could no longer take it anymore, “Little Ya, we must make haste. The Heaven Tribulation is not something you can face alone, your Spirit Treasure is an existence that exceeded the existence of Spirit Treasure Continent, you cannot face the heaven tribulation alone! Fortunately, Zi Xi is a virtuous child and has agreed to the marriage proposal at this important time. You just need to perform the Heart Union Knot first and have your marriage ceremony after you’ve successfully survived this.”

Another Ji Mo elder added, “This is about life and death. Little Ya, don’t be stubborn. It only takes a short while to perform Heart Union Knot. Let’s begin now!”

Some of the expressions of the Bai Li Clan elders were turning slightly ugly, but they did not say anything.

Bai Li Zi Xi was standing amongst the Bai Li Clan members like a shining star, “Master Ya. If you continue to repress your Spirit Treasure, you will likely go berserk. I am willing to help you, and so is my Little Luan…” she said gently.

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With that, a beautiful Rainbow Luan rose to the sky. Its body was fiery bright, and its long tail feathers were held five different colors, dazzling and stunning everyone.

It flapped its wings bravely towards the dark clouds and some of the dark clouds dissipated, turning slightly thinner.

When lightning struck towards it, it fearlessly faced it. Its body glowed brightly, like lightning; it seemed that it also possesses lightning attributes.

The crowd was delighted as they saw it, especially the people from the Ji Mo Clan.

Lightning Attributes Spirit Treasures would naturally have resistance against lightning attacks, it would increase the chance of success.

Madam Ru was delighted, “Zi Xi, my good child! It is truly our Little Ya’s honor to have you as his wife. You must cherish each other from now on so that you can go even further…”

Huan Qing Yan stepped back silently. She was willing to let go if marrying Bai Li Zi Xi could help Ji Mo Ya survive the Heaven Tribulation…

She saw the might of the Heaven Tribulation and the destruction it can cause. It was not as simple as Ji Mo Ya had said.

She was afraid of losing him!

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